How many live a pigeonhole life with pigeonhole thinking? I do not claim to be a Conservative, Republican, Democrat, nor Libertarian, I’m an independent thinker, to a degree. I’m subjective and objective. I’m a mother, daughter, grandmother, southerner, and an American. Plus I’m many other things, including a loyal friend, I staunchly support the ideas I believe in, but can readily admit when I’m wrong, when there’s evidence to support it. Have no problem standing up and fighting for those I love and the ideas I believe in.

I strive to be consistent, but may appear contradictory at times. Example, I don’t vote, but am a registered voter. One of my favorite quotes: “All the world is wrong but me and thee, and sometimes have my doubts about thee.”

I believe words are power, and Truth always has a a different ring. Fascinated by the notion of most psychiatrists and psychologists, who state the hierarchy of our “needs” is topped by the need for recognition, over and beyond the need for food, clothing and shelter, and I believe it to be true.

I first observed this trait many years ago, watching a mother shopping with her two-year old, who threw a tantrum, screaming prone in the floor of the store. The mother jerked the child up, gave one swat on the rear, and in the next aisle, the child repeated the behavior, and so did the mother. Which continued, throughout their presence in the store. I realized the child was controlling the mother for attention, and the mother too was commanding the attention of others in the store, including me. Both were commanding attention for recognition. Plus realizing children could rule or be ruled.

Instead of picking the child up, taking her to the car, isolating themselves to deal with the tantrums, both played a part in keeping it going, with an audience of on-lookers. That’s when I realized the urge for attention was so strong in the mother and child, they resorted to negative attention for recognition. Later on, thinking about the incident, I realized how pervasive that trait was in the family crucible, in my personal life. Recognizing in myself, that desire for attention and recognition. But it is not necessary to throw a tantrum to acquire it.

Which brings me to the news of the day and my own article writing. Admittedly I enjoy any recognition I receive from my writings. Which has been mostly positive, fortunately. I’ve experienced a few negative smacks on Facebook, and recently discovered how to delete. Learned a long time ago, one of two ways of dealing with situations unacceptable or undesirable, is to confront or ignore. Which are the only two things I can do rather expertly. Self-preservation is the first law, as far as I’m concerned.

I’m a sort of news junkie, and the two current news items dominating the airwaves are the Congressman Weiner fiasco and the Casey Anthony court trial. Can’t help but observe the self-destructive lengths some go to for attention and recognition. And so obvious in most politicians.

With reference to Congressman Weiner, who comes across as a very unlikable character; arrogance, filled with narcissism, he displays so openly and persistently his below-the-belt attention getter and his above-the-neck ignorance. Just this morning in a news conference, he made no bones about his mind-set by saying: “I’ll be looking for other ways to contribute my talents.” Resigning, after his fellow politicians threatened to take him to the woodshed. Announcing he has other aisles to run up and down, to display his “talents.”

Congressman Weiner’s display of unmitigated gall may go beyond the pale for most politicians, but the lessons for the citizenry is there, and that is, politicians are going to screw around with the American people to one degree or another, for attention, to take their property (money).

It’s difficult to fathom one who is not that brainy, occupying such a position of power, with a good salary and a lot of perks, supposedly representing a constituency, who has lined his pockets with a five-million dollar campaign chest to lean on, acting so stupid. He lost it by embarrassing his co-representatives in Congress. He did not lose his job for his actions towards the American people, i.e., lining his pockets for the good life provided through the system of legal plunder. But by opening his mouth and proving the well-known mantra of knowing when a politician is lying, i.e., when his lips are moving, which embarrassed the others in Congress.

Nothing innately wrong to desire and seek attention when it is constructive and non-threatening to others; it can be creatively constructive. However when it crosses the boundaries of another, destructively and in violation of the will of others, it’s a no-no. And points up the fact that anything that can work for you can act equally well against you. Commensurate with the laws of the universe, dependency and opposition.

His public announcement looking for other ways to contribute his talents, after being caught with his pants down, displays his non-penitent attitude of arrogance, despite his sad attempts to appear contrite in his public apology. Healthy shame prevents one from running through the grocery store naked. Congressman Weiner has none. The only redeeming feature about his story, is the exposure of what a politician is capable of doing, after all the promises to represent, to be responsible for handling the affairs of others. A glaring exposé of the fact that the promises to do so are all a farce. Despite the fact he has not learned his lesson (by his announcement to continue to contribute his talents), the American people have an opportunity to learn a valuable lesson, for the up-coming election getting ready to go into full swing. However, most will view him as the exception, with the underlying notion, that all they must do is pick the right candidate and things will be different.

Ignoring the fact all politicians are dedicated to two things, getting into office and staying in office, to rule to take property of others, and reach that goal by convincing the voter he or she can and will be responsible for their well being, much better than the individual themselves – it’s that erroneous notion of transference of self-responsibility that breeds the likes of Anthony Weiner, so pervasive in the voting process.

Ignoring world-famous dictators like Hitler, who rounded up Germans in trucks with armed guards to take to polls and vote. Ignoring the Russian dictator, Lenin, who said, “The United States we shall not have to attack, but will fall into our hands like over-ripe fruit, it will crumble from within.”

Inasmuch as it is already crumbling from within, without a shot being fired, how does one figure this is happening if not via the ballot box?

By way of The Great Society, New Deals, and Transformation of America, politicians have paved the way for this brink of disaster which this once-great Nation faces today.

Let Freedom Ring

Just me AC


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