Checking the Google site for Octogenarian Blogs, I see my website,, is in the first top three listings of Google results of 183,000. Thrilled no end, because when I began writing articles about 3 years ago, after my son called and said he would furnish a team to assist if I would write the Blog articles, I had no idea what a Blog was. But now have 520 articles posted.

After 3 years, I still know so little about a computor, I type with two fingers and it takes about 3 hours to write each article. There are many websites that command much greater readership than my, however, there are over 32,000 comments and emails, and I’m so appreciative of the comments and the time it takes to read my articles and then write out a comment. Most are quite complimentary, but some take issue with my position on a variety of subjects, and it’s quite okay with me to disagree with me. My opinions are not set in concrete.

Because my website is designed so that only 5 comments can be posted on the front page of each article, many are not posted, so I decided to write this article of appreciation for all the comments I receive daily.

I have received more comments on article number 499, than any other article I have written; titled “Not off the top of my head, new House Speaker Boehner-why are we not getting it.” Couldn’t figure out why so many were interested in that particular writing, so I recently reread it. I do believe it’s because more and more are waking up and more are interested in what’s happening in this country than ever before, and in this article I gave some reasons as to why so many really have “not been getting it,” relative to what the government is doing in Washington. And a good sign, to see the interest in knowing why.

Samples of comments on that article 499: From Dubuque, Feb 6th: “I was encouraged to find this site. The reason being that this is such an informative post. I want to thank you for this informative read on the subject.”

From Studt working family, Feb 4: “A quick note to specify my thanks, I’ve been following your blog for month or so and have found lots of beneficial information, as well as enjoyed just how you’ve set up your site. I want to target read more about topics.”

From Randoll66: “You completed a number of nice points there. I did search on topic and found mainly people will consent with your blog.”

From Mercado: “Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all, I will be subscribing to your feed and hope you write again soon!”

A number of commenters place a link to my website on to their webpage, and for that I’m always grateful. Some of the other bloggers reprint entire articles on their sites. And for those who sometimes ask for permission, granted so long as I’m given proper credit.

I do not usually respond with answers to questions via comments. However when an individual writes an email, I will respond to the email, with a valid email address. And my email is at the bottom of each posted article.

I recently received two comments from a reader, “Michael,” stating he was a Socialist, and liked all the government-sponsored programs, also asking me a number of personal questions, one asking me if I’m a recipient of Social Security checks monthly? No, I have never received Social Security income. Nor has the government ever paid me one cent when I was a military wife 24 years, nor have I ever received any money from government from his military retirement pay. I have an annuity income from a private company, but no income from the government per se.

Further, I have never received any money for my article writing. As a matter of fact there is a cost to posting on the internet, for example I just purchased a new printer, and print so much stuff, printer ink is one of the costs, plus other costs.

I write because I love doing it, love this country and the Freedoms I have enjoyed and cherish. I have deep concerns for the fact we are losing many freedoms, and the direction this country is headed away from the principles upon which it was founded. Not only is this generation in a heap of trouble, it does not look good for future generations. Therefore I write in the hopes I might say something to enlighten the reader, which might motivate that person to act, to do something to reverse the direction this great nation is headed. And in this connection, comments by readers from around the world are encouraging. And motivate me to keep writing; after all, we got ourselves in this “ditch” and we can get ourselves out of it.




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