Apparently, Ron Paul wasted no time jumping into the pool of candidates, running for the Presidency 2012. As I understand it, this is his third time running for president, and has been elected 12 terms as Congressman from Texas. This means he has conducted 15 political campaigns.

My question what has he accomplished? He has held a seat of power in Congress 24 years, while this country has been on a fast track slide into Socialism. What has he done to stop it or even slow it down?

No need to remind me he has an ongoing campaign to audit the feds. A farfetched notion, that takes up time and space and goes no place. Anyway, the feds are already audited. Seems to me if anyone really wanted to change that government boondoggle in effect since 1913, it would be more logical to change the laws to do away with it. This country thrived and did well before it was established.

What is his voting record? Is there anything in it, that presents any evidence Congressman Paul has done anything of any significance to salvage the Principles upon which this nation was founded?

There are 535 congressmen elected to occupy a seat of power in Washington. These representatives took an oath to uphold the Constitution. All of them draw substantial salaries, and most, if not all, maintain offices in Washington and their home state with staff. They all have travel expenses and other perks of expense. Occupying this seat of power for 24 years, conducting all the political campaigns, must have cost the citizens of this country a lot of money.

What has Congressman Paul done to curtail the trillions of indebteness, as one of the 535 who have deliberately placed this once great nation this far in debt? What has he done for victory of the unwinnable wars the Congress has backed, lo these many years?

The school system in this country has an annual cost of 100 billion, and does not educate, instead indoctrinates young children into the tenets of Socialism. What has Congressman Paul done in past 24 years to effect any change in this system? Just to mention a few questions.

In his campaign speeches, debates, newsletters, and TV interviews, I hear what he says, and he is quite well informed about economics, but what has he done to effect changes for the better in any areas of the ditch this country is in? He talks the talk but does not walk the walk.

I’m just absolutely amazed at all the current hoopla over his latest announcement, i.e., candidate for President of United States, by so many well-intentioned, intelligent people in this country. Where is the rationale of pinning hopes for a solution to the crisis we face, on one individual who has occupied a position of power over the citizenry for over 24 years, at a cost of untold millions, showing no meaningful solutions nor results?

Despite all the propagandi to the contrary, each passing year, month, and day, conditions in this country go from bad to worse. Are we living in a pepetual Emperor’s Clothing parade, or what? Why is there such a huge blindspot and denial of who and what got us to this place in history? Why does the average person refuse to recognize the truth about what got us here, and insist upon repetitition?

And more importantly, how come the majority thinks we can vote ourselves out of the ditch we voted ourselves into? Ours is not a nation of stupid people, but why the repetition of stupid acts? Who out there has not heard what Einstein said? “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.” What is it about that simple statement of fact, so difficult to understand?

Why is it so many are listening and supporting Ron Paul, when after 24-plus years, being one in a position of power to effect positive changes, just simply continues being part of the problem, talking the talk, and not walking the walk. To consider taking off rose-colored glasses, I suggest going back and reading my posted article during last election cycle and reading “Debates & Dear John Letter.” The problem and solution so simple a child can understand it.

Alexis de Tocqueville said: “All those who seek to destoy the liberties of a democratic nation, ought to know that war is the surest and shortest means to accomplish that.”



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One Response to RON PAUL RUN – BACK TO TEXAS (Issue 571)

  1. Aaron says:

    Good post, Anne. I expect you’ll get a lot of flak for it. I don’t question Ron Paul’s integrity, but I do question the point of his continued campaigns and especially how his last, most lucrative campaign went. He brought in millions and then put all of that, not into winning his campaign for President, but into a new PAC called Campaign for Liberty which, coincidentally, got his son Rand elected to the Senate. Paul has made a lot of money selling books – he comes out with one about every two years now. I don’t fault him for making money while promoting liberty, but I do question why so many (supposedly) free thinking libertarians flock to this man and think that “all we have to do is get him into office…”

    Like I say to the Tea Party crowd: how is the current corrupt, broken, sellout system going to be fixed by using that same corrupt, broken, sellout system to elect more people to use that corrupt, broken, sellout system to fix our corrupt, broken, sellout system?