After a period of warm and stormy weather here in Georgia, today it’s quite chilly. Every year as regular as the sun comes up, we experience “Blackberry Winter.” The weather turns cold when the wild blackberries bloom.

I’m covering up the fragile plants thriving in Prince William’s garden. Yesterday we planted popcorn seeds from seeds we shelled off the cob of his crop last year. So they are safe snuggled under the soil preparing to sprout when the sun comes out.

A couple of weeks ago, one of my sons and his family vacationed on Hilton Head Island. I asked my son to bring back some Spanish moss. It grows profusely in that area on large oak trees. I have always thought it quite beautiful and when I had an interior design business, I used it frequently in live-plant baskets plus silk flower arrangements. It usually remains fluffy and a bit moist for a short period, before drying out and dying. Because this beautiful natural material is a parasite, and only survives off the host tree.

I couldn’t help comparing it to the critical “nanny state” we are now experiencing in this country.To the recipient of all the goods and services political government provides to the recipient in the nanny state, on the surface to the recipient, all seems so great and wonderful, because they do not work for the many provisions and services provided to them by the government. To those receiving the benefits in the form of free housing, free food, free medical care and other services, a free lunch seems like such a wonderful idea. Aside from the benefits, self-responsibility is so diminished or removed entirely, the many problems those working and productive face, who arbitrarily pay for the recipients are removed.

Hence the providers, forced to pay for the non-workers, are victims of a parasitical, immoral system. Because it is a system of thievery, i.e., taking from haves to redistribute to have nots, is stealing and immoral based upon natural laws, the Ten Commandments, and all we understand about property Rights and that which is Right & Wrong.

There is no immorality among trees, Spanish moss and plants, any interaction is according to the nature of things, however when the nature of human beings is applied to parasitical activities between each other, there’s a different meaning applied, because morality enters the equasion. Usurping the rights of ownership of ones property, [money] by taking via force or implied force is wrong, and violates our inalienable Right to Life, Liberty and Happiness [property].

When Spanish moss is removed from its host, the oak tree, it ceases to exist. In the case of the Nanny welfare State, it’s not likely the recipient would cease to exist, but would find other means to sustain themselves by working and producing and the few unable to do that, voluntary help from churches, the community and individuals would step up to the plate to help those in dire need.

We are a generous people and the nature of most is to want to help others. Because we are living in an era where the government extracts so much of that which we acquire, there is little or none left for voluntary giving. Which creates another problem, by denying us the natural desire to help others, which is usually a good feeling we experience, and the denial of that area of our lives leaves many frustrated.

The current crisis we face, a tanking economy and the collapse of a way of life as we once knew it, looms over us. Is there anything we can do to reverse it? If so, what? That is the question and dilemma we face today.

David Frum of the American Spectator said: “It’s amazing some 1.5 million able-bodied people are now enjoying housing, free meals, television, libraries, educational services, and gymnasiums, all without working and all at the expense of the American taxpayer. All they had to do to qualify for this deal: Kill, rob, or rape somebody.”

Let Freedom Ring

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