“Put your left foot in, take your right foot out, do the hokey poky and turn it all around, that’s what it’s all about.” Woke up this morning thinking about the GOP debates last evening, with a background music playing the Hokey Pokey. Out of the blue came that song playing in my head.Then visualized those seven candidates on stage, as the curtain opens with that song and putting their right foot in and taking their left foot out.

I must confess, I settled down to listen, and to criticize. I was pleasantly surprised at the performance of all seven. Came across to me as a well rehearsed audition with a few little blips along the way. Thought John King did an excellent job as moderator, and kept it moving on track. Almost as if he had a baton in front of an orchestra. Aha, that’s it – well orchestrated, and entertaining.

A very presidential line from Mitt Romney when he said, with conviction, that he was ready to debate Obama. Most got their licks in kicking Obama around. Things will be different when they start kicking each other, now out of the starting gate, vying for top dog position. He looks rather presidential, and seems to have a greater understanding of economics than the rest. But I must admit, there’s something I haven’t yet put my finger on, that sorta gives me the shivers.

Herman Cain, the only one not a politician, is a delight to hear, with his clear cut responses, charming, with a certain amount of charisma, I like him. Comes across as a no-nonsense straight shooter, with no political baggage to overcome.

Michelle Bachmann looked great, and came across with the courage of her convictions, a fresh voice of charm and common sense. Having five children and raising 23 foster kids, in her resumé, still looking that beautiful, announcing she’s running for President of the United States, places her near the top of the heap. I suggest she’s going to be a force to be reckoned with in the coming months. She does not mince words, and gave a great performance last evening.

Tim Pawlenty has a background in the political arena, according to him. He comes across to me as if he’s reading a script, leaving me as the listener waiting for the punch line. Confronted with his remark about Obamney care, kept trying to dodge a direct answer before finally trying to explain. Which Romney took and scored with his response. Which gave us an inkling of what’s to come, when they start attacking each other on the campaign trail. But not a good idea for Pawlenty to start ducking this early in the game. Unfortunately, he just doesn’t look presidential, whatever that elusive ingredient is. The moderator kept egging him on when he clearly wanted to duck the subject.

Then there’s Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul. Both appeared to be rather tired and battle worn, at a time they needed to appear bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Came across as needing a new set of spark-plugs. Despite the fact Gingrich is a smart historian, a lot of experience in politics, quite analytical when it comes to issues, knows how to speak up and speak out on ideas, he has a lot of baggage shenanigans, which most are tired of. Despite all his efforts to reinvent himself, no one seems to come to his rescue to help him do this; therefore his uphill battle to re-invent, appears one step forward and two steps backwards, ongoing.

Now comes Ron Paul, the poster candidate for the Right-wing, Conservative, Libertarian, Tea Party conglomerate. Been in Congress 12 terms, third run for President, can talk the talk, but difficulty walking the walk, when it comes to accomplishment. My ongoing question about him is: what has he done, with so much verbiage in support of the Constitution, (which I agree with); appears to have little traction when it comes to powers of persuasion, circling the wagons, getting others in Congress to implement his ideas. He does have some good ideas, relative to what should be done, but insofar as I know, has not been successful in implementing after 24 years in a seat of power as an elected Congressman.

The proof in the pudding is the direction this country has taken, on a fast track down the road of socialism, ignoring the Constitution, and Ron Paul. After 24 years occupying a position of power in Congress, if he has been unable to persuade anyone to make the changes to return this nation back to the Principles upon which it was founded, it’s rather ludicrous to believe he could do otherwise occupying another seat of power as President. His expressions of what’s wrong and what should be done to counter the crisis we face, are all quite valid. The problem is, he does not implement and put in motion for results. The position of President of the United States, the most powerful position in the world is not an on-the-job training position.

In the history of this nation, never has there been such a time in our history of the challenges we face today. The paradigm is Freedom or bondage and the moral imperative, is for someone with the wit and wisdom, fortitude and know-how to lead this country out of the ditch we are in, which is mired down in Socialism, the whether Communisum or Fascism brand, does not matter, either one is the antithesis of personal Freedom and private property ownership.

I have no idea whom on the horizen of candidates, has the ability to accomplish this daunting task. What I do know, is that unless there’s someone out there with enough cream to rise to the top, to take on the task of returning this Nation back to its original purpose, which at one time made it the envy of the world, created out of a set of Principles as expressed in the Declaration of Independence – life here in these United States will sink further and further into the absymal medicrocity of Socialism, a state of bondage.

Once before, a group of men with a “Root, hog, or die” mentality, pledging their lives and fortunes, stood up and threw off the yoke of bondage of the iron-clad British ruler, and it can be done again. But it requires the informed and determined mentality of the American people, and the right leader. Now we stand at the crossroad, an opportunity we may not have again. We cannot afford to squander this opportunity.

If the current regime, with President Obama at the helm, has not shown us how quickly the fragile state of Freedom can be swooped away and undermined, and replaced by the mandate of one in power, to resemble a way of life civilization struggled decades to overcome, then we are asleep at the switch, and must wake up to bondage of rules, regulations and policies, perpetrated upon the American people by a handful of men voted into power, determined to reduce this country to the rubble of the bondage of Socialism. Deliberately set out to transform America, from what it once was to what it is today. And President Obama told us before he was elected, that he was going to Transform America, and he has.

We now face the next few months until the 2012 election to turn things around, and if we don’t, the enemy of Freedom will be so entrenched it will be too late. We have this opportunity of Hope with determination to win this War of Ideas, or we will live a life of despair in a country of Socialism. Like Cuba and the other countries who have fallen prey to the mantra of the enemy, already at our front door.

Never, never, never before have we faced the challenge before us today. Not even during two world wars. Because this war of ideas is being won with out a shot being fired. It is being won in the hearts and minds of the American people, apathetic, not bothering to pay attention to what’s happening and not bothering to take the inititiave to stop it, but like sheep to slaughter, heading for the trough of Socialism.

During the last election, neither the American people nor the media, ever stopped to ask Obama what he meant when he repeatedly told us he was going to “transform” America. And he never bothered to tell the American people.This time around we must scrutinize every candidate and question everything they say and do, and hold their feet to the fire. And not be bamboozled by the rhetoric we were so mesmerized by in the last election.

Last evening, we were entertained by the staged opening curtain to a three act play as we listened to seven of those seeking the power to lead this country. If the right person to lead this nation out of bondage was not there, we need to recognize that, ASAP. Whether or not he was there, we should waste no time vetting anyone seeking the position with some hard tough demands of accountability, not dilly-dally around.

We have already been dilly-dallying around while Congress fiddles as freedom burns. While they are doing nothing to turn this country around.

We inherited a way of life from those who pledged their lives and fortunes, we did not inherit the luxury of doing nothing to maintain and sustain Freedom, now we have all but lost it.




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  1. Aaron says:

    Spot on here. We’re already seeing how the battle lines for 2012 will be drawn. Teh rhetoric from both sides is already ramping up and it will be, once again, a “help us save everyone from the evil [insert political party here]!”

    Whoever becomes the Chosen One of the GOP will face Obama and so the battle will be waged based on “we need to get rid of Obama” or “we need to save President Obama” and that’s it. Lip service only for the economy, foreign wars, domestic Big Brother state, and nothing at all (even from Ron Paul) about our Huxley-predicted spiral into nothingness as we become over-entertained.

    No presidential debate, whether on paper or on TV, will do anything more than brush the surface of our nation’s real problems and will, in fact, ignore almost all of them. Boogeymen will be created and railed against and Hegel will smile from the heavens as the mouth-breathers and beer swillers of this nation continue down the same path, no matter who ultimately gets elected.

    The United States of Apathy continues its slog towards Idiocracy.

  2. Seston says:

    This makes eevrtyhing so completely painless.

  3. Hetty says:

    That’s way the bestset answer so far!