If the meaning of Freedom is self-responsibility and self-control, being a political candidate or a political activist for candidates, appears to contradict that meaning. Because one is lending their time, influence, presence, money and actions to elect someone to a political office, to enact laws relating to their lives and property, which transfer that self-responsibility and self-control to some power outside themselves.

Everyday my computor is filled with dozens of emails, wanting me to join some kind of organization politically oriented for support and money. Today, it was, “Advocates for self-government” and the subject was: 11,250 new libertarian activists.

The “Plan” begins by stating: “Advocates has supplied over 250 libertarian student groups with our acclaimed OPH, (Operation Politically Homeless) outreach kits at their request.” Goes on to state Freedom isn’t “free,” saying, “These new thousands of activistS could be the foot soldiers for the election year of 2012 and they can be the activists, donors, candidates, community leaders for years and decades to come.”

Towards the end of Hitler’s regime, the people of Germany had obviously realized they had voted themselves into bondage and were not showing up at the polls. Hitler sent truckloads of armed guards into the neighborhoods to force the citizenry at gun-point to go to polls and vote.

In previous articles I have described how voting is “disguised coercion.” The newsletter goes on to say, “Our Free Campus OPH program is a great investment in the future of LIBERTY in America.” I disagree with that premise. If political activism and voting is the answer to Liberty, why is it millions vote every year, in every election, and individual Liberty is now so diminished, we’re living in a nanny state of Socialism, where individual Freedom has been so curtailed by political government, it’s almost non-existent, and taboo in many instances to even speak the word “Freedom?”

Another heading in the newsletter states, “Our world-changing work for Liberty.” How is it promotion of solicitation for more foot soldiers, to engage in political activism, world-changing work for Liberty, when that describes the past which led us into this morass of bondage? How could more of the same be world-changing for Liberty?

I think it was Einstein who said: “The meaning of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.” How can we expect to return to a country of individual Freedom, private property Rights, and the Free-enterprise system, which made this the greatest nation on earth, by promoting the same ideas which got us where we are today, by doing the same things which got us here?

The idea of promoting young students to become political activists, as a method of promoting Liberty, in my opinion is propaganda and belies rationale, as evidenced by the past actions which led us down the bridal path of socialism. It’s a refusal to acknowledge how we reached the current crisis we face in this Nation today.

We have elected the same politicians over and over plus periodically electing a new batch, and still conditions in the everyday lives of millions of Americans go from bad to worse, so how is it urging the youth to be more politically active going to change anything for the better? Doesn’t the current crisis of a country on the verge of collapse, teach us anything about past activities?

While we are in a ditch of unsustainable debt, high unemployment, housing market bottoming out, the dollar tanking, energy and food prices going through the roof, several very expensive unwinnable wars in full swing, our children being indoctrinated into the socialised school system, medical costs sky-rocketing, only mentions a few of the problems we face, and absolutely ludicrous to think we can politically activate ourselves out of these conditions we politically activated ourselves into.

This country has produced a bunch of very smart people. Surely with all the brains in this country, we can come up with a better paradigm, to lead us out of the mess of things, that is a solution, and a better idea, which is something other than the same old song and verse of political activism to elect more politicians, to go to Washington, and act like they’re catching dead flies most of the time. They are behaviorally stuck on getting into office, staying in office and feathering their own nest, not yours and mine. They just operate a grist mill of more laws, policies and edicts, to take from the haves and give to have nots after they skim the cream off the top.

Spending one’s time involved in political activism, underscores the notion that the individual participating, is seeking someone outside themselves to be in control, and responsible for their lives. Attempting to appoint someone else to be the surrogate to make decisions for their lives. It is irresponsible, and promotes bondage. It abdicates the notion of one’s Right of choice, by arbitrarily forking over that responsibility to someone else. Think about what a sad state of affairs that notion really is.

Instead of spending your time, energy and money on political activism, use it to enhance your own self-control to be responsible for your own life and actions. And get off the backs of others!!! You might be surprised at the well-being of Freedom you experience. Being involved in political activism is not advocacy for self-government, but the antithesis of it.

It was Paul Harvey who said: “It was self-serving politicians who convinced recent generations of Americans that we could all stand in a circle with our hands in each other’s pockets and somehow get rich.”

Let Freedom Ring


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