Last night a line of heavy-duty thunderstorms passed through the North Georgia town where I live. I was awakened in the middle of the night, by what sounded like a herd of elephants on my house rooftop, and loud popping thunder and lightning. I looked out my bedroom window, into my fenced back yard, lit up with security lights, and saw the ground covered with icy hail. I realized the loud noise was hail raining down on my roof. I got dressed in a hurry, thinking the house might be struck by lightning, popping so loud and furious. This very severe storm moved through quickly, and turning on the news, heard about a great deal of damage caused by the storm in some areas, and lightning did strike some homes, setting fires in the middle of the night.

When the sun came up, everything was beautiful and serene. The grass was green, the beautiful dogwoods in full bloom, my neighbors iris lilies in full bloom, the birds were singing, the squirrels playing on the lawn and running up and down the trees looking for food. One redheaded woodpecker was pecking away on the dogwood tree. The rain, wind and hail had cleared the air of pollen and pollutants and everything smelled so clean and fresh as the sun rose, and everything seemed so alive and glistening in the quiet early morning. I felt so blessed and Divinely protected from the severe weather just a few hours earlier.

It seems in the past few weeks, an unusual number of threatening severe manifestations of happenings around the globe. Stormy weather, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods causing tremendous damage and loss of life in so many areas, from Australia, to Japan and here in the U.S. It’s as though the hand of God is sweeping the earth in a big-time clean-up act. I’m reminded, Nature is always going to have its way. And will allow us, the homo sapien species, to only go so far in our acts of destruction towards the planet and each other, before the objectivity of nature intervenes in its efforts to perform a clean-up job.

We as human beings are very subjective in our very nature and value system, while Universal laws of the planet are very objective. And time we took pause to realize the difference in subjectivity and objectivity, to align ourselves with the grand scheme of things in this universe. Because in the natural order of things, we will be allowed to do so much for a limited time to destroy the order of this wonderful Universe before a Higher Power steps up to the plate to restore sanity and serenity. No halfway measures in the natural order. If it takes violent upheaval to clean-up and clear out the effects of our disregard of the beauty, peace and productivity of the planet, the storms will come, at the most unexpected times in the middle of the night.

After the violent storm last night, I checked Prince William’s little garden plot. I was impressed and awed at seeing some tiny tender plants unharmed by the hailstorm. Growing to produce, unaffected by the severe weather. Small tender lettuce, spinach and flower plants, unharmed by the heavy-duty pelting of golf-ball size hail last night. Protection always works. At the moment it doesn’t, it’s no longer protection. While large trees were toppled and uprooted by winds of the storm, those tiny fragile plants survived, unharmed. As I too, emerged from the storm unharmed.

I have been re-reading one of my favorite books, “The Law,” by Frederic Bastiat, the French philosopher, who wrote so eloquently about universal Law and man-made laws. Saying, “The mission of Law is not to oppress persons and plunder them of their property, even though the Law may be acting in a philanthropic spirit. Its mission is to protect property.”

Today as we face the obstacles, and crisis, set up by greedy men, reading “The Law” provides great insight into what is happening now in this country. It’s a free-market classic, which provides enough intellectual ammunition to guide one through this current era of the crazies, and enough advice in “the science of economics” to debunk the socialist theories screaming at us on every turn via the news media.

There’s enough inspiration and encouragement in the writings of Bastiat, written over a hundred years ago, to make one stop and think about the validity of the Free-enterprise capitalistic system and the principles upon which this once great nation was founded. Unless there a renewed interest in returning to those Principles of our founding fathers based upon the great moral guides of the Ten Commandments and Declaration of Independence, we are doomed to live under the abysmal mediocrity and bondage of socialism. By one or the other of the two brands, communism or fascism.

Like the objective laws of the Universe that pass through to clear up and clean out, we must do the same by clearing up and cleaning out all the stench of socialism this country has embraced, and replace it by personal freedom and a return to private property ownership. That way of life, which made this country the greatest known to mankind, and at one time the envy of the world. We have lost our way, our will and stinger, to regain and sustain that way of life we once enjoyed, a way of life handed down to us as a gift by those who pledged their lives and fortunes, with a “Root, hog, or die” determination. We were not entitled to squander, but obviously have, as we view the wreckage in the path of Socialism which has swept over this country.

In conclusion to this article, I want to take the opportunity of thanking the thousands who have taken the time to comment on my writings. Many very complimentary remarks. A recent one in particular, by Araba Kirulana, who commented on article number 428, titled “Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts – Voting With Beans – Stoics – Socrates – Plato and Aristotle.” Because I never considered myself in the manner he described in his comment, I was deeply touched when he said, in part: “God is really using you in miraclous ways – you’re doing a great job. This was an incredible blog.” Much gratitude to the commenter, letting me know he received something from that article, he appreciated.

A quote from Frederic Bastiat: “Legal plunder has two roots, one of them is human greed, and the other is mis-conceived philanthropy.” Then adds: “When a portion of wealth passes out of the hands of him who has acquired it, without his consent, and without compensation, to him who has not created it, whether by force or by artifice, I say that property is violated, that plunder is perpetuated.”




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