Beware of “Save the American Dream” rallies this weekend, they may not be what you think. On the surface it may sound good, but stop and think about it, and do your homework about the organizers behind this effort to stir the emotional pot of the American people.

Throughout my 500-plus posted articles, I have been urging my readers to take the time to inform yourselves as to what is happening in this country and around the world. To seek Truth. And Truth being that which is, the absence of a lie. To think, listen, read, study, compare, check and double check the premise. No excuse for ignorance, because in this information age, it’s all out there, on the news, on radio, newspapers, magazines, blogs, TV, and reflected in children, who are products of the socialized learning centers.

Ask a school kid if he knows who lives in the White House, and he probably doesn’t. Ask him who lives in a pineapple house in the sea, and they all know it’s SpongeBob. Not that I mean to sound disparaging about SpongeBob, because he’s my favorite cartoon, and watch frequently with my five-year old grandchild. And has some good lessons about being an entrepreneur in the burger business. Probably the only place many kids have any exposure to capitalism. Because it’s certainly not taught in the Socialized school system your child is compelled to attend.

If you are one of those who still doesn’t “get it,” what is currently happening in the clash between political government, government workers(teachers) unions, taxpayers, with schools at the center, is a lesson 101, on reality of the history which led up to this clash.

In case you haven’t heard, over half the fifty states’ budgets go to schools, somewhere approaching 100 billion annually. Therefore when the Governor of Wisconsin announces his state is broke, with no union bargaining chips, listen to him. His position represents most if not all the other 49 states.

When you hear on the news that the teachers union is a powerful group, and millions in dues collected were fed into the coffers to elect President Obama, pay attention, because it all came from you the taxpayer, paying the demands of teachers and unions.

If you are one of those individuals who sits back and says, “I didn’t vote for Obama” or “I don’t have any kids in school,” as if you are exempt and above the fray, it’s your tax money that pays for all of it. Whether or not you acknowledge it, everyone has a “dog in this fight.” And at the core, it is Freedom versus bondage.

If you are one of those who think organized unions, are a thing of the past, in the thirties, forties, fifties, sixties and seventies, causing upheavals in coal mines, steel companies and manufacturing facilities, you have not been listening to the news about the powerful head of the union, bragging about his visits and calls to the White House every week. And news about the 3 million-plus members of the teachers union, their dues and amount contributed to Obama’s campaign.

After whipping so many up into a frenzy about the injustice to teachers, and the denial of their “collective Rights,” the organized union members and their supporters, progressive, liberal democrats, plus some Republicans in the mix, organizing for “save the American Dream.” Have you asked yourself what that means? Sounds good but a nebulous term, covering a multitude of differences. The American dream for one may be to own a bicycle, or a mansion for another. For some it means a place to sleep aside from under a bridge. For some the American dream may mean to own a Mercedes, or take a vacation, or enough money to feed their children.

If you are going to rally for something, why not something worthwhile, like Re-transforming America back to the Principles upon which it was founded and thrived on for a period in our history? Why not rally for personal Freedom and private property ownership, and the Right to educate your children, instead of being forced to send them to a socialized school system that does not educate but indoctrinates, by teachers forced to belong to unions, requiring fees that go to support causes in opposition to Freedom and the capitalistic free-enterprising system?

Stop and think about the Pavlovian theory of bell-ringing to cause rats to salivate for food, when no food was available. Stop and consider the analogy with what is happening today. Are you one of those responding to the bell-ringing of the progressive movement, led by unions, to attend Save the American Dream? When in reality, the original American Dream so many fought and died for was for Individual Freedom?

That personal Freedom, so eroded when the socialized school system began its stranglehold five generations ago. A noose that has tightened to the state of bondage we are in today.

A state of conditions whereby individuals go to work to pay their money into the coffers, forced to pay for a system that includes teachers forced to pay into unions, to pay for election of politicians, who force the workers to pay more and more into the system. And in the process forced to send their children to a school that indoctrinates into the basic tenets of Socialism. That’s full circle, “Top down, bottom up, inside out.” In the event you’ve heard the phrase and didn’t understand what it meant.

After accomplishing all this, now calling for the citizenry to gather and rally to “Save the American Dream.” Is this the coup de grace? I.E., the mortal blow?

In the event you are having difficulty wrapping your mind around this notion of events, and the chronology of happenings, specifically, let me explain further. The money you make from the sweat of your brow, you are forced to pay into the coffers of roughly 100 billion annually for 50 states, to sustain and maintain a school system that indoctrinates children to be socialist. Because the system itself is a tax-funded system of socialism, it is ludicrous to think they teach anything other than socialism. The textbooks used in the classrooms are filled with the philosophy of socialism. I recognized this back in the sixties.

Even those who have no children in the school system are forced to pay for it. Parents of children are forced by law, to put their children on a tax-paid bus, to send to a classroom built by tax-funds, listen to a tax-paid teacher, teaching out of tax-paid textbooks, eating a tax-paid lunch, be subjected to tax-paid immunizations, then returned home via same tax-paid bus.

Additionally, the tax-paid teacher is forced to join a union and pay the large union dues, which are used, among other things, to support political candidates, grinding out more laws, to take more property [money] to force the working Citizenry, to be subservient to them, via the laws they implement, enforced via a gun or threat of a gun.

Follow the money. So much has been gouged from the pockets of earners, and squandered by the greedy power seekers, i.e., political government and the sub-government of unions, federal and state governments are broke, and deep in debt. Despite all the high salaries, perks and porkbarrelling, they cry, more more, more. Now calling on the victimized citizenry to group together, rally around the maypole, and join in, “Save the American dream.”

It’s full circle Pavlovian theory of bell-ringing to celebrate and salivate, the non-existence of the original American dream, Individual Freedom and private property ownership, operating in a Free-enterprising system. That which the Socialist, Fascist, Communist power-seekers so despise, and have worked for decades to bring destruction, now collapsing. They now want you, the American Citizenry, to gather, like watching the Emperor’s Clothing parade, and ooh and ahh over their American Dream, which has been from the beginning, the destruction of the Principles of the American Dream of Individual Freedom.

Like a rose by anything other name is still a rose, the forces at work to collapse the American way of life, whether labeled Progressives, Liberals, Democrats, Communist, Fascist, Freedom Fighters, Republicans or Conservatives, are still the forces of evil and a sinister force, regardless of the name. Beware of “Save the American Dream” ploy. It is their dream to destroy the Principles of individual Freedom this nation was founded upon; they wish to destroy and celebrate. It’s their bell-ringing they want you, the American Citizenry, to salivate over.

From Malcolm Wallop, Founder of Frontiers of Freedom, 1933, comes this quote: “Today, government touches everything in America and harms almost everything it touches. Federal, state and local governments together spend 42 out of every 100 dollars we earn. Those who do the taxing and spending have long since ceased to work for the people as a whole. Rather, they work for themselves and for their clients – the education industry, the welfare culture, public-employee unions and etc.”




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