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Several years ago I heard a story about a Japanese immigrant, living in California, who decided to promote a motivational course, charging $200.00. When the participants filled the room, he sat on stage cross-legged and repeated over and over, “The thing to do is begin, the thing to do is begin.”

Which is one of my aims of purpose writing all these articles. I want to motivate the reader to begin learning the meaning of Freedom. Unfortunately I don’t think many do understand its meaning, nor appreciate its importance. A few weeks back I wrote an article for the readers I do have, to pass the word around to family friends and acquaintances, to read my articles, to help me up my readership and traffic to my site, which might motivate some to read and study further about the Philosophy of Freedom. Obviously some have, because I can tell by some of the comments, they are new to my, which now has 573 articles posted. But hope for more.

In my dashboard comment section, pending and spam comments are all mixed together. An assortment of comments I could never have imagined. I don’t fault anyone trying to advertise their site, but please refrain from using my space and your time with absurd nonsensical stuff. I appreciate and welcome rational and sensible comments about anything, preferably on the subject matter, but I have almost 90,000 comments, many just nonsensical chatter.

This is a rather disjointed article, hopping around from one thing to another. I love good quotations, and wise sayings and informative writings, and use what others, smarter than I, say, to get a point across. For example, I love what Confuscious say: “If your plans are for one year plant rice, if your plans are for ten years, plant trees, if your plans are for one hundred years, educate men.”

I’m not sure if men educate men, I actually believe we educate ourselves, by listening and reading what others have to say. Some might read the theories of Einstein, and get nothing out of it, whereas another might enhance their education, by absorbing what he has to say.

Yesterday my six year old grandson was playing in my yard, trees and bushes, when he took two gallon milk jugs, tied them together, filled with water, then threw them across some shubbery, and one rhododendron bush broke, and the water in the jugs spilled out. He excitedly yelled, “I can do two things at once, prune a bush and water plants at the same time.” I said That’s impressive, Einstein. He looked up at me and said, “Einstein was a brain,” and I said, “So are you.”

I recall his father was sent to Fernbank Science Center to study when he was a senior in high school. I wanted to converse with him when he came home, and started reading a book about Einstein. When he came home one day, I asked him what the “black hole” meant. Without hesitation, he explained it was not actually a hole, but a mass so condensed, it trapped light. My interest was to assist him anyway I could in his process of education by asking questions.

I believe education is simply an acquisition of knowledge and who it is acquired from is not as important as the acquisition. Not necessary to come from a college professor. As a matter of fact so many professors and school teachers now days are so indoctrinated into the tenets of Socialism, they’re not too bright, but some quite smart.

I might not be the brightest crayon in the box nor the wisest person on the block, but having lived longer than most, and a voracious reader, I have experienced a lot of things and learned a few things in general and truth in particular. Still have a voracious appetite to learn. Realizing there is much I don’t know.

However if I do know a thing, I can convey it to another. We frequently hear someone say, ” I know what it is but can’t explain it.” Because the Philosophy of Freedom is one thing I do understand, and can explain it, because my love of freedom and this country, is the reason I write, write, write about it. Including it in a variety of subjects. At the same time reading what other writers write, discover things I’m unaware of. Also from Facebook, after writing an article about Ron Paul, one FB writer stated how popular he is among the college crowd, saying some follow him as if he is the messiah, which was news to me. The internet is such a fantastic medium to keep up with current events and the pulse of the public, which is frequently quite different from that which comes across the airwaves on TV, and the news pundits. Which tells me not everyone is brainwashed by the jackhammer rhetoric of the managed news.

Despite the fact the social media has a great deal of trivia, there are a number quite well informed about current events. Which is a great source of learning outside the “Run Jane Run” mentality of some newscasters who editorialize with a Socialist slant on a regular basis.

All of this is by way of saying, I don’t believe there’s any valid excuse for not knowing what is actually taking place in this country. And the sooner that more wake up and lift themselves out of the “I don’t know, don’t really care, there’s nothing I can do” habit of thinking, we might avoid the imminent collapse of a way of life as we once knew it. But time is of the essence and the window of opportunity seems to shrink daily.

I don’t wish to be one sounding like the sky is falling, but it is obvious stupidity to deny that this country is on a fast track to Socialism, and a One World Government.

From James Thornton, “On Edge of Anarchy,” comes this quote: “It is natural that citizens of great and powerful nations see themselves, collectively speaking, as immortal and immune to the processes that have brought down other illustratious nations and people.”




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  1. Davion says:

    Kudos to you! I hadn’t thoguht of that!