My first blog article was written January 2nd, 2008. I wrote a brief story of my life and my first article was titled “What’s an Octogenarian? Here it is June 2011, just over three years and almost 600 articles later. Still writing about the Philosophy of Freedom.

Despite the fact I have covered many subjects, the underlying theme, and a thread which runs through most of my articles, is about Personal Freedom, and the concept of Private Property.

My main purpose in writing these articles is to relate information about the philosophy of Freedom. My love of Freedom and love of Country with deep concerns about the direction it has taken away from freedom, and into a Nation of Socialism, reminds me freedom must be learned. It is something we were given by our Creator, however because there is a lust for power in some to rule over others, it has been a struggle throughout history for individuals to acquire and sustain.

In this country, the people enjoyed freedom to a large degree up until the 1930s, when President Roosevelt implemented all the programs of Socialism, which have grown and increased with each subsequent regime, until the first decade of this century, it has expanded by leaps and bounds to a point it is taboo to even mention the word Freedom in many circles.

Because the tax-supported, government operated school system is in itself a socialistic system, Freedom is not taught to students. And it is my position that an understanding of the true meaning must be taught. Inasmuch as it is not taught in the mainstream school system, we are into several generations of indoctrination into the basic tenets of Socialism, which is the antithesisof freedom. Therefore, there are few who really understand its true meaning.

The greatest enemy of Freedom is political government, no matter the name of the regime, a situation where some human beings seek power to rule over others, interfering with the God-given Right of individuals to gain and retain sovereignty over themselves. And it’s in this connection I set out to study and learn the real meaning of individual freedom, and the role of political governments in general and ours in particular. I spent many years in my search to know the meaning of Freedom and the role of political governments.

In many of my previous articles, I have described the route I took and when and why I arrived at this decision to understand Freedom and the role of political governments. Therefore, telling my story of how I began will be somewhat repetitious.

I have spent the past two weeks not writing, because I entered a period of feeling discouraged. It seems I’m really not reaching many others, and failing to motivate interest in the subject of Freedom. I felt that I needed to do something to elevate my readership, but not knowing just what to do. Therefore I wrote an article appealing to the readers I do have to help me spread the word. Not a great deal of response, but from comments, I believe I have acquired a few new readers, and apparently some of these newly acquired readers are going back and reading previous articles. Some I just posted in my reader comment column. One today was on article number 63, written July 12, 2008, titled “Celebrating Freedom and Mourning the Loss.” Another was a comment on Issue 181, titled “The cause is Socialism – Entrenchment Gained via Socialized Schools.”

While seriously considering not writing any further articles, the realization that there were a few interested enough to go back and read previous articles and taking the time to comment on them, perhaps it’s worthwhile to continue writing for awhile, anyway. Believing in the power of the individual, one person discovering Freedom, could set on fire, interest of others. And it is my hope, my readers will help spread the word to others.

As Dr. Phil says, “We can’t change that which we refuse to acknowledge.” And it’s my opinion, we are now in a period of heightened anxiety and concern over what to do about the dilemma we face in this country. The feeling of wanting to do something and not knowing what to do, lies in the ignorance of the true meaning of freedom. Because the crisis we face, has at its core, the loss of individual Freedom. The power of the individual to be responsible and in control of their lives, has been usurped by the centralized power of political government, leaving many like puppets on a string.

Therefore the solution to the problem, is inherently within the problem itself. Accordingly, the individual must understand the true meaning of Freedom. That’s where one begins, in order to re-gain and sustain. Once you understand Freedom and the nature of political government, how it operates and manipulates, then you have the tools to know what to do. And without that understanding, most will fall into the circular saw syndrome of socialism, which results in bondage.

In the hopes my story might have some area others can identify with, I’m going to re-tell the story of how I discovered Freedom, where and why, in part three of this series.


Let Freedom Ring

Just me AC


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  1. Bill Starr says:

    Thanks for continuing the work for liberty, Anne.

    Tweeting a link.

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