Recalling my Sputnik moment, I was living in Tokyo, when several friends gathered for a party to wait to see Sputnik fly over. It was an exciting event to watch.

The remark the President made last night in reference to current happenings being this country’s Sputnik moment has sparked a lot of conversation and analysis of his remarks. And has apparently become an “Aha” moment for many Americans. His entire speech seems to have touched the Achilles’ heel of many Americans, resulting in a lot of criticism, from all sides of the American people. I view this as good news. Not that every-one is “getting it,” but the intellectual nettle of many stirred up enough, to admit they did not like the speech. Now if those awakenings will be carried further, to figure out why they did not like the speech, instead of falling back into slumber, that will be an indication there’s a chance of recovery and re-couping, to return to some semblance of the principles upon which this nation was founded.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s article, I had a pen and pad to make notes on the President’s speech, but ended with a blank pad. Kept sounding like a pep rally warm-up for a political candidate speech. A few times touching on a subject of interest, but no follow through, before jumping around to talk about something else. During his many months of flowery campaign speeches, and past two years as President, he has never been gung-ho in his rhetoric about the Capitalistic, free-enterprising system. Therefore, his mention of how this country was “out-doing” on several fronts, came across as disingenuous, with little sincerity in his delivery.

Talking to a nation very aware the dollar is shrinking, inflation rising, jobs scarce, home foreclosures continuing to rise, indoctrination instead of education, means of productivity shut down, farm lands idle, facing 13 trillion dollar debt, trying to convince his listeners with promises, we are living in a country that will out-educate, out-innovate, out-build, and the best country to do business in, sounded rather hollow at this particular period in our history.

It is true we are a country who has the capacity to act responsibly, and out-do anyone in the world, in any area of creativity, but the ingredient he ignored is the intervention of political government, being the entity which has so stifled this work ethic and creativity of the American people, it’s tantamount to being in a straightjacket. By government implementation of thousands of laws, rules, edicts and policies imposed on the American people, then gouging into one’s paycheck to such an extent, the worker has little left, then leaves work, goes home and listens to news our country is 13 trillion plus dollars in debt and rising, it is now becoming more difficult to be hopeful by listening to a speech such as the President made this week.

Like the Pavlovian theory of bell ringing to salivate, we are ready to run from the flood of reality, to save our souls from the onslaught of government crushing a way of life we once experienced in this country. Recalling the Pavlovian experiment, a Russian scientist rang a bell every time he fed rats. The rats would salivate at the sight of food accompanied by bell ringing. After a period of repetition, the food was removed, and the rats would salivate, by hearing the bell without the presence of food. Their reflexes had been conditioned to activate at the sound, without the sight and smell of food, UNTIL, the floods came, when they ran for their life and no amount of bellringing sustained the conditioned response.

We are way past due to wake up and stop salivating over charismatic speeches, bellringing about how great things are, and improving daily, and listening to the words and empty promises of politicians. This country is in a heap of trouble. For decades, all political parties have been involved in this massive debt orgy, and we the American people, all of us have played some part in the disaster we face.

We have a President that told us some time back we are in a ditch. And his solution is more of the same that brought us to this brink. And for the first time, his State of the Union speech seems to be a crack in the door to insight into the con game of political manipulation. As evidenced by the news, so many being unimpressed by his speech. What it means with reference to further enlightment, I don’t know. With reference as to how it will impact our behavior, I don’t know. Howeverm I must say it’s a good sign of the beginning of awakening by many Americans, who have been following like sheep to slaughter, the rhetoric of politicians, with a belief they were know-all, do-all, elected to act in the best interests of the 300 million Americans. And only the flood of Truth and Reality, will cause a running away, and acceptance of self-responsibility to do what is necessary individually, to return this nation back to the principles upon which it was founded and thrived on in a past era.

What can I do, one might ask? There’s plenty to do and plenty we must do, by first recognizing Truth and reality of what has happened and is happening. In this age of Information, there’s no excuse for ignorance and buying into the propagandi, pitched at us, like a non-stop jack-hammer.

The managed main news media keeps telling us, things are getting better and we are on our way out of a recession. This is not true, just a temporary bump in the road to becoming a totalitarian system in this country. Truth is that which is and the absence of a lie.

Thomas Jefferson said: “A Society that will trade a little Liberty, for a little order will lose both and deserve neither.”




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