There seems to be a proliferation of economists in this country. The two main catagories are the Austrian School of Economics and Keynesian. The interest in economics, in my opinion, is a good thing. I’m not an economist per se, but did study a bit about economics. Conversely we are all economists, in a sense, because all of us are consumers, and directly or indirectly concerned with money, from the time we are born until the day we pass.

We are living in a society which is very contradictory. On one hand, we are living in an era of loose morals, a sort of anything-goes mentality, and the regimentation of rules, regulations, policies and edicts imposed by a political government. The first amendment guarantees free speech, and yet we are prohibited from using certain words. And a heap of trouble when we use them, like the “N” word. It’s taboo to use. Plus discussions about Freedom appear taboo.

For many years, in most families, discussions about money were taboo. But thank goodness, that is no longer the case, and now-a-days plenty of discussions, books, news programs, and PhD degrees about money. So what is it? Simply put, just a medium of exchange. A medium of exchange that people accept. Here in the United States, we accept paper [fiat] money as our medium of exchange. It has no intrinsic value and nothing of intrinsic value backing it, such as gold or silver. We could use shoelaces as a medium of exchange if the people accepted them.

Currently, we hear in the news a great deal about the root of our problems being money. So many out of work and out of money, and a centralized government in charge of the money deep in debt. A very insightful book into this subject is “What Government Has Done With Our Money,” by Murray Rothbard.

Much is in the news about the Communist country of China and our indebtedness to that country. How did such a great country as ours become so indebted to China? It seems just a few years ago, the news out of China was about their “agrarian reform.” A re-organization of land reform, advocating re-distribution of lands and farm income, and the killing off of dissidents, who objected to the takeover by a Communist regime.

After the Communist takeover, now a respected regime, we are deeply in debt to a country we shipped jobs of productivity to, and just last week, wined and dined the Chinese President Hu with a state dinner. A country so controlled by a centralized government, which rules with an iron fist, so controlled they tell their citizens how many children they can have.

And what happens to anyone who resists the government control in China? During the State visit, I kept hoping President Obama would ask President Hu, what happened to the brave man who stopped the tanks in Tiananmen Square, several years back. Very much in the news when it happened, we have never been told what happened to him. However there’s little talk or info on social issues in China, but all about ecomomics, that is, money.

Which brings me to the news this morning, and a preview of the upcoming State of the Union address by President Obama, who announced his focus is on “competition.” Did not say his focus was on “productivity” to attempt to restore America but on the buzzword Competition.  It is productivity of a free people that made this the greatest of all nations at one time. The basis of the Free enterprise, capitalistic system is Productivity, and competition is the business rivalry between persons or firms striving for the same market. Competition is the engine or driving force, of the free market of productivity.

How is it one can focus on Competition, when the means of production have been curtailed, restricted and shut down by government intervention? In this country, factories shut down and farmlands lie idle, while we import food and goods from other countries who are producing. How is the government going to create jobs out of competition when the means of productivity have been shut down in this country and shipped out to other countries?

This is the mentality of the Roosevelt regime in the thirties, when the president forced farmers to plow under crops, limited productivity by paying farmers not to produce, and created such programs as the WPA. Gave part of the people shovels to dig holes, and the other part shovels to fill holes, and curtailed productivity by government edict.

Now, over 60 years later, this country is experiencing the results of this kind of irrationale. A country headed by a President with no business experience, and according to news reports grew up in a Marxist family, and in the past two years has been implementing all kinds of socialistic programs, on credit, with reports of billions in debt, is going to address the nation with a speech, which according to what he advertises, will focus on “competition.”

And as I see it, the epitomy of double-think, double-talk of the con game of government, is to place the attention of the American people on one thing, while doing something else. The President has already admitted we’re in a ditch, and his solution is to focus on competition, when it should be on revival of the means of productivity in this country, by getting off the backs of entrepreneurs, to revive the capitalistic, free-enterprise system. What’s so difficult to understand about that?

It is not the role of political government to create jobs, but the role of the free-enterprise capitalistic system upon which this great nation was founded. I remind the reader, political government has nothing, until it first takes away from the people it governs. Political government is not the producer, but the taker and distributor of that which the people produce. Economics 101.

In this connection, when I woke up this morning and heard the President of the United States announce the main thrust of his State of the Union address will be about creating competitive jobs, I’m reminded, it is not the role of political government to create competitive jobs. That’s the role of the free marketplace, unhampered by government. Can’t put a square peg in a round hole. It is the interference of political government, by rules, laws and edicts, interfering with the free marketplace, which has brought us to this brink of disaster. The marketplace will solve our problems, by the government getting off the backs of the people with all the restrictive laws in place by political government.

It is the role of political government to protect this country from foreign and domestic enemies, not to interfere with the free-market system that made this country great in the first place. Not the role of political government to create the chaotic conditions it has perpetrated upon the citizenry, which has brought us to this brink of disaster. And past due time to get off the backs of the producers in this country, and allow the free-enterprise, capitalistic system to operate as it once did, and built the greatest nation on earth.

I for one couldn’t help but cringe, when I heard the President announce this morning, the focus of his State of the Union speech would be on creation of competitive jobs. That’s not the role of this government of the people, by the people and for the people. That’s the role of an unhampered, free-enterprise system. How is a political government that has nothing until it first takes from the people, going to solve the economic problem, of jobs, by taking and re-distributing, creaming off the top for their lifestyle?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, nor a PhD professor in Keynesian or Austrian Economics to understand what the problem and solution is to the crisis we face in this country. Quite simply, get out of the way and off the backs of the citizenry of 300 million in this country and allow the producers the Freedom to produce and operate the voluntary exchange of goods and services. It is obvious we have the means and know how to do this and a track record of past history, which at one time created the most good for the most people, in the greatest nation known to mankind. Prosperity will flourish again, by a Laissez faire mentality in the halls of political government, ridding the people of the nanny state.

For one brief period in our history, the free-market system in this country enabled the poorest people to improve their lives fast in this country and everywhere in the world. However, like a thunderbolt, we have allowed a corrupt intellectual establishment to take over and destroy and usurp the blessings of self-government to operate a free enterprising system of voluntary exchange of goods and services.

All the blame does not belong to this current President, because it is the 535 members of Congress that hold the purse strings to the money. And we were already on a downhill trek to Socialism when he took office. However, much relating to the nail in the coffin of individual freedom, and private property ownership, and the free-enterprising system, has been accomplished by executive orders.

Who was it that said: “We need Drano for our minds?” As we anticipate a speech by a politician who never operated a business but plans on telling the American people “How to create competitive jobs,” an announced focus on the upcoming State of the Union address. While this once great nation slides further and further into the abysmal mediocrity of Socialism, in a state of denial. Amid the volatile upheaval of four wars, Iraq, Afghanistan, the border war, and the war of Ideas.

As Dr. Phil says: “We cannot change that which we do not acknowledge.”




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