I’m looking to double my readership by issue 600. Currently I’m at Number 565. And I need help from my regular subscribers, part time clickers and those who just happen to stumble upon my website. I’ve been writing these articles now for over 3 years and never had but one small advertiser. Upping my traffic would warrant advertisers. Inasmuch as blogging has been a new venture for me, my focus has been on writing and not concerns about advertisers. I do have several thousand numbers but need much more.

A comment more frequent than others is, “I enjoy your articles, write more.” I never know exactly what it is the reader wants more of, unless they specify it’s more about the subject of the title they comment on. I do write on a variety of subjects, usually an underlying theme on “Philosophy of Freedom.”

It seems I have always been writing, actually going back to high school, when I wrote a weekly column for a local newspaper. No elitist intellectual style of writing, more conversational with my reader. When I sit down to write in the morning, I feel like I’m saying to the reader, Let’s just sit down and talk about this.

And in this connection, there’s going to be more and more to talk about in the coming months, for two main reasons: The direction this country is going, which effects everyone and the 2012 election. Despite the fact the 2012 election is over a year away it is already dominating much in the news. The latest this week is that Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee announced they are dropping out of any consideration as Republican candidates and Newt Gingrich is knocking himself so far down the totem pole after announcing he’s running for President on the Republican ticket, he’s lost momentum before he really had much at the starter gate.

Living in the information age of the internet with all the social sites, we are in a time when the general populace is much more informed than in prior periods in our history. Plus the fact this nation is in great peril on so many fronts, increasing numbers of people are being shaken from their slumber to pay attention to what’s going on around them. Consequently, we’re beginning to recognize how we have been hoodwinked by political government and the managed, controlled news media; and turning instead to the internet, seeking truth and understanding. That’s where it is to be found, because there are a large number of great writers on the internet.

Insofar as I’m personally concerned, I write with no holds barred, and tell it like it is as I perceive it. I don’t get paid for my blog articles, and no one censors nor tells me what and when to write. As a matter of fact, maintaining my blog site is rather expensive because I copy so much. My monthly ink cartridges are a substantial cost, for color and black and white alone. I’m not complaining, but explaining why I’m asking my readers to tell their friends and help me up my readership for two reasons: To spread the word about Freedom and what has happened to this once great Country we live in, and help to increase readership to warrant advertisers.

I need help spreading the word about octogenariansblog.com, because I suspect most felt as I did before creation of the website. Honestly, if I had run across a website by that name, I would have skipped over it, thinking That’s just some {LOL} little ole lady in tennis shoes, who probably doesn’t know her rear from page eight, writing boring stuff – and I would have clicked away to something else. And only by word of mouth have I been able to establish the several thousand regular readers I have today.

The law of attraction works well in many instances, but I don’t think the word “octogenarians” does, not unless you are a politician looking for senior votes and even then they go to AARP, which is a political organization with a lot of members. A group always with one agenda or another trying to push legislation and more laws through the process. I don’t belong, because I’m not a joiner of organizations, period. Because I think independently, frequently outside the box, I have participated in few organized groups throughout my life.

Just one of those non-groupy people. Not criticizing those who are, because people are entitled to exercise their free will and join whatever they wish. I’m just one who chooses not to.

I had an interesting experience on Facebook last evening, when I entered a post saying I was trying to figure out the difference between Democrats and Republicans, when a FB friend responded saying, “Democrats are running off a cliff at 100 miles an hour, while Republicans slow down to 80 miles an hour!”
Cracked me up!

Reminded me of a saying making the rounds a number of years ago, though I don’t recall who originated it. It went like this: “Roosevelt proved one could be President for life, Truman proved anyone could be President, Eisenhower proved we don’t really need a President and Kennedy proved it’s dangerous to have one.”

Which brings to mind, what is it Obama is trying to prove, if it’s not to change this Country from a Constitutional Republic to a Socialist nation, either Marxist or Fascist brand? Dear hearts and gentle people, we have work to do, if we have any hopes of Re-transforming this country back to the original Principles of our founding fathers, which made it the greatest nation in the world once upon a time.

In this connection, please help me spread the word about Freedom, by referring others to my website.

A reminder, idiots were created as a practice run for politicians!!


Email: annecleveland@bellsouth.net

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  1. I’ll do what I can to send some readers your way.

  2. Jeff says:

    If you want more posters, you’ll have to post all the real comments. The real comments are ones that aren’t vague, praising, congratulatory posts. Those are spammers, who use their names as links to hawk their wares or sites, to increase traffic. Nothing turns people off faster than not posting the comments. They won’t visit your site again. A culture of reader commentary is an incredibly important thing to foster on one’s blog.

    Second, ask the authors of other blogs, (Kent, for one) to put your blog on their blogroll. This will increase the number of people who stumble across your site and stay because they like it.

    • Freedom Lady says:

      Thanks Jeff! I am in the process of doing a revamp of the site and have also got some help in this regard. Your comments are appreciated!

  3. Aaron says:

    My advice is to incorporate Google Adsense advertising (it’s free) and use that. I consistently pull paychecks from them every month and it makes the blogs I have at least pay for themselves once they hit 300-400 visitors/day.

  4. Well said, I could not agree more with you on this issue. I think your site is very popular on this topic judging by all the other comments posted to it. I just wanted to leave a comment to appreciate your hard work.

  5. Kari says:

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