Tonight is the television presentation of a slate of candidates, all Republicans, bell ringing their promises to the American people, expressing their desires to get into office and stay into office. Until November 2012 they will be begging for your money, for the position of power to take your money.
The background and history of these Presidential hopefuls is already widely publicized. We know who they are and what they stand for and what they are hoping for. We hear President Obama has a goal to raise one billion for his campaign chest. Therefore right out of the starting gate, we know topping the agenda of all these candidates is a promotion for you to dig in your pocket, and voluntarily fork over a contribution for their campaign. To match the Obama campaign chest.
The two front runners according to the news polls, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, both experienced politicians, are already quite wealthy, but they want you to contribute your money to purchase this coveted prized position of being the most powerful man in the world.
What could they possibly say tonight we have not already heard? If you decide to tune in, keep in mind one thing – the priority of all politicians is getting in office and staying in office. Not for your benefit, but theirs.
The two current front-runners, Paul & Romney, already have a clear-cut track record of who they are and what they do in an elected office.
In my previous article titled “Run Paul Run – Back to Texas,” I asked the question, What has he done? What is his record after being elected to a position of power in Congress 12 times, and his third run for the Presidency? As I view it, he has written a number of books, made a lot of speeches, drawn a high salary, maintained offices in Washington & Texas, retained a staff of workers, and become quite wealthy.
What has he done to sustain the Principles upon which this nation was founded? What has he done to keep us out of expensive un-winnable wars? What has he done to stop or slow down the train wreck of Socialism, this once great nation has been reduced to? After all, he has occupied a position of power in Congress for past 24 years. Other than talk the talk, what has he done to qualify him to be elevated to a higher position of power?
He seems to say things most want to hear, with seemingly well-intentioned ideas, but what has he done? Some response to this question from my previous article, but zero answers to that question. The number one problem, articulated by most candidates, is the economy, and it appears Ron Paul is more informed than most about economics, but what has he done, to rescue this country from the trillions of debt?
I did receive one comment from a Facebook reader of my article, who said this: “Patrick Henry himself couldn’t change much with one vote out of 535. If one Congressman could make big changes despite all the rest vehemently opposing him, we wouldn’t be a representative Republic.”
I must admit, that is one of the strangest comments I have ever received, out of the 87,000 I have received from 570 articles I have written. I have tried to figure out what the commenter had in mind, by his correlation of Patrick Henry and the absence of any meaningful actions of Ron Paul in Congress for 24 years because of opposition to his one vote. Even more puzzling is the remark, “We wouldn’t be a representative Republic.” Inasmuch as the design was for a Constitutional Republic. That is ruling by Law and not men.
I’ll be listening tonight to hear anyone say “I’m all for following the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and stand for individual Freedom, and the Capitalistic, Free-enterprising System this nation was built upon, originally.” Further, I’ll be listening for the word Freedom used in the context of individuals, from any candidate.
My visceral feeling from the comment left me thinking the commenter was offended because I dared criticize Ron Paul for being an elected official, sitting in a position of power 24 years, while the direction of this country has been on a fast track towards socialism. Not that his absence of doing anything meaningful means he is alone, but he is the lone person, running for President, after being in a position of power for 24 years.
Further, stating “If one Congressman could make big changes, despite all the rest vehemently opposing him—–,” implies one vote does not count for anything, when that’s all anyone has for anything. The problem of what is Right for this Country does not lie in numbers, but stems from a basic premise of morality as set forth in the Ten Commandments, the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.
Truth is that which is – the absence of a lie. If there is anyone out there qualified to lead this once great Nation out of the ditch, it will be the person who speaks truth, and stops lying. Who among the slew of candidates qualifies?
And more importantly, when are “We the People” going to demand truth as a requirement to lead? Definitely not so long as we make excuses for their actions and lies. When I wrote the previous article about Ron Paul, asking the question “what has he done?” – I was seeking answers, not excuses for his failure to take any meaningful actions to halt this onslaught of insult to Personal Freedom and private Property ownership in this country.
Without apology, I tell it like it is as I see it. With deep concern for the future of my children, already paying exorbitant taxes, and grandchildren coming along to do the same, plus concern for this entire country and all those burdened with effects of the nanny state, and all the Socialistic programs, embraced by so many.
We did not arrive in this hellish state of trillions in debt, promoting and funding un-winnable wars, with unprotected borders for terrorists and drug dealers to cross to kill; forking over billions to other countries, lining up young men and women to kill or be killed in some foreign country, and the residual effects from these conditions, by some unseen, nebulous unknowable enemy. It all has a recognizable face.
We know what it is, where it is, why it is and who it is. Why do we insist on a state of denial? Why are we all lined up on the Emperor’s clothing parade route, waiting to ooh and ah, over the naked lie? “While Congress shall have the power to…..”
Alexander Hamilton said: “Can any reasonable man be well disposed toward a government which makes war and carnage the only means of supporting itself?”

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