This morning, I received a FB note from a new friend, Ms. Wong from Torquay in Great Britain. In her response, she mentioned the word, “Oneness,” which prompted me to write this article.

One of the most fascinating books I ever read was written by Admiral Byrd, the explorer of Antarctica, titled “Alone.” In the book he describes his experiences, in that remote region of the planet.

One story he tells is about leaving his crew and going out alone, exploring the area. He was quite a distance from his camp and crew when he dug into the frozen snow area and set up a camp to do some exploration work. He encountered some bad weather and unable to return to camp, when he settled in for the storm to pass. Suddenly he became quite ill, and his crew could not reach him, nor was he able to return at that time. Writing about his experience being on the bottom of the planet, snowed in and ill, he describes his feelings during that period, trying to recuperate.

One vivid and graphic description was his story about his feelings of “Oneness with the Universe.” A very moving story about his feelings experiencing a Oneness with the universe, so impacted on me, I thought it would be so wonderful to experience that. I think it was in the early fifties when I read that book.

I now live on Lake Lanier in North Georgia, a huge manmade lake covering 5 counties with a 500 mile shoreline. The water dammed up from the Chattahoochee river, by the Corp of Engineers, has its origin in the Blue Ridge mountains. A couple of years ago a friend of mine and I traveled north to near where the Chattahoochee begins. We parked the car, got out and stood on the banks near where the river begins. Standing there, all of a sudden I felt this tremendous peace and a feeling of Oneness with the Universe enveloped me. It was the most awesome indescribable feeling I have ever experienced. Never before nor since have I ever experienced anything like it. It was a very fleeting, breathtaking moment, as I stood there near the beginning of the Chattahoochee River. However I instantly knew what it was. As I recalled Admiral Byrd’s description of his experience in an Antarctica.

No matter how intense my desire has been to recapture that moment, it was an awesome, one-time experience, which came over me suddenly while standing there listening to the rippling water flow from the mountain, so beautiful and peaceful. My friend was nearby, but no one else there as I stood alone on the bank of the river, when I felt it.

Today, when I read the one-line message, from a new friend in Torquay with the word “Oneness” in it, I couldn’t help but wonder if she had had that experience. I’ve no one whom I have known has related any such experience they may have had.

After reading Admiral Byrd’s book over 50 years ago, I had copied that paragraph from his book and for sometime afterwards carried it in my handbag for a long time, and longed to have that experience as he described it. As time passed I rarely thought about it, but apparently buried in the the recesses of my being, it came over me so unexpectedly at that moment standing on the banks of the Chattahoochee river a couple of years ago. I shall never forget it, and periodically reflect back on that wonderful, awesome moment.




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