From comments, I know there are some of my readers out there who enjoy reading about my grandchild Prince William. I’ve been writing about him since he was three years old, when I was teaching him how to hit a golf ball in my backyard. Now six years old, he’s playing baseball, in piano competitions, being homeschooled, and gardening.

It is said that grandparents get along so well with their grandchildren because they have a common enemy. Not so in this case, because I have a great daughter in law, and she and my son are wonderful parents, who put a lot of time effort and thought into their child-rearing. I understand pecking order, and I’m just the grandmother they call “Anna,” filling in from time to time. And use the time with them to enjoy and do a bit of teaching.

I recall one time when my daughter was a youngster, she was asked what it was like being raised by me, by a friend of mine not always in agreement with my ideas. My daughter responded, “It’s sort’a like being raised by Auntie Mame.” Those who saw the movie know Auntie Mame thought outside the box, and had some unorthodox ideas, and her grandson thought she was a lot of fun, no matter what she came up with.

Well, I’m not as outlandish as Auntie Mame, but do have a number of unorthodox ideas relating to a number of things. How many grandmothers out there have a little garden plot, for the sole purpose of teaching their grandchild? I must confess it’s not exactly because I definitely derive a lot of pleasure from it too.

The latest news is, this week Will dug a few Irish potatoes out of the ground from those he planted. Picked 10 snow peas from the one plant that survived, and harvested enough lettuce to make a salad with the snow peas. His mom made French fries from the potatoes and those three things, plus a tomato from the store, were enough for an evening meal for him.

I made pictures of him digging the potatoes out of the ground to go in his scrap-book of memories, to remember and look back on when he grows up. He is a vegetarian.

Lately we hear a lot about school lunches in public schools, and last year saw a program about a young man from England who came to this country and has a project going around to various schools, trying to implement a lunchroom program to improve nutrition for a population of very obese children. One TV program featured the young man interviewing young children, with questions about the food they ate, and none of them had the foggiest idea of where the food they ate came from. Imagine a six year old not knowing where a tomato or a pineapple comes from. How sad is that?

We are living in the most prosperous nation in the world. A country that spends $100 billion anually on the tax-supported school system, a compulsory attendance system that requires injections of a number of poisonous immunizations, pre-planned lunchroom junk food, and innocent children being taught Marxist Socialism, from Pre-K to 12th grade. Overweight and have no idea where a tomato comes from, and here we are trying to figure out why this country is in the crisis we face today.

If you are a concerned parent looking for answers, and what to do about it, I suggest reading the book titled “The Twelve Year Sentence,” sub-titled “Caution, Public School” by William Rickenbacker. An indepth look into radical views of compulsory schooling. It’s a starting point to understand why so many children are fat, dumb, not well, uneducated, and don’t know where a tomato comes from.

The little garden plot Prince William digs and plants in is only about 12 by 6 feet, and he has popcorn grown from seeds harvested from last year’s crop, green beans, lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes and flowers. Plus some mustard and spinach, and already understands from his project the Principle of resistance and dependency which he learned from a tiny mustard seed. And discovered he could grow a potato plant from the peelings I cut off potatoes, when I made him French fries.

One cannot imagine the joy and pride of a six year old who sits down at the family dinner table and eats the food he grew and his mom prepared. That’s an experience he will remember and expand on as he grows up. It’s not rocket science, little cost and doesn’t require much space, but does require the time and attention to motivate the interest of the child to become involved. The first seeds one plants is the idea in a child’s mind.

That’s a premise understood very well by those who are determined to convert this nation from the Principles it was founded upon, to Marxist Socialism. This simple understanding is how children are indoctrinated into their philosophy in their tax-supported schoolrooms. By the principle of seed-planting into the child’s mind from Pre-K through 12th grade.

While the majority of parents in this country are thinking the solution to the dilemma we are in, already facing rising energy and food prices, and talk of collapse of the economy, is to elect the right politician to fix the problems, they are totally missing the solution. A simple solution which can begin around the dinner table, in the homes of the parents of the next generation. A generation of children costing the tax-payers of this country $100 billion annually, schooling their children in more of the same that got us in the mess of things we face today.

The $100 billion cost is not some figure I made up, but comes from Budget and Planning offices from the 50 states. Not only that news, but accompanied by news stories on a regular basis, about the corruption of money in the school system.

The change-over of this great country we live in, from a Constitutional Republic to a system of Marxist Socialism, is not something of the future, it is happening now. The mentality of “entitlements,” so pervasive in current thinking, does not entitle any of us to do nothing about it. No one is exempt from the responsibility of action it takes to turn things back around to a way of life which made this the greatest nation on earth, living in Freedom and plenty, we once enjoyed.

From Richard Mitchell comes this quote: “Far from failing in its intended task, our educational system is in fact succeeding magnificently, because its aim is to keep the American people thoughtless enough to go on supporting the system.”




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