We live our lives under Law. There is God’s law, or Natural Universal Law, then there’s man-made Law. Are they the same or are they different? Man-made laws are in agreement with Natural law, or they are in opposition to it. God’s law is outlined in the Ten Commandments, and in the United States, the Constitution is the document which is the basis for law, man-made.

This nation was founded upon the basic tenets of the Christian religion, based upon the Bible. Despite the fact there are many religions of various belief systems here in the United States, many other countries have different religions based upon laws from sources other than the Bible.

We are a civilized society, here in the United States. And there are two fundamental laws which make civilization possible, i.e., Contract and Tort law. Contract law is based upon the idea one should do all they have agreed to do, and is the basis of tort and some criminal law. A tort being any private or civil wrong, or omission for which a civil suit can be brought. Contract law says, “Do not trespass on another’s property nor person.” A trespass being an encroachment without permission, a violation of Rights of one’s boundary.

In this country, based upon the Declaration of Independence and the document of laws, the Constitution, it is spelled out that we are endowed with certain inalienable Rights, which come from our Creator; namely Life, Liberty and Happiness. We hear from the history of our founding fathers that Liberty means Freedom and Happiness is a word for Property.

In order to maintain and sustain Life, Freedom and Property in a civilized country, it is necessary to be able to make contractual agreements. A contract is an agreement with two or more persons, and can only be valid if it has a boundary. Can’t contract for anything without a boundary. The two main types of contracts are expressed and implied.

We exist and live as a result of property ownership, and laws. Beginning with ownership of ourselves, which has a boundary. We live and exist as a result of laws, natural and man-made. There are laws applicable to most everything we do, from growing food to baking a cake. And from our Right to Life stems other Rights and conditions to maintain and sustain.

A criteria to ownership is this: It must have a boundary, we must control it, and thirdly we must have the ability and authority of control to destroy it in order to own it. This may sound like an over-simplification, but you own a hamburger when you eat it. It has a boundary, you control it and you are destroying it.

Then I must point out, Life itself is energy, and energy is power. In order to live our lives in a civilized society, with expectations of Liberty and Happiness, we need to understand some of these fundamental areas like what is Freedom? What constitutes Ownership? What is property? What’s a boundary? What’s a contract? What is law? What is power?

Then there’s another important area and that’s Government. There is Self-government and Political government. Life in Freedom is self-government and self-control, and political government is control by individuals other than one’s self. There are degrees of political governmental control. In this country, in the beginning of its founding, there was limited, minimal restrictions or controls by political government. But all that has been changed, until today we exist by so many rigid political government rules, polices, regulations and edicts, personal Freedom has been severely damaged, as we grow closer and closer to a totalitarian political government daily.

Why is that and what does that mean? Life is a gift, from a Creator, that created us with the ability to be creative. As a result of living in a nation founded upon the Principle of individual Freedom, we have been priviliged to create more in a larger variety of areas than any civilization before us. A vast amount of wealth has been created and is in existence in this Country, by producers. The energy of life has been used for productivity by millions of citizens in this country. But not all. There is another group in this country, who disrespect the things I have mentioned, ownership of property, boundaries and the Freedom of others. And these are people who are filled with two things, greed and a lust for power. And their greed motivates them to take that which others have created, and their lust for power over the lives of others to Rule, motivates them to seek ways and means of achieving that goal.

There seems to be something innately seductive about the acquisition of power of some over the lives of others, and all is never enough. Whatever it is in the nature of some to desire to take and rule, it is safe to say it is parasitical. And a parasite is that which feeds off something outside itself. Contrary to those individuals who live their lives according to natural, universal law and the morality of those laws, working, creating, within the boundaries of those laws, there are some who live their lives in violation of those laws.

Somewhere in the course of history, man decided he wanted and needed a centralized government with a leader. And so it was in the formation of this country. Despite all the forethought and arguments which took place to form a government to support individual Freedom and Private property ownership, there were loopholes, which have been used to change the direction of this nation from its original intent. Plus ignoring other laws of the Constitution.

Sadly, the majority rule via voting was thought to be the safeguard by the founding fathers as they carved out this new form of government. Early on, the seemingly small number of government-mandated laws paved the way for Capitalism and the free-enterprise system to work advantageously for individual Freedom and private property ownership. However, over the past two hundred years, like dripping water, bit by bit, that greed and lust for power by those elected, expanded until today it’s almost full-grown Marxist Socialism.

The formation of this perfect union, by we the people, has evolved into a full-grown monster of political government, paying 2.8 million civilian employed by the federal government and 5.3 million employed in agencies, bureaus and divisions of state governments, for a total of 8.1 million people on political government payrolls, not counting military personnel. That’s almost 10 million civilian employed drawing big salaries, paid vacation, paid sick leave, and retirement benefits in this country with high unemployment, staggering taxes and trillions in debt. Living off the backs of producers.

Like sheep to slaughter, we the people have done it to ourselves, by first voting into office all this mass greed and lust for power, and having done that repeatedly, now revving the citizenry up for another election cycle in 2012, to do more of the same. What is wrong with us? Actually it’s quite obvious, refusing to acknowledge what got us to this place, and so brainwashed by those in power, beliving more of the same will have different results. Ignoring what the dyed-in-the-wool Communist leader, Lenin, told us in 1924, and that is that this country would fall into the hands of Communism, like overripe fruit. Without a shot being fired, so it is!!

Militia groups are forming and arming themselves instead of arming themselves with an understanding of Truth and Freedom, and the history that got us to this place, without a shot being fired. It might be more effective to put time, money and energy in signs everywhere, saying, “Without a shot being fired we lost Freedom.” We can’t shoot ourselves out of ignorance as to the cause of the crisis and predicament we face today.

Confuscious said: “If your plans are for one year, plant Rice, if your plans are for ten years, plant trees, if your plans are for 100 years, educate men.” To that I would paraphrase and say, If your plans are for today and the coming year, educate yourself as to what got us in this jam. Because it is the problems of the now we need to take an objective and honest look at today, if we expect and hope for a turn-around of the ditch we are in. Not the election of 2012. Without a change in attitudes and direction today, 2012 may be too late.

Instead of the enemy being the oppressive rule of a king in another country like the revolutionaries faced to free themselves, we face an oppressive government rule here in this country, which we the people voted into power, to rule over us with their greed and lust for power. Out-pictured on the television news everyday.

Here’s a quote from Ignazio Silone [1900-1978]: “Liberty is the possibility of doubting, the possibility of making a mistake, the possibility of searching and experimenting, the possibility of saying, no: To any authority — literary, artistic, philosophic, religious, social and even political.”

Let Freedom Ring


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