Checking my inbox this morning, again it is stuffed with loads of conspiracy theories and preaching. You are wasting your time sending all this stuff to me. My name is Bennet and I ain’t in it. Not that I don’t recognize the presence of conspiracies operating in political government operations, but this “sky is falling” mentality, pervasive among those so deeply involved, and bogged down, in hype over imagined conspiracies, clouds one’s judgment with reference to the reality of what is taking place, at this stage of the big push for One World government.

Thoughts are things and words have wings. And we went past George Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984, before 1984, and here we are in 2011, almost 30 years later with double-speak, double-think. Which I refer to as prostitution of the language. All part of the grand scheme of plans, as set forth in the Communist manifesto.

So what’s a conspiracy? Quite simply the acting together of two or more persons to do an evil act. Currently there appears a drive for complicity, with reference to so many conspiracies hatched and proliferating every 24 hours. It’s the time-worn con game of keep your eye on one ball while ignoring the reality of what’s happening.

In this country, as the march to totalitarianism continues, and Socialism makes greater inroads into personal freedom and private property ownership, those promoting the Chicken Little “sky is falling” theories, feed into that, and here’s how: It contributes to the apathy and the notion, already quite pervasive among the population in this country, “There’s nothing I can do.” Specifically, if the birds are falling out of the sky, the whales washing ashore and the planet is wobbling, there’s nothing one can do. Probably some rational explanation, but conspiracy promoters treating it as though it is caused by someone hiding in the shadows, and we might as well lie down and roll over and listen to them, as they feed into the notion “There’s nothing anyone can do.”

As I view it, all these conspiracy theories are just another tool of propagandi, that eats away at the American Spirit, and lowers the morale of so many already discouraged, jumping on the bandwagon for unemployment checks, joining food banks, and becoming homeless. Giving up and giving in and giving out, when it’s a time to straighten one’s spine, with renewed determination, to win this war of Ideas. Which can only be accomplished by information of truth, first and foremost, and a renewal of that, “root, hog, or die” spirit, in the hearts and minds of the founding fathers of this great nation.

This past summer, there was an uprising of renewed hope in the so-called teaparty movement. But after the election of a new batch of politicians, there seems to be this notion that mission is accomplished, and falling back into a degree of apathy, with no follow-through after their victory, of the first phase of the Battle we are in. With an attitude, “I came, I saw, I conquered,” when such is not the case, and we are now at the most vulnerable stage, when so many are feeling there’s nothing else they can do.

As predicted, inflation is on the rise already, barely into the new decade, beginning with the cost of food and gas prices on the rise. This will continue and all the rhetoric coming out of Washington, and promoted by the controlled news media, a mantra that things are improving, is just more propagandi.

The most discouraging and frightening aspect of all of this is, instead of asking the question, “What can I do?” there’s a pervasive notion that “There’s nothing I can do,” like a dark cloud hanging over. Which is precisely where those power-seekers out to Transform America, want the American people to be.

Call the manipulators of thought and propaganda what you wish, Progressives, leftists, liberals, right-wingers, conservatives, or whatever, the loss of individual freedom has not diminished, but still increasing via the same song, second verse, as we begin 2011, with managed news domination talk of election of 2012. The same mantra that we can vote ourselves out of the predicament we voted ourselves into. An all-out promotion, answers and means of returning this country back to the people and the principles upon which it was founded upon, will by some magic, come from the centralized political government, if we just keep electing the “right” people to rule us.

Without seeing any meaningful results of change for the better coming out of the past November 2nd election, almost 2 months ago, already things are gearing up for the 2012 election. The same con game of keeping one’s eye on one ball, the 2012 election, while the march towards socialism and a One World government continues. The tactics and strategies do not change, while the attitudes of the American people have changed from resistance to acceptance. With a few exceptions, of those among us who still value freedom, and are willing to stand up for it, talk about it, write about it and act upon it in their daily lives. Still a few with a “John Galt” mentality, who refuse to lend their time and energy to feed into “the hungry caterpillar” game plan of Communist, Fascism brands of Socialism.

It’s with these few, a minority, that some hope lies of a future for ourselves and our children, to enjoy the fruits of freedom; a way of life we inherited from those who pledged their lives and fortunes. The one thing we did not inherit is the luxury to do nothing to retain and sustain. While there is still a possibility to Re-transform the transformation of America this year, back to the Principles upon which it was founded, we face a formidable task, with no time to lose, and must strengthen and straighten our backbone of resolve to do so. “Damn the torpedoes” with full speed ahead. Not with guns and bullets, but with ideas, to counter the propagandi. We arrived at this hellish state without a gun being fired, and we can regain, the same way, with action of counter ideas.




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