Please, stop loading my email up everyday with all these theories of conspiracies gone wild and crazy.

In the past few months, conspiracy theories have been proliferating faster than mosquitoes on a hot summer night. Every morning takes up my time, deleting all the emails I receive overnight relating to conspiracy theories and chem-trails.

Admittedly, there is some validity to some conspiracy plots, and has been throughout history. But the recent outpouring of so many absurd theories, about everything from A to zizzard, confounds rationale, instills fear, and interferes with one’s common sense.

Many secret societies have been around for a very long time, surrounded by lots of theories, some truths and some imaginary projections, no doubt. Like House of Rothschilds, Illuminati, Bone & Skulls, organization of Masons and etc.

I’ve heard doom and gloom preached by southern Religionists all my life and all sorts of theories about what’s going to happen to planet earth. And as far back as I recall, some are preaching the end of human existence here, always just around the corner.

New theories crop up all the time, like earth’s magnetic pole unleashing poisonous gases, killing species of life, like fish and birds and cattle. Then there’s all the hype about chem-trails. Everyday, 24-7, there are thousands of commercial and military flights in the air, many leaving vapor trails, why is it necessary to concoct some mysterious theory about reasonable results from everyday airplane flights?

Now, a lot of talk about planet earth wobbling and about to turn upside down. So many outlandish theories, particularly on the internet, it’s time to take an objective look at what’s happening, and why. I suspect a great deal of it is just a diversionary tactic, to manipulate the human psyche away from the reality of what is actually taking place in this country and around the globe.

There is so much happening, in so many areas of our everyday lives that we could do something about and shrug and ignore, this current big push, to divert attention away from areas we can and should change, is in actuality a strategy of the overall aim, to change a way of life, and remove obstacles to a one world government of Socialism. Which is not a theory, simply because there is plenty of evidence all around us in many many ways which support the reality.

For example, the educational system has gone you know where in a handbasket, and does not educate but indoctrinates, turning out a new batch of zombies every nine months. Political government is not tending to the business of original purpose to protect. And this Nation, founded on the Principles of personal Freedom and private property ownership, whose foundation is self-responsibility, is now a nanny state, while the majority of the citizenry abandon self-responsibility, and every day that passes, more and more jumping on the bandwagon of doles and controls.

While many are in a state of denial, unemployment increasing, breadlines lengthening, home foreclosures increasing, prices of essentials, like gas and groceries, zooming upwards, crime is increasing, taxes going up, healthcare diminishing, and on and on ad infinitum, so many changes in our lives taking place, it is difficult to keep up with.

And the coup de grace, or finishing stroke, so to speak, is the mind control efforts by this latest bombardment of unrealistic conspiracy theories, by this manipulation of the human psyche, planting doom and gloom, in areas we have no control, to discourage the citizenry from doing anything about those areas of their lives they could take hold and assume responsibility. Thus excuses not to.

The advertised conspiracy theories are in essence a much larger realistic clandestine evil, to divert and place attention on one ball while the furtive manipulating of thoughts by fear prevents the individual from seeing and acting responsibly, relative to the reality of what is happening, by the takeover by a few power-greedy beings.

When one’s mental energies are dominated about what’s happening to the birds, bees, fish and cows, and the earth planet wobbling, what is the normal reaction, if not to think, “Oh well, nothing I can do about that?” Therefore when the abuse and control of political government has reached the point when the citizenry shrugs and is convinced there’s nothing they can do, by whatever means achieved, that’s when the coup de grace moves to the coup d’etat, i.e., sudden seizure of total control by government. The history of governments presents this outcome.

If by now you are asking yourself, What can I do about it, the answer is obvious. Wake up and face facts, reality and Truth. Recognize the lies and manipulation, and make a decision to take back control of your life, world and affairs. Not the life, world and affairs of another but of your own, by assuming the self-responsibility for it.

Get off the back of your neighbor, mind your own business, and start rejecting the nanny state, dole. With doles comes controls; therefore refusing the doles, curtails the controls.

The role of political government is to protect the citizenry from foreign and domestic enemies, not to feed, medicate, cradle, and pay our rent. But that’s what we have come to expect. Therefore we must change our expectations. And get out of the alcoholic mentality. An alcoholic mind being one who sets up a circle of enablers to solve the crisis he inevitably creates. Lives in a world of fakery by pretending he’s in charge, until the crises he creates manisfests itself, then assumes a fetal position until others, his enablers, solve the crisis, until he sets up another. Repeats over and over until the addiction, destroys.

And what’s an addiction? It’s a relationship, with a person, place, condition or thing that has possible life-threatening consequences. Can be chemical or process. The dependency upon a political government to take care of our needs and desires is a process addiction. Therefore, we must admit and recognize that current conditions are those we have set up and let happen, of our own volition, drip by drip. We are past due to stop listening to the jack-hammer rhetoric, and face these sobering facts.




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  1. “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” – H. L. Mencken

    Like you say, there are enough concrete threats without concerning ourselves with the maybes. Let’s get some real liberty established and then we can tackle the other questions.

  2. Wow! Thank you! I continuously wanted to write on my blog something like that. Can I take a part of your post to my site?

  3. Sue M. says:

    Thank you Anne! Common Sense is not so easy to find anymore since it’s not so common! I give you yesterday’s verdict as an example! Reading your thoughts here has been a breath of fresh air like a fresh breeze coming off Lake Michigan!