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One article I read this morning on the Cafe Hayek site titled, “The Psychology of Discarded Statesmen,” was unusually interesting and informative. It begins by quoting from Adam Smith on recycling politicians, saying: “To those who have become accustomed to the possession, or even the hope of public admiration, all other pleasures sicken and decay…” Well worth reading.

We are currently in a news cycle of politicians making announcements about their announcements. Trying to rev up interest in whatever they have to say, as if there’s anticipation among the American Citizenry, sitting around with bated breath, expecting to hear something earthshaking, out of the mouths of the current crop of wanna-be’s, about to recycle the same old thetoric we have heard over and over, ad nauseum.

In addition to the Cafe Hayek article, a number of interesting comments on the article, good, bad, indifferent, informed and uninformed, but a good read. Including remarks about Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul.

From my perspective, Gingrich, a former Speaker of the House, has been around so many times, politically speaking, he would be hard put to come up with anything we have not heard before, despite the fact he seems to be trying to reinvent himself.

There’s Donald Trump, who has been around a very long time. I recall the publication of his book, “The Art of the Deal,” I thought was so good at the time that I gave it as Christmas presents. He is definitely entertaining on his very successful show, “The Apprentice.” Has a beautiful wife, lovely children and is a very successful businessman, who has not held a political office before. Quite narcissistic, but I can’t help but like him. I particularly like his remark in an interview last evening, suggesting a stance of dealing with Pakistan, of withdrawing the billions we fork over annually, telling them to get rid of their nuclear bombs.

Speaking of Pakistan, much in the news lately about the billions taxpayers in this country have paid to that country the past ten years. I’ve got news for the managed news only going back ten years. I know personally, our government has been contributing to that country much longer. Back in the early sixties, when my husband was in the Air Force at Sewart AB in Smyrna Tennessee, a helicoptor pilot and instructor, he trained many Pakistan military, brought to this country by our government to teach how to fly helicoptors. When one class of Pakistan students left, another batch followed, and frequently we entertained them in our home. Definitely no cheap program, to house, feed and train young Pakistanis to fly airplanes. The point being, we do not get the whole truth about anything pertaining to political government activities and money.

Whether or not Donald Trump runs for President, or is elected if he does, the election is over a year away, and at this point in time, the people of this nation, need to hear someone stand up to speak up and tell it like it is. And he is the only one daring to come close.

The perennial candidate Ron Paul knows more than “he does.” Here’s a man who has been elected 12 times as a representative from Texas. My question is, what has he done during all these years, sitting in a position of power in Washington? What has he done, that has even slowed down the fast track to Socialism, much less stop it. All the hype over his proposal to audit the Feds is a joke. That’s like sticking a finger in the broken dike. Now being touted as the Republican party candidate to salvage the mess we are in. He’s had a dozen terms in office to do something other than talk, talk talk. His position is quite sad, for two reasons; he understands economics better than most, and secondly occupied a position of power, and did nothing about the conditions which plague this nation.

Most psychiatrists and psychologists tell us, in the hiarchy of “needs,” above and beyond the need for food, clothing and shelter, we as human beings have a need for recognition. And politicians seem to have a greater need for recognition than most others. Those already in power and those campaigning are obviously in a frenzy for more and more attention. So glaringly apparent, as so many keep stepping up to the trough, as the 2012 election is now beginning.

And sadly, the American populace, for the most part is already lining up to fall into lockstep, with that peculiar breed called politicians, who are dedicated to two things: getting into office and staying in office, to enjoy the recognition and exercise the power to take and re-distribute.

I keep hoping someone is going to make an appearance on the political scene with the wisdom and bravery of the little boy at the “Emperor’s Clothing Parade.”



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