We have been informed what to expect, beginning this year 2011 and now it is all beginning to happen. Rising prices, shortages, currency changes, global upheaval, protests, rioting, and the effects of all of this. We cannot say we have not been forewarned as to what to expect, beginning this year. What we can say is most have ignored the signs and warnings. Now in the midst of global upheaval, everyone is affected by it. That which most deluded themselves into believing “it couldn’t happen here,” is upon us.

It did not happen overnight, and that which we are just beginning to experience, are conditions we have brought upon ourselves. Nature is always going to have its way, sooner or later. We live on a planet where a Divine Creator provided everything we need, to sustain and maintain a life of plenty, and we have squandered and abused the availability of all the great and wonderful things provided for us. Not only that, we have abused each other. We have grossly violated the laws of the Universe.

Aside from our Divine Creator providing everything we require to make us healthy, wealthy and wise, gave us a moral guide to live by in the Ten Commandments. Additionally, our ancestors fought and died to break the chains of a British ruler, which gave birth to a nation of Freedom for individuals, then provided us with another moral guide, the Declaration of Independence. Then devised a plan of governing, via the laws of the United States Constitution.

But We the People have ignored, used and abused all the wonderful things provided for us, and as a result wound up with conditions we face today. Which is just the beginning of the clean-up job taking place, not only here in this country but across the board and around the globe. The two major laws of the universe we have violated over a long period of time are, “Thou shalt not Steal” and “Thou shalt not kill.” Both dealing with property, beginning with one’s life and that which one acquires and creates.

The simplicity of that is such that a child understands it. But somewhere along the line, the majority have ignored. And there’s no excuse for ignorance, because plenty of information is available for anyone to see, hear, and read, to know truth. The question is, Why? Why have we set these current conditions up and let it happen? And more importantly, what are we going to do about it today? The answers are found in those two great moral guides, the Ten Commandments and the Declaration of Independence. One given to us by our Creator and the other by those founding fathers, who pledged their lives and fortunes with a “Root, hog, or die” mantra, to leave us this legacy of Freedom.

Decades ago we began the abandonment of the self-responsibility of Freedom, the responsibility for ourselves, lives and decisions, and decided someone outside ourselves should be responsible for us, and voted into being the nanny state of political government. We arbitrarily traded one form of government for another different form, i.e., self-government, for groupy political government. Resulting in the conditions we have today. And still we have not accepted the lessons as we cry for more and more political government to solve the problems created by this voluntary relinquishment of the responsibility of self-governing.

We have advanced so far, creating so much, out of all our Divine Creator gave us to use, a legacy of being created to be creators. We have so squandered and abused that creativity, resulting in the mess and crisis we have today. On television in our living rooms, we view the strewn bodies on the streets of Libya, killing one another, and here in this country, we see bodies in sleeping bags laying all around in the capitol building of Wisconsin, protesting what the political government is doing and not doing. Thousands gathering this weekend at the capitol buildings of cities across this nation, carrying plackards of name-calling, protesting and shoving each other around, screaming and hollering for more government intervention into their lives. Some lying down in the streets, while others bullying each other, all with one common cause, demands for political government to assume responsibility for their lives and decisions. Refusing to recognize the cause and solution to the created crisis.

Nothing new with current happenings, it’s just worse, and more widespread. There were riots and upheavals in the sixties, and in 1979 in Levittown, Pennslyvania, there were violent riots over gasoline prices. Protestors threw bottles filled with gasoline and fire-crackers at police. An 18 year old was shot. Dozens arrested, and many injured. The first demonstrations began when 20 truckers blocked an intersection. Police arrived in riot gear with police dogs and nightsticks, as rioters ignored orders to disperse. About 1,500 blocking the intersection. Policemen were run down by vehicles. All this took place in Levittown, Pennslvania, in 1979, over 30 years ago, over gas prices.

As the price of gas is on the rise daily, most likely conditions of rioting will be on the rise. Because rising gas prices effect just about everything else in this nation’s economy. News pundits blaming the rising prices on happenings in Libya, when Libya only furnishes about 3 percent of the gas we use in this country. No, Libya is not the cause of outbreak of protests and riots in this country. It’s something much more fundamental than the price of a gallon of gas.

The protest between political government, unions and teachers, over the school problem, is much more fundamental than that which is portrayed in the news. The problem with schools in this country, is a moral problem. Because it exists on the immorality of thievery, i.e., the tax-supported system of taking. Schools should be in the free-enterprising system. And should exist by those using, paying for it. Because local, state and federal government, have heaped such exorbitant taxes on the producers in this country, to indoctrinate children into the philosophy of socialism, going back to Horace Mann, it’s one of the main causes of bankrupting this country.

While we delude ourselves into believing we are a country well-educated, the fact of the matter is we are a nation that’s been indoctrinated, and transformed from a country of free-enterprise to a country of socialism, fascism and communism.

Free-enterprise being that system of voluntary exchange of goods and services. Replaced by a system of force and coercion via a gun or threat of a gun.

I, for one, love this country and the Principles of individual freedom and free-enterprise upon which it was founded. But that no longer exists. The Rights of individuals have been so usurped and violated, we no longer live in a country that represents those individual Rights, as expressed in the two great moral guides I mentioned above. And the totalitarianism predicted to be finalized by 2012, is just around the corner, as the upheaval and uprisings in this year 2011 increase the big push just prior to 2012.

If you are one of those asking, “What can I do?” It’s a late question and one should be asking, “What is it I must do?” I don’t think taking your sleeping bag and lying down in the capitol rotunda or rioting at the gas tanks is the answer, and if you are a rational being with sincere concerns for individual freedom, and believe in the Principles upon which this once great nation was founded, neither will you.

Conversely, if you are one of those who think the US Constitution of laws is outmoded, and Socialism is a better system than the capitalistic free-enterprising system, and the State is better equipped to teach your child than you, and a political government is better prepared to be responsible for your health, your food, your protection, your life and the roof over your head, you can revel in the fact you are in the majority.

But stop and ask yourself, what your children and grandchildren and future generations will inherit as a result of what you did and did not do, when you could have and should have?

And one last question, who or what endowed you with the notion that you are entitled to sit idly by and do nothing about the Freedoms you inherited?



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