Probably most in this country previously viewed Egypt much as I have, and when we hear the name, we conjure up pictures and thoughts from Bible stories, pyramids, mummies, the Nile River, and King Tut. Or Sadat being at Camp David with Jimmy Carter signing papers, then subsequently assassinated in broad daylight. After the assassination of the U.S.-installed Anwar Sadat in 1981, Hosni Mubarack installed as the leader.

There are so many Arab countries in the news on a regular basis, I listen with little interest, until the past seven days of uprising in Egypt and the revolution there, when I became intensely interested in the country, its people, its government and our involvement there.

And here’s the reason why it all peaked my interest. In more than one article I have mentioned the story about living in Japan in the fifties and playing bridge at the Tokyo Press Club with young Japanese college students, and having friendly discussions with them, when I asked them why my country was so hated around the world. Without hesitation they explained it’s because American money, supplies and influence on leaders of other countries, keep oppressive, corrupt governments in power, and the people bound by subservience, unfree, and unable to throw off the yoke of control, because of the power of my government sustaining undesirables in power over them.

Despite the fact their explanation had a ring of truth, it was difficult to accept, simply because at that time mostly what I knew and believed about the U.S. government was according to what I had been taught in high school civics. And the beginning of my enlightment about political governments in general, ours in particular, having read The Ugly American and Atlas Shrugged. Their explanation of why we were so hated around the globe seemed so surreal.

Never has that conversation with the young Japanese students become so apparent as the revolution taking place in Egypt today. And the news coming from ordinary citizens of Egypt fighting in the streets, making no bones about their hatred and disenchantment of the United States government’s interference and influence, backing a totalitarian oligarchy, Mubarack, for the past 30 years.

We are learning our government gives $1.4 billion annually to Egypt to support their military, supplying tanks and armored vehicles to the Mubarack regime to sustain his power. Actually 2 billion a year, and 1.4 billion goes to military, amounting to 63 billion to Egypt during the regime of Mubarack. Difficult to comprehend this amount of money forked over to one country, from hard-working Americans, living here faced with a $14 trillion debt. The insanity of such actions, very difficult to sink in, because I for one have a problem with that information. Except for the fact that it confirms and highlights what the young Japanese students were explaining to me back there in the late fifties.

The money this government has poured into Egypt, this staggering amount, is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount this country has poured into so many countries under “foreign aid.” Now all the Arab countries are seething with rebellion.

As a result of the internet and social media, we are learning the truth about what is happening, while leaders in this country still spinning the propagandi.  The Vice President denied Mubarack being a dictator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on talk shows, with a peculiar blank stare, just babbling with nonsensical rhetoric, and difficult to understand what President Obama is doing, other than he’s talking to Mubarack, trying to get him to switch tactics after 30 years of oppressive rule over the Egyptian people who want him out. Not only want him out of power, they are rioting in the streets in droves, to throw him out of power.

According to news reports, Mubarack ran, and from his hiding place appointed a VP, to try to hang on to power until he returns to his position of power to continue his reign, further inflaming the people.Then there’s the Nobel Prize laureate, Mohammed Al Baradi, trying to maneuver himself into power, amidst the angry rebelling citizenry. After seven days of riotious rebellion, still ongoing, the people have not supported anyone on the horizon as their accepted leader, yet.

Out of Washington here in the United States, comes more platitudes of obedience to a totalitarian regime, and “dictatorial stability” and non-support of a people who seek Freedom, while Cairo burns.

I was amazed when I read the city of Cairo had a population of around 20 million. That’s a lot of people exploding in open rebellion, seeking Freedom, by a rebellion to overthrow a totalitarian rule, in control for 30 years, supported by this U.S. Government. In the midst of fear, and fury, subjected to high unemployment and economic stagnation, living under a corrupt, repressive government, finally blew the lid off in open rebellion.

News reports of Egypt’s 450,000 U.S.-equipped and financed military forces, expected to quell any uprising, appears more in support of the people, much to the surprise of the ruling regime and the U.S. powers that be. Despite the U.S. backing of Mubarack and financial backing of a military, the worm has turned, as the people oppose Mubarack, and the military supporting the people.

Out of all this turmoil and desire for Freedom, no doubt a new leader will appear. And if the usual route is followed, a provisional government will be installed until an election is held, and only time will tell whether or not the people will experience the Freedom they are so passionately seeking.

Out of the happenings in Egypt comes the biggest news in quite some time about any Middle East country. It’s a revelation to the American people, news kept under wraps regarding the role this government has played, going years back, which has supported the oppressive government of Egypt. The one thing that stands out, which makes the events so different, is the internet. Specifically because our government as well as others cannot control the news coming out of the rebellion.

We are hearing first hand from individuals in the middle of the riots and rebellion, questioning why the United States government is not coming to the aid of the people to help them acquire their freedom from an oppressive regime. Which is of interest to those in this country as the truth unravels and we learn why.

The United States is a nation of caring and compassion, with a long history of pouring aid amounting to billions in many other countries around the world. This Egyptian uprising, coupled with the internet, reveals why they hate us around the world. A revelation of how the billions forked over to heads of governments in other countries, has been used by heads of other governments to sustain the oppression, and the revelation of the complicity of this government as their accomplice. Now we the people hear the truth, and the outcry of the people of Egypt, all bloodied and beaten in the streets of Cairo, seeking help from the U.S. government and not getting it.




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