From my viewpoint, my country, America, is at a point of the greatest vulnerability in my lifetime. Closer to collapse of its former greatness than I could have ever imagined. As the heat of the “Battle of Ideas” intensifies, the Principles upon which this country was founded as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, and the Rights guaranteed in the laws of the US Constitution, are under assault, and at this point in time, losing.

Just a short time ago, last summer, there was somewhat of a revival of interest in salvaging some of the lost Freedom and private property Rights, as people gathered and rallied in the so-called Tea party movement. Then after the election in the fall, a new batch of rulers were elected to go to Washington, to fix the crisis this country was in. And all those who were riled up over conditions, gathering in peaceful protest, returned to their former comfort zone of the nanny state.

So here we are four months after the election, with no improvement, and none in sight as things have escalated not only here but around the globe. In mid-Eastern Arab countries like Egypt and Libya, armed up-risings. Unrest and collapse in many places like Greece. And here in America, disenchantment, and unrest, reflected in areas like Madison, Wisconsin, as different factions clash.

The rebellion of human beings, engaging in protest, around the globe, is compounded by so many natural disasters, stormy weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds causing fires, flooding, and the worst disaster of all, the very earth uprising in form of earthquakes, like Haiti and Japan. Followed by tsunami activity, causing the most unusual damage to life, property and the Planet itself. Worst of all the nuclear facilities in Japan, bursting open at the seams, as a result of the earthquake there, spewing life-threatening material in the very air we breathe.

“Top-down, bottom up, inside out” now takes on new meaning, as destructive forces threaten all of us, from so many directions, and various forms. From inside the belly of the beast, political government, that entity set up to protect, has bankrupted this nation, caused unfathomable indebtedness, and now we face a future with scarcity of food, shelter, and energy, as the dollar tanks and homes lost, and gas prices rising by the day. Already, “tent” cities springing up around the country.

All the adversities caused by us human beings, aside from the natural disasters, have repeatedly been forecast, long before we reached this hellish state of utter collapse. But who listened? And how many today understand the meaning of Freedom? As I see it the majority thought they could vote this nation out of the Economic problems we face today. And still engaged in talk and attention about the election of 2012. Always, thinking personal responsibility for one’s life and actions is transferrable to someone else. Some group of politicians in Washington, and those in State, County and City, expected to be responsible for everything from our children, to overseeing the safety of the very food we eat. “What fools ye mortals be!!!”

Natural disasters may be out of our control, however, the trust of political government as being the “do-gooder” to handle that which we are individually responsible for, is not rational. The professed love, by politicians for their victims, is hog-wash. For example, there’s plenty of oil in this country, but government has placed so many rules, regulations and restrictions on removal out of the ground, and forced dependency upon imports from other countries, now yelping gas shortage.

Heres an interesting Autobiography in five short chapters by Portia Nelson:

“I walk down the street, there is a hole in the sidewalk. I fall in, I am lost, I am helpless, it wasn’t my fault. It takes forever to find my way out.”

“I walk down the same street, there is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I pretend I don’t see it. I fall in again. I can’t believe I am in the same place, but it isn’t my fault. It still takes a long time to get out.”

“I walk down the same street, there is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I see it is there…I still fall in.. it’s a habit. My eyes are open. I know where I Am. It is my fault…I get out immediately.”

“I walk down the same street…there is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I walk around it.”

“I walk down another street.”

This little short story conveys so much of the so-called conventional wisdom, which has resulted in where we are today. Consider an analogy of political government as being that hole in the sidewalk that the majority keep falling into. And the collapse of a way of life as we once knew it might begin to make sense, relative to how we arrived at this state we are now in. And in this connection, if you do not know where you have been, and the contributions the majority of Americans have made to cause the crisis, then you will not comprehend how it all happened, nor will you have a solution as to how to resolve it.

All the talk and information which has been available to everyone, regarding the probability of future happenings in this country, is no longer a prediction, but is now upon us this year. George Orwell’s 1984 is now upon us in this year 2011. And it did not happen overnight; all the ingredients for disaster have been implemented by design and a plan by those greedy for power and money, and the American people have been instrumental by their apathy and votes, to bring the conditions about which we face today.

The British philosopher, Francis Bacon, said: “Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted, nor to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider.”




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