When I began writing blog articles about four years ago, I wanted to write on a variety of subjects, and I wanted to have a consistent theme relating to any subject. I did not wish to write an article on a subject, then a different subject with underlying contradictions relative to Principles and Values. In this connection, the Philosophy of Freedom is an underlying theme, whether implied or spelled out.

In order to write consistently, about any person, place condition or thing, I determine whether or not stealing is involved, or a trespass or violations of natural law. Usually it’s only a matter of determining whether thievery is involved or not.

For example, I have recently written several articles about the Julian Assange, Wikileaks fiasco.A situation where an Australian citizen, who has a website, a whistle-blower sort of site, whose author publishes articles about governments. He has recently gained worldwide noteriety by publishing thousands of documents from the files of a United States government office, supposed to be confidential secret information.

As a result some are saying he should be assassinated. Some say hunted down like Bin Laden. Others want him tried under a U.S. espionage law from 1917, plus a number of other types of punishments for this 39 year old australian.

As I understand it, he has simply posted the documents as is, with out editorializing and without commentary. He did not steal anything, has not promoted any ideas relative to punishment for anyone who did steal, nor for any wrongdoing the government or their employees might have committed. The only thing I have read is, he did say he thought Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, should resign. But so have others in this country said the same thing.

Therefore I ask the question, what has he stolen, what natural law has he violated, and where is there any trespassing? As I see it he has exercised his Right to Free Speech and free Press, and all these charges calling for his head on a platter are trumped up hysteria, to cover the real issue.

Stealing is defined as taking property which belongs to another in violation of the Will of the Owner. Taxation by definition is a system of thievery. It’s a taking of property from the rightful owner by a gun or threat of a gun, against the will of the owner. Hence, stealing.

Accordingly, everything in Washington relating to government is based upon a system of thievery. The building that housed these documents was built on taxpayer money. The files themselves, those paid high salaries to compile the information, the security, the lights, the heat, the phones, and everything relating to these documents, were developed and created via a system of thievery.

And we the American people have sanctioned and tolerated all this under the guise of an umbrella of protection of our Freedoms as outlined in the U.S. Constitution, a document of laws which we and those in the seat of centralized government are supposed to abide by.

However, this publication of all these documents, over 250,000 more or less, going around the world 24-7 via the internet, posted there by a young man from another country, not a citizen of the U.S., nor does he live here, presents a graphic image, for all to see, of the billions of taxpayer monies flowing into Washington which do not in fact provide security nor protection for this country and its people.

The young man who stole the stolen property provides a glaring image of absence of protection for this country and its 300 million citizens. This is what the American people should be looking at and concerned about, instead of falling for the same old con game of government, i.e., keep your eye on this ball while we juggle something else. It’s all so deja vu, government employees and the controlled news media, whooping and yelling to hang the young Australian for publishing the stolen documents he did not steal. It’s the same old grist mill of propagandi going full speed because they must divert the real problem, which is the fault within this government, onto this Australian by scapegoating him.

Because of my love of freedom and this country, it is my desire for the citizens to wake up and face the reality of what is happening by recognizing truth, as we face a crisis of such proportions we may be on the verge of collapse. And this worldwide news story about the thousands of documents is an opportunity for the people to witness firsthand what is happening. The real news is not what Julian Assange has done, but the reality of conditions in Washington which caused it to happen. The source of the problem is in Washington, the publication by Assange is just the resource of information.

To add insult to injury, is all the talk about what the highly-paid lawyers and politicians, salaried by taxpayers, are spending their time doing, to capture and try the messenger, instead of using their time to solve the problem they caused in the first place. I have not heard one word about any accountability by anyone in the seats of high positions, taking any responsibility for the young Australian having the docunments in the first place.

Everyone is so busy with spin, spin spin, to deflect the truth and cause away from themselves, expecting the propagandi to keep the American citizenry from stopping to think about the reality of the situation and recognizing the fault is not with the messenger but the gatekeepers in Washington, they are working over time at it. It’s just the latest manipulations of the American people which has worked so many many times before.

What is different about this bombshell is the internet. Heretofore, the news could be controlled by government by control of the major news media outlets, radio, television and newspapers, but the internet is a loose canon of news, and the government does not control it, yet, but there is a lot of recent talk about means and methods of censoring the internet via FCC.

This major wake-up call to the American people was only possible because of the internet. A medium of information the government has been unable to control thus far, but very much on the agenda to do so in the future. And may be the last stand at Little Big Horn, so to speak. I urge the reader to stop and consider what is happening in the reality of the Transformation of America. Not to take what I say, but to take heed for themselves, because it’s all out there in the news, currently. Because every American has a dog in this fight, as we witness the Transformation of America, in this War of Ideas.



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    I don’t always agree with your posts, but this was dead on, way to go!

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