I daresay, I have pondered more over Social Security, than any other government program. So decided to write an article about some arguments I have with myself, pondering over it. A few days ago, I was looking through boxes of old records and ran across a number of tax filings, showing Social Security payments over a period of years. And couldn’t help but ponder about the payments I had made into the system.

I recall a number of years back, someone filed suit claiming it was an insurance program, and the suit went to the Supreme Court who declared it was a tax and not an insurance program. And rightly so because it is a Tax. And taxes by definition are an involuntary relinquishment of one’s property, hence a system of thievery.

Understanding this, from time to time I still wrestle with the notion of whether or not to apply as recipient of it. Despite the fact I think stealing is immoral, I sometimes rationalize receiving Social Security payments are different. Because it’s a system that takes a chunk off the top of one’s labor and paycheck. There’s no way to get around paying it, because it is taken by the threat of a gun or jail, and no way to prevent it’s being taken if one works on a job and receives a paycheck. I held a number of jobs and SS was always deducted as regular as the sun rises.

Unlike some other areas, where I have a choice not to pay, I somehow see SS as different. For example I live in a small town, filled with a great many city operated parks and recreational services. The monthly fees for park services I never use are included in monthly statements of city services of water, garbage and etc. I think I could avoid support of parks by moving to the boondocks, with my own well for water and in an area I could dispose of my own garbage and not having to pay for parks I don’t use. But there is no place I could move, and work in a place receiving a paycheck, and not have SS deducted.

There are many living in the welfare system of the nanny state and do not pay taxes, but that is a option I’ve never subscribed to. Social Security is a bit different, millions work for years paying into the system, under the notion it’s political government’s notion to reimburse at a certain age. Unlike other taxes, there is a promise to pay back for monies paid into the system of Social Security, at a certain point. Despite the fact it is a tax, inherent in the system is a promise by the government to reimburse at a certain age. Therefore the government takes my money over a period of years, with a promise to reimburse in the form of SS payments. In other words it is money the government arbitrarily forces one to fork over, with a promise to reimburse, when a person lives long enough to be reimbursed.

Across this nation, millions draw monthly SS checks, as a result of the monies they have paid into the government till, and in a sense, I view it as an entitlement they paid for during their working years. I’m not one of them because I have never received Social Security payments, despite the fact I became eligible to receive several years ago.

It’s an idea I sometimes wrestle with, when I stop and think about the monies I paid into the system from age 18. I tell myself I should go for it because it’s my money the government took under the pretense I would begin receiving at a certain age. Then the other end of the spectrum is I tell myself, I’ve gotten along without it and can’t help when they take from me but I can refuse the stolen loot under some circumstances. Therefore I rationalize back and forth, depending which day it is and the side of the fence I’m on in any given time.

Then there’s another area, where I spent 24 years as a military wife of a pilot who fought in 3 wars, and the government never paid me a cent. During his tour of duty he received a small payment in his monthly check but nothing was ever paid to me. Looking through the files I recently ran across papers from the military telling me what I was expected to do as a military wife, even saying I was an important member of his flying team. I did some years back attempt to collect something from his military retirement, but was denied, saying I was ineligible because it was not ordered in our divorce decree. He was retired from the military when we divorced and I was naive enough at the time to assume he would give me a pro rata share of his military retirement, but he never did. To this day I do think the government owes me for the contributions I made which enabled him to remain in the service til retirement. But refused to give me anything from retirement monies he drew until he passed last year. Plus the government refusing to give me any share of military retirement.

I write a lot of articles unfavorable to the system of political government we live under. Actually, my disenchantment with the system has very little to do with their non-payments to me via SS nor the military. I have lived without either. It is the system itself and the control over our lives in so many areas, I find so objectionable. The amount of monies they gouge from my children on a regular basis, is more objectionable to me than any treatment of myself personally. Plus I have deep concerns about my beautiful grandchildren and their future, which disturbs me more than anything about my past history dealing with political government. Not only my grandchildren but concerns for all in this current generation. Because as I see it they will face greater challenges, as the government exercises more and more controls over the lives of the current generation.

Having grown up in the Great Depression, I went to school and obtained an education, quite different today when school children are being indoctrinated into the philosophy of Socialism. And that is the saddest tragedy of all. Despite the fact my grandchildren were home-schooled and now attend private schools, their lives will be adversely affected by the system of Socialism we all live in today. Life in these United States has changed dramatically, from a life of individual Freedom to a collectivist mentality, for the most part. And no signs of switching back to the Principles this country was founded upon, but increasing signs of more and more socialism as a way of life. A way of life incompatible with the self-responsibility and self-control of individual Freedom and Private property ownership. Yet enough left, we can and must make choices for ourselves.

I have always stood up and fought for Principles I believed in. Many times battling against overwhelming odds, and my life has been an interesting one. However in hindsight a few things I might have changed, had I known then what I know now. I would have departed from the military long before I did, but hindsight is just what it is, hindsight. We can’t change the past, but we can change today, in many instances. In this age of information, we can be better informed, if we choose.

From Houston Chronicle colummist, Joan Beck, comes this quote: “We used to be a free people. Now we are hedged in by millions of laws. Harrassed by a plague of opportunistic lawyers. Harmed by regulations for our protection. Unnecessarily taxed to pay for a suffocating bureaucracy. Drowning in petty paperwork. Stifled by “rights” that rarely benefit anyone.”

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