There seems to be something innately ingrained in us, that deep down there a compelling notion and a desire to feel pride in our President. Maybe it’s just the office he represents, or maybe he’s part of a line of successors since the United States Constitution was created and enacted into law. Perhaps it’s that unbroken line of succession with those brave founding fathers who fought the British rule to be Free.

We may dislike the person holding the office of President of the US, disagree with his political views, vehemently oppose his polices, criticize everything he says and does, but in spite of everything, there is something indefinable we feel towards the office of the Presidency of this Nation. It is reported President Reagan always wore his coat when in the oval office out of respect for the office. Perhaps that’s it, we all wear an invisible coat out of respect for the office of the Presidency.

The news pundits are all over the place this morning, as they try to report on President Obama’s speech about Libya last night, in a manner that makes sense to the American people. However, the same thread of thinking permeates the reporting, no matter which source is reporting, and that is, from where I sit, they still “don’t get it.”

One of the first things I heard this morning was a report about the books Obama has written. News is he did not write them at all but Bill Ayers, the weather underground man, wrote his books. And we all know about the background of Bill Ayers and his wife.

For myself, listening to the speech, one thing leaped out and that was his mention of Freedom and acts to be Free, which was unusual. I never heard him mention the word Freedom anytime during his lengthy campaign to be President. I thought it interesting, that in a speech centered around the subject of his Commander-in-Chief executive orders to bomb another country without a declaration of war, he spoke about Freedom. Came across as so disingenuous to me. The theme of his speech centered around the United Nations and what other countries thought and wanted and expected, ignoring Congress and the American people. Came across to me like someone speaking as head of a One World government, rather than representative of the Constitution of the United States.

In 2008, the Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence stated that if Obama won the presidency “…he would weaken our security forces, that I personally believe we would be in much greater danger of terrorist attacks in the United States and abroad. I’m very much concerned, because he’s shown weak judgment throughout his career. Throughout his campaign he has taken one position after another that just doesn’t make sense in fighting the war on terror.”

In 2008, Senator Kit Bond stated in reference to the invasion of Georgia by Russia and Obama’s position on that action: “His solution was to call on the UN Security Council. Do we want the Commander-in-Chief to pass the mantle of the US leadership to the UN? And do we want one who apparently does not know that Russia has a veto power in the Security Council?”

Senator Bond went on to say in 2008, before Obama was elected President: “He dismisses the threat, rewards enemies with summit meetings, abandons Allies, and then refuses to support trade agreements with vital allies like Colombia, who are fighting off the narco-terrorists.”

What the Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence described about Obama in 2008, before he was elected President, is worth re-reading and understanding. And removes all the mystique the news media keeps on promoting about Obama. The speculation and anticipation of his speech last night reminded me of the anticipation and speculation over the Emperor’s clothing story. A build-up, reaching a crescendo of high hopes for answers and explanations, which fell flat. The speech was an out-picturing of who Obama is, his intentions and what he stands for, and who he stands with. He has not changed from who he was in 2008 as Senator Bond describes.

The news media keeps hyping and promoting propagandi about President Obama. A stirring-stick modus operandi, which supports the notion to the American people that he is going to present some kind of information or explanation contrary to who he is, how he thinks, what he does and what he plans on doing. He has been revealing himself from the beginning, but it seems the media and the majority of the Citizenry, keep hitching their hopes and dreams on an illusion of how they wish to view him and his policies, rather than the reality.

For some strange reason, it seems to enhance the comfort zone of most to keep up the facade of wondering who he is, what he’s going to do, why he takes the action he does, why he runs to other countries in the midst of crises, when he’s going to explain things to us, then medicates the frustration from refusing to believe what he says by the mantra, “He doesn’t get it.”

President Obama has told us who he is from the beginning. He is continually appearing before the people of this country and the world, talking, talking, talking. Followed everywhere he goes by a slew of news reporters who talk, write and prognosticate about him 24-7, and yet from the least informed to the highest educated, this notion that “He doesn’t get it” hangs on in the minds of many.

To the readers of my articles I say to you, President Obama does get it, knows precisely what he’s doing, and had a game plan from the beginning. Stop blaming him for not explaining his plans to the people, because he has revealed himself over and over and it’s the American people who “do not get it.” Take the blinders off and listen to what he has already told the American people and the world.

The simple lesson is in the tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes. The entire Kingdom listened to the propagandi about this elaborate new wardrobe the King planned on presenting to the people. They oohed and aahed and emoted over what they were told and refused to see his nakedness. In our current crisis we we refuse to acknowledge what we are told and what we see and instead are behaviorally stuck on the notion the President is not explaining himself enough to us, repeating, “He doesn’t get it.”

Quote from L.A. Powe, Jr., a law professor at the University of Texas: “The purpose of the Bill of Rights was to limit what the federal government could do. Any interpretation of a provision of the Bill of Rights as a grant of federal power is ipso facto wrong.”


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  1. Harvard Men At War

    From up upon the podium in tailored suit and tie,
    Between the flags of freedom crossed, and in the public eye,
    The Harvard man made his address to critics, in reply,
    And laid out for the audience his modern battle cry.

    Recall that other Harvard man, who at the San Juan Hill,
    Did call ‘Rough Riders, follow me!’ and led the charge until
    The foot soldiers and cavalry were summoned by his will,
    And overcame the enemy with valor and with skill.

    Not for our modern Crimson man do words like those resound,
    For in their stark grave melody is heroism found.
    Instead we hear of diplomats who finally come around,
    And handing off the fighting with no boots upon the ground.

    So rally ’round the UN flag: we fight for powder blue!
    Leave well behind the stars and stripes, and patriotic hue.
    We’ll fight for days or weeks for sure, and then we’ll say adieu,
    And hope our allies have resolve and heart to follow through.