I woke up this a.m. at 3 o’clock, and realized I had a bucket of peaches sent by a neighbor. This latter part of July is when Georgia peaches are at their peak. They ripen and ruin rather quickly so one must eat, can or freeze. But they are delicious. I hopped out of bed and prepared to freeze those quite ripe. All you do to freeze peaches is peel, slice and sprinkle fruit-fresh, bag and freeze. You must apply fruit-fresh, otherwise they turn quite dark when you defrost, later on.

I got behind with my projecting over the weekend, because Prince William was here for a time and he takes priority over everything else. Then my beautiful and talented teenage granddaughter Isabella spent the night Saturday and we had a great time. She’s the classical piano musician and ballet dancer. We had a fun time, when she got into vintage clothing and began trying on. The slipper satin gowns, fringe dresses, Edwardian and Grecian style vintage dresses.

On Sunday I went shopping with the three grandchildren, and beautiful Olivia, so talented, plans on going into clothes design, found a really cute jacket for school, and I found a lovely skirt that needs a top, I’ll have to look again for. Tiffany, their wonderful nanny, went with us.

I managed to write one article over the weekend, however all the activity interfered with my preservation of peaches. I still have more. I plan on making peach relish later today.

All of this plus my metabolic ecology regimen, which requires time, shows I had a very busy weekend. A wonderful period in my life when I can do what I want to when I want to, and enjoy the things I choose to do. Not punching a clock nor taking any medicine.

In between everything I check my computer for emails and comments, and the last couple of weeks I’m bombarded with emails from groups and individuals who sent me reams of stuff on all kinds of conspiracy theories. Please stop. I consider it a trespass to arbitrarily decide what you want me to read. I have over one thousand books and am voracious reader, and try to keep up to date with what is happening in this country, around the world and locally. Without permission nor invitation, when you decide to send me all this stuff, I consider it a trespass and time consuming for me to delete.

Secondly, I’m bombarded with religious material, from groups and individuals I have no interest in, do not read, and ask you to please stop sending your religious views to me. It’s an act of rudeness, to fill one’s email box with your ideas on religion. As a matter of fact it reeks with compulsion, to attempt to shove your religious views on to another without permission nor invitation. I resent the act of compulsion. And consider an invasion of my privacy when one tries to shove their religious beliefs at me, unsolicited. I’m a writer and from the 500-plus articles posted, I’ve never written an article on religion. That’s a private matter, and I respect the views of another relative to their religious beliefs, or absence of any. It’s none of my business. I might periodically mention our Creator or the Ten Commandments, but never never get into religious dogma in my writings. In this connection, I very vehemently reject anyone trying to shove their religious dogma down my throat. And resent having to take the time to delete all the stuff I’m bombarded with. And ask you to please stop it.

The main thrust of my writings is to inform about the meaning of freedom in some articles and write something interesting or entertaining in others, and anyone free to click on or not to in order to read. A major tenet in understanding Freedom is recognizing boundaries of another, and respecting those boundaries by not trespassing. That is crossing in violation of the Will of the owner. Accordingly, my life as well as the life of others has boundaries. And abject ignorance of anyone who crosses that boundary in an attempt to insinuate their religious views onto another without invitation nor consent. A waste of your energy and a waste of my time. My question is, what is the compulsion that drives a person to act so coercively when it comes to religion?

In my opinion, one’s religious beliefs are so personal, and more than any other ideas, about any other subject, should be left to the Law of Attraction. Trying to force-feed religion, leads to resentment and other undesirable results, as history clearly records, throughout civilization.

I personally and clearly understand where I came from, why I’m here and where I’m going. Obviously those who think or believe it’s in their purview to attempt to force-feed others relative to their belief system, lack understanding, and into acts of compulsivity and just down-right ignorant. And in my opinion, really do not know your rear from page eight about the true meaning of religion. Therefore the insinuation of your views about religion into my e-mail box is a trespass, and I would appreciate your stopping it. And suggest you spend that time you’re wasting, getting your religious house in order.

Additionally, it violates the very basic tenets of the Philosophy of Freedom, attempting to cross the boundaries of another in violation of the Will of another. And the immorality of the act is totally unacceptable to me.

An American historian, David Boorstin, stated, “We must abandon the prevalent belief in the superior wisdom of the ignorant.”



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