A few days ago, five year old Prince William walked in and immediately announced he wanted a cardboard box, long string, two sticks and some acorns. When I asked him why, he informed me he planned on catching a squirrel. Took me a few minutes to gather up his list and substituted pecan nuts for acorns. He knew exactly how he was going to build his squirrel trap, and instructed me how to help, by tying string onto the sticks.

He placed the box on the front walkway, with one stick holding it up, and the string going inside the front glass door tied to the other stick. He placed nuts inside the box, and sat and waited inside the door, ready to pull the string if the squirrel came and went inside the box to eat nuts.

I live near Lake Lanier in north Georgia, and a wooded area in the rear of the property. Many birds and all kinds of wild animals. Recently I looked out my window in the evening and saw a scrawny-looking animal, thought it was a deer, but it had a long tail. My daughter-in-law informed me it was probably a cayote. Had no idea those roamed the area. However, living here at the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains and the large lake, are many different animals and beautiful birds. Lake Lanier is the largest manmade lake in the country, with a 500 mile shoreline and covers 5 counties.

This morning saw at least 25 birds on my front lawn, but the strangest thing, the first day Prince William set his trap, I did not see a bird nor a squirrel all day. Yesterday when he came, he immediately set up his trap again, and while he was watching cartoons, a squirrel came and ate the nuts without knocking the stick down, to close the box. When I told him I saw the squirrel running away, and had eaten the nuts he said, “You know a squirrel does not have a brain, only a thinking spot.” I laughed at this astute observation and conclusion of a five year old.
I informed him my three pet squirrels, I write children stories about, named Nutmeg Nellie, Dit Da and Sagarue, must have a good thinking spot because they were quite smart. When I asked him where he learned how to build a squirrel trap, he said, from the internet.

Yesterday he added a tiny bell to one end of the string, so he could hear if another squirrel came and outwitted by eating nuts without tripping box down. I thought oh dear, now he’s gone Pavlovian on me, with the bell ringing theory.

Like most grandparents, I think 5 year old Prince William has extraordinary smarts, and a special treat for me to have him visit. Still has his own special room, filled with books and toys, and his “office desk” where he writes and tries to type from an old mechanical typewriter. He loves playing with cars, and probably has a collection of at least a hundred tiny cars.

Soon he will be planting his third spring garden, and during the winter he has been rooting some things on my enclosed back porch area.

He’s homeschooled, and goes to Montessori one day a week. I expect him here shortly, and look forward to hearing what he has to say and what his plans are, aside from trying again to trap a squirrel.

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