I’m a rather late-comer to the Facebook phenomenon. Less than a year ago I began posting remarks on my site, page. Usually check every day, and spend a little time reading what others write, however my time and focus is mostly on writing my blog articles. And quite frankly, don’t know very much about how FB works.

My daughter-in-law recently explained to me the main page I click on first, featuring remarks by others, no one sees but me, but only my original FB site. Frequently, a great many interesting and informative remarks, sprinkled amongst a lot of trivia remarks, however I’m now in the habit of checking most everyday, and observed some posted questions, responded to on a “wall.” I decided to experiment and post a question.

My question was, “Can you define what Freedom and Private Property Ownership means to you?” First response stated: “I have never known those things, I can only imagine what they have meant to other people in the past, we haven’t had either in so long.” That was the shocker for me, and a wake-up call, I had never considered these past several years in which I have been writing articles about Freedom and Property Rights. The past twenty-four hours, I’ve thought about little else, after reading that response.

There’s an old saying, “When the student is ready the teacher appears.” And I consider myself a student, always learning something, and the lady responder taught me something, in a few words, I had never considered. I’ve been aware, the majority do not understand the real meaning of freedom, the full extent of it, but had no idea there were those who felt they had never experienced Freedom to any degree, and lived their lives only imagining what it was, vicariously through others. And I cannot thank this responder enough for the honesty of her answer, which was a revelation to me. A real “aha” moment for me, indeed.

The degree of disinterest in Freedom, so pervasive in this country, has been a great mystery to me. I have spent a great deal of time trying to figure it out, while spending a lot of time trying to motivate interest in the subject, and promoting an appreciation of what it means to have it, and the results of bondagein the absence of it. Beginning from the standpoint that Freedom and Private Property ownership is a total concept. And Freedom by definition is self-responsibility and self-control.

Despite the fact the idea is a total concept, the reality in today’s condition is that we can only experience degrees of it. All of us make untold numbers of decisions, which we control everyday. Such things as when to go to bed, when to get up, what to eat, what to read, what to watch on TV, where to go, the work we choose, the type of vehicle we drive, the clothes we wear, the flowers we plant, when and to whom we talk on the phone, and on and on, the thousands of decisions we are free to make every day.

A person incercarated in prison, does not make these decisions for himself, but is controlled and restricted by what others decide for him. All of this may sound like an over-simplification and perhaps absurd. But where else does one start to understand Freedom? When a person says they have never had it, and can only imagine it from what they hear from others, who have experienced it in the past?

The statement from the lady came across to me with sincerity, and I believe she speaks for many others who feel the same way. Which may acount for the degree of apathy and disinterest in the subject. Admittedly, it never occurred to me the dismissal of interest was because there were those who believe they have never experienced Freedom, but only knew about it from others. To paraphrase, I don’t miss what I never had. Further it denies the fact we have choices. No one thinks for us, digests our food, nor makes decisions for us. Those are areas in which we decide for ourselves, and still free to do so.

Political government, via the way of laws, policies and edicts, have placed a large degree of restrictions in most areas of our lives, but still we are free to make many decisions for ourselves, which is obvious if one stops to realize it.

I’m reminded of the story of Castro in Cuba, when he was a young guerilla fighter in the jungles of Cuba, with a determination to overthrow the existing government. He had been a dyed in the wool card-carrying communist from age 17, while our government and the news media touted him as “the George Washington” of Cuba. Fifty years of communist rule and the devastation of a country, outpicture the results of what happens when a people are brainwashed into believing propagandi. A number of young Americans flocked to Cuba to help him fight for the takeover. When the Revolution was over, they were captured, incarcerated, and ordered to bow down to Castro, and refused. They were blindfolded and lined up before a firing squad, and again ordered to kneel before Castro but still refused. Their knees were shot out before they were killed. Up until the moment they died, they exercised their personal decision-making. The young men had previously exercised their Right and ability to decide when they left this country to fight for communism instead of Freedom.

We are born with free-will, and make decisions from the moment we are born. If our decision is not to recognize and exercise the Freedoms we still have, where is the hope for a future in this country, to dig ourselves out of the crisis we currently face? Namely the downward spiral, towards Socialism, the antithesis of individual Freedom and Private property ownership.

I am particularly grateful to the young lady who responded to my question. I definitely feel more enlightened today than I did 24 hours ago. And the essence of Freedom is to be informed about it. Information is the key to exercising it. And news to me, there are those who do not believe they have ever experienced it.

As Dr. Phil says, “We cannot change that which we refuse to recognize.”



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