It’s all about power, money, stroking and joking as hundreds gather for CPAC meeting, eating and greeting, a sort of glorified PTA meeting. Gathering of hopefuls for the most powerful job in the world, President of the United States in 2012. A sort of on-the-job training, as we seem to head towards a One World Government.

Hundreds gathered for the CPAC meeting, as hopefuls for the candidacy for President began testing the waters, winking, blinking and nodding, among the crowd. Some of the hopefuls attended, like Paul, Romney, Gingrich, Barbour, and Bachman, while others like Palin stayed away. Despite their credentials and resumés, once in office, everything changes, as the invisible power structure of governing runs the show.

I’m not a political activist, but I do see Donald Trump as the most qualified, based on his track record as a successful businessman, operating in the capitalistic system, and his talent for creativity in the free-enterprising system here in this country. A person of tremendous ability, seemingly a man of good values and charisma mixed with arrogance, and a top-of-the-heap promoter. His leading line of promotions is himself. Thrives on recognition, and may just be seeking the limelight of early publicity, and may not have any serious plans to seek the office of Presidency. Running for political office has not seemed to be of interest to him, until recently. The seduction of elected political power has not appeared to appeal to him until recently. Therefore who knows if he’s serious or just in at the early stages for licks and kicks.

On the Glenn Beck website, some rumblings about the shenanigans of the Muslim Brotherhood, insinuating themselves into the mix of CPAC. It’s my personal opinion, Glenn Beck is the one person serious about saving this country from the jaws of all the hungry, powers seekers and various organized groups driving this country further and further into the ditch. An impressive number of “old Tom greedy-gut” types whose agenda is in opposition to personal freedom and private property ownership, and self-governing. And Glenn Beck is a one-man show, exposing so much of the secretive underground, behind closed doors activities taking place 24-7, to destroy this great Nation.

While We the People lean more and more on the paternalism of political government, and the majority become more and more irresponsible, reaching out for any and all “free lunch programs” in support of the one leading thief, the Federal Government, I’m reminded of the “One-Gallused Stranger” story going into the Okefenokee swamp to capture wild hogs. I wrote an article about this a couple of years ago but seems worth repeating.

Some years ago, the local population living near and around the Okefenokee Swamp in southern Georgia, feared venturing into the very large swamp area to capture the wild hogs that roamed freely and plentiful in the swamp area. According to legend, those entering the swamp to hunt never returned. Then one day a stranger drove into town in a wagon, wearing overalls with just one gallous over his shoulder, a tattered old hat, and several items in the back of his wagon. He stopped his wagon in the middle of a group of locals and asked directions to find the wild hogs. They all looked at each other in dismay, at this one-galloused stranger, headed for the swamp. They tried to warn him about the dangers of the swamp, telling stories about those who entered and never returned, but the stranger ignored any warnings and drove off in his wagon towards the swamp.

He was gone a couple of months, and the locals never expected to see him again. He became a legendary figure, the “One-Galloused Stranger” and stories were woven about him. Then one day he reappeared, driving his wagon with a load of wild hogs. The native swamp-area people were aghast and everyone gathered around the wagon, wanting to know how he did it. He explained it was not difficult. All he did was throw out handfuls of corn every day. For a time none of the swine population came near, but after a few days, the young pigs ventured out of hiding and started eating the corn. He continued for a time, and eventually the large hogs came to his feeding area and starting eating the corn he threw out every day.

Once enough hogs entered his feeding area, the stranger said, “I simply built a fence around them when they were so busy feasting off the free food, not noticing, then I knew I had them.” Then he explained he entered the fenced area, tied a rope around them and loaded them onto his wagon.

Then he explained to the crowd that had gathered, “You see I can trap any animal in the world, if I can first get it to accept a free hand-out.” And drove off.

The moral of this story is obvious. However, what might not be so obvious to many is how it relates to us today as the cause of the ditch we are in and the crisis we face. Living under conditions where the centralized government takes from haves to give to have nots and from producers to non-producers, and most in line for a hand-out of one sort of another. While the powerseekers feed into that mind-set by continually implementing more and more socialistic programs for the citizenry to feed off, while the fence of bondage being built higher and higher with each passing day.

We’re here to take care of you, are the underlying, unspoken words. We’re gonna educate your kids, set up food banks for food, bail you out of house payment debt, pay college tuition, give you unemployment into perpetuity, take care of medical costs, buy your kids lunch, and on and on ad infinitum, until we’re all loaded onto the wagon, so to speak.

While the majority of the 300 million-plus in this country, just beginning to awaken from the slumber, the other side of the coin is, hundreds beginning to gather in groups, speak and party, throwing their hat into the ring to be among the elected power seekers to rule in the New World Order, the rulers are fencing us into. It’s all out there going on around us 24-7 and doesn’t take a Ph.D to understand what’s going on and taking place right before our eyes. We read, we see, we hear the change taking place, transforming our way of life from one living in Freedom, to a way of life in bondage.

Charles Dickens said: “I have known a vast quantity of nonsense talked about bad men not looking you in the face. Don’t trust that conventional idea. Dishonesty will stare honesty out of countenance any day in the week. If anything is to be got by it.”

Let Freedom Ring

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