Those were the days, my friend, I thought they would never end. In my lifetime, which has been longer than most, it was the decade of the sixties, when there was such an upheaval of emotions, pro and con, over the idea of Freedom. From all the riots in colleges by students across this country, to a proliferation of writers, books, pamphlets and promotion of Freedom, there was nothing like it before nor since.

So many great men and women, writers, speakers, and promoters of Freedom seemed to come out of the woodwork from many different directions. Off the top of my head as I recall events, this is a tribute to those who stood up, stood out, spoke up and spoke out, so loud and clear during that decade.

I think the fever for and against freedom, began on the west coast. To offset some of the destruction of such events as the Los Angeles riots, there were those like R.C. Hoiles, who owned a chain of 13 Freedom Newspapers, as I recall, spreading the word about Individual Freedom and private property Rights.

Robert LeFevre, who was editor of one of those newspapers, the Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph, wrote daily, so consistently about Freedom. Later creating The Freedom School, then became the founder of Rampart College. On his editorial page and through his school, he attracted so many of the great intellectuals of that era.

Those of the Austrian school of economics like Von Mises, who wrote “Human Action,” and Murray Rothbard, a great economist and author of many books like “What Has Government Done to Our Money?” Explaining fiat money and Gresham’s Law, stating, “An artifically over-valued money tends to drive an artifically under-valued money out of circulation.” We’re experiencing that today, as all eyes are on the politicians in Washington, as they battle over money. Going round and round in a sort of circular saw merry-go-round.

On the editorial pages of the Freedom Newspapers, so many great writers were featured from time to time. Like F.A. Harper, Bruno Leoni, James Martin, Orville Watts, George Boardman, Hayek and others.

Along with newspapers, other publications like the Rampart Journal became platforms for rational thinking and writings relative to the field of Individualist thought.

So many, many, enlightening and interesting pamphlets were printed and distributed, like LeFevre’s “Role of Private Property in a Free Society,” and R.A. Pruitt’s booklet titled “A Rift Between Friends in the War of Ideas.”

Another movement related to Freedom in the sixties was the John Birch Society, formed by Robert Welch. It spread like wildfire across this country for a short period, and was a great source of so many wonderful books. I was not a member but did attend a few meetings and ordered many of the books available through that organization. One in particular I recall was “While We Slept,” by John T. Flynn. Another titled “The Politician” was the story of Eisenhower.

During the sixties, much was written about post war World War 2, about war crimes and war criminals and the Cold War. Much publicity about Senate investigative hearings like the Chamber-Hiss trials and Un-American activities, about an era when Communists in this country were still card-carrying.

During the sixties was a time of great passion for individual Freedom in this country. Conversely, an equal amount of passion for anti-Individual Freedom. Pervasive clashing of opposing views, i.e., Freedom and private property ownership Rights versus Socialism, and the two brand names of Communism and Fascism.

As we approached the end of the first decade of the 21st century, we seem to be experiencing some of the same passion, pro and con, between Freedom and bondage evidenced in the sixties, in an era when the foothold of Socialism over individualism and Freedom has a much greater foothold. Many of the great fighters, writers and promoters of the sixties are no longer with us, but they left a legacy in their writings. The same truths they expressed back then, are the same truths of today.

The Principles of Truth expressed by the founders of this once-great nation are no less today than those freedom fighters who pledged their lives and fortunes with a “Root, hog, or die” mantra. We the people in this country have changed, the Principles remain the same. The Principles of Freedom which provided the greatest good for the greatest number, were never before experienced by mankind before the formation of this Nation, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

It’s not necessary to go all the way back into centuries of the history of mankind and the struggles of human beings and political governments. To be informed as to what is taking place today, the solutions can be found in all the great writings, still available, left by those in the sixties. It is not even necessary one leave their home; the availability of the legacy of writings from the sixties can be obtained by ordering over the internet and delivered to one’s front door, if the desire to know and understand what is happening today is there, in the hearts and minds of the American people.

Never before, not even during two world wars, have we faced a greater threat to Freedom than we face today. Freedom and private property ownership, are inalienable Rights of Individuals. Groups do not have Rights, only individuals. Therefore it’s the responsibility of each individual to learn, to know and act in their best interests, to decide whether they desire Freedom or bondage. The time is now. Tomorrow may be too late.

In conclusion, I for one feel extreme gratitude for all those great writers and teachers of the sixties, who left us a legacy of their knowledge of Truth.




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  1. The newspaper I write for is a Freedom Communications newspaper. But I think they are straying farther from his principles all the time. One of my friends wrote a blog about R. C. Hoiles and mentioned my situation: Voluntaryism is Simply a Free and Unhampered Market.

    After I directed the paper’s “powers that be” to her blog, they got a little better about publishing my columns, but they have recently taken some actions with regard to the local government that seem hypocritical IF they still support Hoiles’ philosophy of freedom. They have refused to editorially oppose unethical acts by the local government, while criticizing and marginalizing efforts to oppose those actions by a citizens’ group. I think Mr. Hoiles would be disgusted.

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