Yesterday I cleared Prince William’s little garden plot. He’s 5 years old and in his third year of gardening, but will be 6 years old in May. It seems early to think about gardening in February, but the temperature was 75 degrees yesterday, here in North Georgia, and I had the urge to dig and rake, to prepare the soil, for Prince William to plant on his next visit. More cold weather is on the way, so I will plant seeds in pots, to keep inside, ready to transplant when Spring has sprung.

I have written a number of articles on Principles and Value Judgments, and seems to be the most difficult area for many to understand, relative to application when it comes to the “Philosophy of Freedom.” So what is a Principle? A general truth of Law, basic to other laws. Truth is outpictured in the Universe. Universal laws, undeviating and immutable. Never-changing. On the other hand, one’s value judgments, or ethics, can be and usually are always changing.

I never cease to be amazed at the “seed Principle.” No matter what kind of seed I plant in the ground, there is never any confusion as to what it is going to be nor what it reproduces. A tomato seed produces tomatoes, a cucumber seed produces cucumbers, a corn seed produces corn and etc. And always awed at the innate intelligence in the Universe, that causes like to reproduce like. Always the same results unless some other law is applied to change the genetics of the seed kernel.

Additionally, the other thing I find so impressive, is how the seed thrives on “dependency and opposition.” A tiny mustard seed is dependent upon the soil and water it’s placed in to germinate, both heavier than the seed placed on top of. However, after a time under the soil, in preparation to burst forth out of the soil, the tiny seed has the energy to push itself upward, through the heavy soil, and appears as a live plant, i.e., a live mustard plant. That tiny seed lying dormant someplace for a period, responds to the Principles applied, which cause it to germinate, grow and reproduce. According to Universal Law relative to a seed.

Some individuals might argue with this example of the seed Principle, reject it, or accept it, however, what one thinks, knows or does, falls under the category of one’s “value judgments,” which are always subject to change, whereas Principles never change. Another Principle may be applied to any given subject, but a different principle does not change any other Principle. The bottom line being, Principles never change, and Value Judgments frequently do.

This basic premise presentation, is not something I invented, but simply discovered a number of years ago. And, in my opinion, the cornerstone for understanding the meaning of Freedom and the concept of Property Ownership. It’s confusion between Principles and Values that blocks one’s path when it comes to understanding Freedom. An absence of recognition of dependency and opposition, when it comes to political government, clouds one’s view of how it operates. Plus, an absence of understanding the meaning, “eternal vigilance” of Freedom, which requires the same nuturing as the mustard seed to sustain itself.

Nature and Universal Law is always going to have its way, sooner or later. At this particular time in the history of mankind, we are witnessing tremendous upheaval around the globe. Individuals have an inalienable Right to be Free as expressed in such great moral guides as the Ten Commandments and Declaration of Independence. Decades of suppression of man’s Universal Right to be Free, have resulted in this eruption of rebellion around the world. Those who have thrived from the “sweat of the brow” of others are fighting back, using torture and murder to sustain their power, but this universal law to be free has been loosed, and the Battle is on.

It appears in some areas, the Freedom Fighters are winning, but it will not be sustainable, unless there is a clear understanding of just what freedom means. And I don’t think many really understand the true meaning of Freedom. It boils down to simply, self-responsibility and self-control. Because of decades of the paternalism of political governments, there’s an absence of the real meaning of this.




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