As I recall it was the motto of Life magazine, “Life advertises Life.” Now comes a bit of “Just me,” advertising Just Me.

This morning I received one of the most rewarding letters I have received to date, via email from Russell.

“Tonight, 7/22/11, I read my first AC, Issue 546.

“I agreed so much with your view of “Activists,” as you defined them, all I could do was laugh.”

“And maybe it’s my arrogance and maybe I was just laughing at myself, because I didn’t think anybody else sees as clearly as I do, but clearly you do.”

“So I hope you are now proud of yourself; now I’m hooked. Now I’m going to have to read 545 previous issues. Now, I guess, all I can do is cry. Thank you Anne Cleveland.”

Upon receiving the letter, I checked back to issue 546 to re-read. It’s titled “IS BEING AN ACTIVIST FOR POLITICAL CANDIDATES, SELF-GOVERNMENT?” and rather I’m amazed at how on-target I was three months ago, as the political activist fever heats up this summer. Therefore, I would suggest to anyone hot and bothered, feeling so self-righteous about their political activism, take a few moments and read that issue, on my

And I wish to thank Russell, for taking the time to express his feelings, and receiving it made my day.

Additionally, my readership has leaped forward lately, from the number of comments I’m now receiving daily, which numbers past one hundred thousand. Apparently students in high school and college are using the material I write about when it comes to postulating their ideas, their dissertations, propositions and treatises. Here’s some of the one-liners in the past few days:

“Heck yeah this is exactly what I needed.” “At last someone who understands!! Thank you for posting.” “Thank God someone with brains, speaks.” “Well done, my essay was a real success, I’m so satisified with written story, Anne.” The last one was on issue 589 about groupy groups.

As my regular readers know, my underlying theme, written or implied, is the Philosophy of Freedom. It is straightforward, in plain unvarnished English, and I tell it like it is as I understand it. Fundamentally, what I understand is there are two kinds of Governments, Political and Self-government. And the bottom line question is whether or not you choose to have another entity rule over you, or do you prefer to govern yourself. There’s only one kind of Self-government, but political government parades and proliferates under many guises. The major brand is Marxism, under the brand names of Communism and Fascism.

The next few months up to the 2012 presidential election, I believe will be the most important period, deciding Freedom or bondage in my lifetime. If we don’t Re-transform America back to its original intent, based on the Principles this country was founded upon, then we might as well throw the towel in, because those out to destroy the original way of American life, will be so entrenched, and the people so indoctrinated by the jack-hammer rhetoric, it will be tantamount to that snowball in hell.

I’m encouraged by the few awakening from their slumber, and discouraged that the majority are still so indoctrinated by the propaganda 24-7, they fall into the trap of the nanny state.

I still believe in the power of the individual, and there is much one person at a time can do, but we have little time left to dilly dally around. I would encourage my readers to be informed, by seeking Truth, and passing on to others one at a time, taking advantage to talk about Freedom, anywhere with anyone.

My eternal gratitude to all those who read my articles and take the time to respond, whether you agree or disagree, I thank you.


Just me


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