What is the mystery of the missing magic in President Obama’s State of the Union address last night? I have written several articles about him the past couple of years, and in spite of my disagreement with most of his politics, his charismatic presence and speech delivery was unique. But I must say for me, listening to him last evening, that undefinable spark was missing.

Unlike the mesmerising campaign speeches which so many listened to with great anticipation of changes for an improved America, things are quite different now. We see his record of the past two years as president, and the wrecking ball of a trillion dollar-plus stimulous package, and the failed health care program, no improvement in education, unemployment at unacceptable levels and more and more actions transforming America, which have taken us further down the road of Socialism, with an apparent “State of the Union” in worse shape two years into his presidency.

I sat with a pen and pad, to take notes on his much-anticipated speech. I kept waiting for an indication of a turning point back, listening for some rhetoric about reviving the free-enterprising capitalistic system, support of individual Freedom and private property ownership, but when the speech was over, my note pad was as empty as it was before he began.

I’m a newspaper clipper and magazine collector, and have reams of boxes of news clippings and stacks of magazines, going back to the 1930s. Many famous speeches, including those of President Roosevelt, and famous speeches by those from other countries, like the one made by the King of England when he abdicated the throne to marry the woman he loved. However, this morning I just went a couple of years back, re-reading stories about Barack Obama in Newsweek magazine. Lengthy articles about his life and who he is. Stories about his father, some texts taken from the book by Obama, “The Audacity of Hope,” describing his father raised as a Muslim in Kenya, and marrying Ann,”a confirmed atheist.”

A number of articles about his life, living in Indonesia, attending Catholic schools, living next to Muslims and Christians, he said, “Islam can be compatible with the modern world.” Articles describing his teenage years and his first two years at occidental college. In one article, quoting a friend of his, describing how they traveled same circles, gravitating towards friends who considered themselves “Progressives.” Describing, later on, Obama’s decision to embrace “Christianity,” saying what was “intellectual and what was emotional joined.” Subsequently, describing his 20 year relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the radical preacher, who damned America.

Further stories about his education, work as a community organizer in the Chicago area, then his run for US Senator, and winning that seat, seeking the Democratic nomination for president, after becoming a US Senator. After months and months, traveling across this country, making flowery speeches about transforming America and changing the way business is conducted in Washington, he was elected President, amidst throngs mesmerized by his rhetoric, with high hopes and expectations for an improved country, after the Bush presidency.

Shortly after being sworn in as President, he embarked on a series of visits to other countries, bowing and scraping to other country leaders, acting and being treated like a rock star, making speeches and using rhetoric in other countries, which conveyed a message that ours is not a Christian nation, with an attitude, which did not convey a message he was a proponent of the capitalistic, free enterprising system this country was founded upon. Mostly by omission.

Returning to the White House, he immediately embarked upon a path of ram-rodding socialistic programs through, with the backing and support of Congressional leaders, Pelosi and Reid, presiding over a Democratic-controlled Congress. Dazzling the country with massive bail-out stimulous agenda. Resulting in an unimaginable debt, and the biggest and fastest push forward towards the erosion of personal freedom, and private ownership of property, this country has ever experienced. Loaded up the centralized government with czars, and departments with employees, of leftist leanings and socialist backgrounds, educated in schools of higher learning, that teach Keynesian economics.

As the citizenry began waking up from their slumber towards the end of his first two years in office, the Tea Party was formed, and last November elected new members to Congress more in step with the Principles of the Constitution, and managed to regain control of the House of Representatives. But Democrats re-elected Harry Reid, and retained control of the Senate. With Nancy Pelosi retaining power as a minority leader in the House of Representatives.

The propagandi machine went into full swing, to convince the American people that the centralized government is the great savior of the Principles upon which this nation was founded, prosperity was just around the corner, life in the private sector improving, and a president moving from far-left to the center, whatever that means. Enhanced by a president changing his rhetoric to a tone of willingness to co-operate with new leadership and encouraging compromise between the factions at cross ends with each other. By making speeches about new jobs, co-operation and competition, and promises to reduce spending at the top level of political government.

Much anticipation over the State of the Union speech last night. Comparable to a people anticipating a parade of the Emperor’s New Clothes story. Pundits and politicians filling the airwaves 24-7, promoting an idea that the President’s move to the center, would be explained in the much-anticipated speech, and we are on the verge of a new era, moving out of the “ditch” he previously described we were in.

But what happened? This morning, the news reflects a lot of disappointment across the country, coming from pundits and politicians as well as the general population here in this country. As the song goes, “a whole lot of shaking going on,” displaying of a lot of hugging and kissing, as Democrats and Republicans sat together and listened to a new wave of rhetoric, touting more and more government intervention, with doles and controls. “We will move forward together,” the President said, promising more and more from government in the area of education.

Always a favorite buzz word by politicians, this time “education” seemed so hollow, because it’s common knowledge that over half of state budgets go for “Education.” Here in Georgia costing over eight billion, and students not being educated but indoctrinated into the philosophy of socialism. And how could it be otherwise, because the system itself is socialistic? But the President promised more of the same.

Then there’s the pre-speech promise by the President relative to competition. I wrote an article about this the day before his State of the Union speech. Because Competition is the engine that drives the Free-enterprise system of voluntary exchange of goods and services, the average person might think his promotion of the idea of more competition, would be in reference to the capitalist system. An inference he would promote the business of capitalism. No, no, no, as revealed in his speech, he’s referring to government operation of control between countries. And all the revved up rhetoric about jobs, referred to shipping jobs to other countries, for greater competition between governments. Without specifying precisely its promotion for One World Government, promoting the Fascist brand of Socialism, by having business operations held in private hands, and controlled by governments. And promoting competition does not mean private business operating free-enterprise between private companies, but promoting business between countries, between government-controlled companies.

It’s a classic example of George Orwell’s “1984” double-talk double-think. A classic example of political rhetoric, screwing up the language, the propagandi of taking ordinary words and twisting the meaning. Speaking to a people so ingrained with the notion that competition means that activity which takes place in the market place, between legitimate owned- and operated-businesses which this nation was built upon and thrived on at one time, now convoluted to mean something else, boxed, packaged and tied with a ribbon to mean something entirely different, to promote more socialism. To continue the promotion of shipping jobs and means of production to other countries.

The reason so many woke up this morning disenchanted with the lengthy speech last night is because the disguised rhetoric finally began sinking in, for many with blinders on, and a realization that nothing has changed, except the rhetoric. And nothing is going to change the direction this country is headed, under the leadership of a President who tells us what his plans are. And has told us from the beginning what his plans are for this country. His Transformation of America is not what the people expected, but an illusion, of a failure to recognize what his entire background and history reveals, described in graphic detail in several lengthy articles in 2008 News Week articles. As well in other articles in newspapers, magazines and books about him.

Nothing I have read about him reveals him as being a proponent of the free-enterprising, capitalistic system, upon which this nation was founded and thrived on for a period in our history. Therefore we really can’t blame him, for the ditch and direction. The blame lies with the American people. We have wandered around in wide-eyed wonder, emoting over this very charismatic leader, believing his idea of “transformation” meant something quite different from his actions of the past two years.

Remarks from one fellow student on campus, described Obama as a person “who could glide in or out of any social circle on campus.” Further stating, “Obama always seemed relaxed and well prepared.”

We have ignored the fact he has no business experience, commander-in-chief with no military experience, came from a Marxist family, and spends no time talking about personal Freedom, private property ownership, nor promotion of the capitalistic system. Instead so many going around saying, he really does not know what he’s doing and simply doesn’ t get it. Delusional thinking in my opinion, because we are a nation of people who don’t “get it” and President Obama knows exactly what he’s doing, and accomplishing what he set out to do, and told us about it ahead of time.

And despite his sporadic conciliatory references in his speech last night, his course of action is what it has been from the outset. The question is, are we going to still sit back, fat, dumb and unbelieving, after the State of the Union speech last night, whimpering and licking our wounds? Or are we going to get off our hind legs, stand up and take responsibility for our destiny, living in the greatest country in the world, and face the reality of what has already happened, with more of the same on the horizon, unless we wake up to reality?

Every twenty-four hours, the window of opportunity narrows to return this country back to the “land of the free” for ourselves, our children and future generations. As a political government, like the hungry caterpillar, eats away non-stop at the principles and values upon which this country was founded and thrived upon, for a past period in our history.

Instead of licking our wounds, and talking about disenchantment and disillusion over the State of the Union address last night, we should bless the revelation of the game plan of more of the same. From where I sit, I heard no promise of returning this country back to the people, to return to individual freedom and the free-enterprising system, a return to self-responsibility; instead more government controls and intervention. A one step-backwards to take two steps forward, towards more and more socialism.

The entire speech revolved around plans of what the government is going to do, more of the same, with a different tone in the rhetoric. With a lot of hugging and kissing, an eye-opening speech, in my opinion. And an opportunity for the people of this nation to take heed.

In his Feburary 12, 1865 speech, Abraham Lincoln said: “The people are the rightful masters of both Congresses and Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”

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