Take another look at my title of Issue 568, “SILENT SURRENDER OF FREEDOM – SOVEREIGNTY.” It’s an SOS for your SSS. Take a few minutes to reflect upon yourself as a Sovereign being. Then consider Freedom as self-control, then jot down a list of things relative to your personal life, controlled by a force outside your own sovereignty.

Back in the forties and fifties, long before there was an internet, i-phones and i-pads, face-book and twitter, newspapers and magazines were popular mediums to keep up with happenings, and they advertised themselves. For example, the motto of Life Magazine was, “Life advertises Life.” And Good Housekeeping Magazine repeatedly stated, “As advertised in Good Housekeeping.” Reverting back to the “good old days,” decided I would do more to advertise my website,, an internet medium where I write mostly about the “Philosophy of Freedom.”

I decided that to continue writing these articles, I need to elevate my readership, and need the help of the regular readers of my articles to do this. Here’s where things stand today, according to Google stats: Daily page views total 45,990 yearly; 3,906 monthly and 126 daily. My previous article asking readers to help me, has resulted in some new readers. As evidenced by comments from new readers clicking on my site, stating they had recently discovered my website. Not many but a few.

Interestingly, a slight surge in comments on past articles. This article is Issue 568, and a recent comment on Issue 120, “Gulliver’s Travels Has Nothing On Me.” Another comment on Issue 181, “The Cause is Socialism, Entrenched Gain via Socalized Schools.” And another, Issue 307: “Rights, Values, Principles, Contracts, Marriage Contracts, Schools.”

Believe me, I”m encouraged to know some readers are taking note of some of these past articles, which remain on my website 24-7. In the almost 600 articles posted, I have attempted to motivate an interest in “Freedom,” i.e., to understand and appreciate it from the standpoint of just how every facet of our lives is so affected by it. That is, we are continually making decisions in our everyday lives, based upon the meaning of freedom, or we are making decisions based upon the philosophy of Socialism, which is the antithesis of Personal Freedom.

Accordingly, more than once, I have asked myself whether or not “freedom” could be classified as a “commodity?” By definition a commodity is something bought and sold, anything of use or profit. When I take a good long hard look at what has happened in this country, and the crisis we face, I can’t help but believe We The People have sold out a large percentage of our personal Freedom to the tenets of Socialism. And the “why” of this sell-out, has been for a gain of profit.

The question is, what is the gain or profit, selling out the self-responsibility of Personal Freedom, to the nanny state of Socialism? When Socialism is taking from the “haves” to re-distribute to the “have nots.” And therein lies the answer. We have become a nation of people with a mind-set of entitlement, and the entitlement is the notion, that which another has, i.e., his property, belongs to us, and therefore we should just take it. And we vote for politicians to do the taking, and re-distributing. By this methodology, using a third party to do the looting, we have convinced ourselves we are not the participants in the system of thievery, and entitled to be recipients of the stolen loot.

By this peculiar sense of logic, we have removed the boundaries of ownership, in our mind-set, and reconciled ourselves to the notion of entitlement to that which does not belong to us, and have removed from our conscious the idea that stealing is wrong so long as we perform our “duty” of voting others into power to do it for us.

So here we are today, living in a country at one time touted as the greatest country ever created by man, because its foundation of Freedom of the individual made it great, reduced to the rubble of trillions in debt, high unemployment, fighting and financing several expensive unwinnable wars, the economy tanking, and all round verge of collapse on every front.

This Nation, which evolved out of the Revolutionary war, with the idea of a Constitutional Republic based upon Personal Freedom and Private property ownership, an economy of capitalism and free-enterprise, i.e., the voluntary exchange of goods and services, now so totally changed as a result of embracing the tenets of Socialism which we voted into being, we live in a country which is only a shadow of what it once was, and its intended purpose.

We are on a treadmill of wrong direction. And can only be repaired and Freedom regained, by a realization of how we arrived at this hellish state of bondage. It’s not rocket science. All we have to do is retrace our steps which led us to this brink of disaster. We abandoned the self-responsibility of individual freedom, and surrendered to the jack-hammer rhetoric of those few we voted into power over our lives, those who have the lust to take from haves to give to have nots, all in the name of do-goodism. That is, disguised as do-goodism, but in fact just a system of thievery.

Without a shot being fired, we surrendered the sovereignty of ourselves, and Freedom, endowed by our Creator, and expressed in the great documents of the Declaration of Independence, and a Constitution of laws to live by.

We are where we are because we squandered our individual Freedom, and abandoned the responsibility for it. We just forked it over to those with a lust for power to take the property of producers to re-distribute to non-producers.

This nation was founded by those who pledged their lives and fortunes for individual Freedom, with a “Root, hog, or die” mind-set to acquire it. Now that we have squandered that gift, and wound up in this state of bondage on the verge of collapse, what can we do about it?

There is only one way out to return to that which we once had. Not necessary to clutter our thinking over complicated options. All that is necessary to do is understand Freedom, with a desire to have it. And it is learned. The meaning of it is not taught in the socialized school system, and definitely not explained by political government. No one invented Freedom, it was a gift by our Creator. But a gift we must learn to understand, in order to have it.

There is much I do not know about a lot of things, but I understand what Freedom means, and the beginning of my discovery, began when I was incarcerated in a Japanese jail, in the mid-fifties. In the 500-plus articles I have written about my life and experiences, I have related the story. However, I’m going to re-write in the second part of this “Silent Surrender of Freedom” as a reminder to the reader, Freedom is a discovery which must be learned.




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