Five year old Prince William said: “Squirrels do not have a brain, they have a thinking spot.”

I never cease to be amazed at the wit and wisdom coming from a five-year old. This spontaneous remark came as a result of three days trying to trap a squirrel to no avail, when he realized a creature with just a “thinking spot” could outwit those of us with an ability to reason with a brain. Which struck me as being so applicable to politicians and the relationship of the American people to those they elect to represent them.

Then I began thinking about some of the wit and wisdom I have heard throughout the years, to help us get past the rough times, beginning with President Roosevelt. Many jokes about his shovels, his reminders of the promised land, giving half the people shovels to dig holes and the other half shovels to fill the holes, on their way to the promised land. And when the people were too tired to dig any longer, advised to lean on their shovels because they had reached the promised land.

Another joke I recall about Roosevelt: “I hate war, Eleanor hates war and I hate Eleanor.” Moving ahead there’s the one saying: “Roosevelt proved you could be President for life, Truman proved anyone could be president, Eisenhower proved we don’t need a President and Kennedy proved it’s dangerous to have one.”

One of my favorites: “Washington never told a lie, Nixon never told the Truth, and Carter said, Ah don’t really knows the difference.”

Listening to the news this morning about Joe Lieberman retiring, and saying he never towed the line one hundred percent. This from a politician who claimed to be a Democrat, then a Republican, then an Independent, and always looks like he just got out of bed.

Nancy Pelosi so wide-eyed, appears to never sleep and Harry Reid, always looks like he’s falling asleep, while the new House Speaker Boehner appears to be crying himself to sleep.

Then there’s President Obama, who must be taking his cues from Roosevelt, always talking about his “shovel-ready” projects. Always trying to convince the American people things are improving, prosperity just around the corner, proposing more Socialist programs, while we are buried under 13 trillion-plus debt.

If we the people just stop and think about what the politicians have said and done past 75 years, we have to wonder if they have a brain, or just a “thinking spot.”

Further news this morning about the riots and upheaval in Egypt, and news about the billions of dollars this nation has given to that dictator government, jerks me back into the reality, what this government and politicians do and say is no joking matter. And begs an answer to what kind of insanity is this situation? Specifically, the trillion dollar debt, living in a country with millions out of jobs, homelessness increasing, food bank lines growing, and children going to bed hungry, we permit politicians in charge of the government to give billions to other countries. And Egypt is only one of many this government forks over billions to annually.

As I sit here in the red clay hills of north Georgia, listening to the news, writing and playing with Prince William, I’m reminded of the time living in the Orient and playing bridge with very smart Japanese college students, and the day I asked them why the United States was so hated in other countries, after I read the book, “The Ugly American.” In their broken English they seemed eager to discuss the subject, by explaining the reason is because the money and influence of this government supports regimes in other countries, corrupt regimes, which keep the people in bondage and unable to break out of undesirable living conditions, because of the support the undesirable regimes receive from this country which keeps them in power.

This was back in the fifties when I was just beginning to understand how all political governments operate. Despite the fact, this straightforward interpretation, by young Japanese college students, came as a surprise and a shock, it had a ring of truth. Hearing at a time I still believed ours is a government of the people, by the people and for the people, and a time I believed this government operated under the Principles as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

This seemingly farfetched opinion, back in the fifties, no longer seemed so unrealistic, listening to remarks recently coming from some members of Congress, arguing the Constitution is outdated, and parts of it “offensive.” And observing laws being implemented in direct violation to the US Constitution. And the current Congress spending time and money trying to repeal some of these laws. Some spending their time on damage control, while others pushing for more laws, edicts and policies, on a spending spree like a drunken sailor on shore leave, calling it investment spending.

Here’s a great quote from Ayn Rand, well worth reading and re-reading, in today’s climate of chaos over the economy: “Wherever destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money, for money is men’s protection and the base of a moral existence. Destroyers seize gold and leave to its owners a counterfeit pile of paper. This kills all objective standards and delivers men into the arbitrary power of an arbitrary setter of values. Gold was an objective value, an equivalent of wealth produced. Paper is a mortgage on wealth that does not exist, backed by a gun aimed at those who expected to produce it. Paper is a check drawn by legal looters upon an account which is not theirs; upon the virtue of victims. Watch for the day when it bounces, marked: Account Overdrawn.”

Written by Ayn Rand some years past, this is the most concise and correct description of where we are today, I have ever read. The fact we are near 14 trillion in debt, we are way past account overdrawn. Of particular interest to me is her description of “arbitrary power of an arbitrary setter of values.” This hits the nail on the head and explains what the young Japanese students were trying to convey back there in the fifties. Specifically, 535 politicians in Congress, plus a president in the executive office, are an arbitrary power setting arbitrary values, not only for the citizens in this country, but for other countries around the world. Values in opposition to the Principles upon which this government was formed. And in violation of Universal Law.

For further understanding and enlightment, I refer the reader to the articles posted on “Principles versus Value Judgments.” I did not invent but simply discovered. However it is my opinion, if we have any expectations of changing the lane we are in, and the direction we are headed, we must understand the difference in Principles and value judgments, to grasp the meaning of “value setters” as described by Rand, and what the Japanese students were trying to convey, in their description of why so many hate us in other countries.




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