In my previous article, I described the opening debate of the GOP hopefuls as I saw it. A sort of political version of,Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Bits of it entertaining, which is a forerunner of what’s to come, the next 15 months. It’s a good time to stop and ask yourself if you are needing entertainment, or truthful information about why your Country is teetering on collapse?

Whether or not you recognize or admit it, your life, world and affairs is profoundly affected by what’s taking place with politicians. You might not be interested in reading Orwell’s 1984, or the Communist manifesto, Witness, by Chambers; or While You Slept, by John T. Flynn, the Declaration of Independence, or any of the other great books and documents, for enlightment. So I woke up this morning with the notion of writing something entertaining and enlightening, which might stir one’s intellectual nettle, to get off the dime, and understand what has happened, is happening, and what to expect. Hence this “Three-Act Play” article.

The first act opens with a question: What’s your participation in politics? Are you a candidate, supporter, or a voter? The candidate is the one so caught up in the seduction of power over others, he takes center stage, flailing and hawking for money, sorta like the old-time medicine man. In one sense he’s like one with an illness, because his desire for power becomes rather feverish as he proceeds in his campaign. Actually an irresponsible individual, trying to convince others he’s qualified to be responsible for your life, world and affairs. Imagine yourself sitting in the audience, listening and observing this person trying to convince you he’s more qualified to run your life than you are, and wants you to surrender your sovereignty and property, {money} over to him. He’s an actor, whose first prerequisite is to convince you that you’re not responsible for your Life, and have no Right to be Free, and all this verbiage about one’s Right to Life, Liberty, and Happiness, is hogwash, because you are not capable of handling it, but he is. Despite the fact he’s the irresponsible one, trying to abandon his responsibility for his life and affairs, his first performance must convince you otherwise. Therefore he’s all dressed up, filled himself with platitudes of “do-goodism,” walked on stage, with a mission to convince you he’s the one to solve all your problems, if you will just do two things, give him your money, and walk into the secret voting booth, and vote for him.

As the play opens he is the star, doing all the acting. He may appear smart, skillful, and successful, but his goal exceeds his ability. The fact of the matter is, he has an underlying immaturity, that hungers to do something to mask that charactor trait. Because he does not comprehend his role in life is to be responsible for himself and his actions, he may act quite independent, in order to deny this fact. Because he is dependent and in denial, he focuses his energy upon trying to convince you he’s the one who can take care of you and solve your problems. This sets up the merry-go-round of denial, and launches his campaign for an elected office. For him to accomplish this mission, others must make it possible.

Therefore, in Act One, he must lay the groundwork to convince others to jump on board, support him, and help him conceal his shortcomings of irresponsibility. He must build a consensus of enablers, to build his campaign with a sense of success, wellbeing and self-sufficiency, to mask his dependency on others. The “others” being those he begins by asking for their support and money. The forerunner of his strategy to get into office to take their money, with or without consent.

In Act Two, as his tactics gain traction, and money begins flowing in from his enablers, and the crowds gather to hear him, the set-up to victimize increases, as TV, newspaper, radio, and billboard ads show up everywhere. The politician begins looking more and more like a drunken sailor on shore leave, spending all the money handed over to him by his enablers. He’s topping cotton, so to speak, while his enablers are still in the dark that they are being set up to be victimized.

He jets around the country, enjoying the best of accomodations, soaking up the energy from crowds who gather to hear him, because all his promises of do-goodism in a promised land has taken hold and he’s on a roll. The crowd claps over his rhetoric, carries placards, and forks over campaign money. The euphoria over this do-all messiah, reaches a fever pitch. He is now clothed in a costume of respectability, masking his irresponsibility. But he must keep up the charades until after the election. And if elected, the culmination of victory, and the sign he has successfully earned the bows he takes and has become the winner over any and all out there, provoking by publicity exposure of his short-comings, lies and irresponsibility. He has successfully convinced enough voters, touted as the majority, via his staged performance, he’s going to Washington to enhance their lives, liberty and happiness, to take from the haves to give to the have nots.

Like a Greek tragedy, it’s in Act Three, when the curtain opens, with the politician in the seat of power in Washington, the reality of what Act One and Act Two were really all about sets in. The politician has been redefined as a responsible adult, wearing a new costume of respectability. Now with the power of taking the peoples’ money via all the laws passed to support legal plunder, what does he do? Does he lower taxes, stop squandering money, outlaw nation building un-winnable wars, stop the nanny State, and get off the backs of his enablers and victims? No, no, no, he continues doing what all the other politicians have done before him, and worse.

That drunken spree of euphoria on the campaign trail, wakes up to a hangover, of conditions non-improved but in fact worse than before, as gas and grocery prices rise, the financing of wars continues, national debt unsustainable, the rotten Socialist school system remains unchanged. The borders still wide open, for drug dealers and terrorists. Manufacturing jobs still outsourced to other countries, unemployment rising. Crime on the increase, and on and on ad infinitum, the downward spiral towards Communism and Fascism continues, as this once great Nation, faces collapse into a One-world government.

This three-act play, a merry-go-round of denial, goes on and on, and no one is doing anything meaningful to stop it. The pattern of destruction continues. The politicians blame the people and the people blame the politicians. An analogy can be shown in the story of the Rorschach test. The dysfunctional, disoriented patient visited his psychiatrist for help. The doctor slung a bottle of ink out on a sheet of paper and asked the patient what he saw. Through a series of questions the doctor asked the patient what he perceived. All answers were of a sexual nature. When the psychiatrist asked the young man what was wrong with him, which caused him to see everything sexual, the patient responded by saying, “You’re the one drawing the dirty pictures, not me.”

The analogy being, it’s the American people wrongly interpreting the pictures the politicians are painting on the campaign trail, which has just launched the 2012 campaign. Are we going to sit back, fat, dumb and ignorant through this current political campaign cycle again? While they parade before us, all dressed up with a Cheshire cat grin, telling us how responsible they are, knowing how to deal with our irresponsibilities?

Dear hearts and gentle people, Freedom is self-responsibility and self-control and non-transferrable to anyone. Obviously politicians have no remorse nor guilt for what they do. And equally as obvious, the majority of the American Citizenry have no qualms about repeated actions of attempting to place responsibility for their lives, liberty and happines [property] on to the irresponsible politician. That’s the “why” of where we are today, and just that plain and simple.

The answers to the ditch we are in, lies in that simple truth: Responsibility for one’s life is non-transferrable. Not anything I nor any one else invented, but simply a matter of discovery, those Rights inherited for Life, Liberty, and Happiness, were a gift from our Creator, and do not and cannot come from any political government, nor any politician. Absolute proof of this is revealed in the consequences of our actions today as we face the crisis and collapse of this once great nation, founded upon the Principle of individual freedom, and the responsibility inherently in it, we have ignored and defied. Leaving us with no immunity to the imminent collapse, except that one thing, acceptance of the responsibility for Freedom.

Let Freedom Ring

Just me AC


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  1. Kathreen says:

    It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of snushnie.