It has been several months since I wrote any articles about the school system here in the United States. I’m prompted to write this article, after watching the video of the shooting in the schoolboard room yesterday. The video shows the man shooting at the schoolboard members. No member was killed, and according to news reports the irate shooter was shot and killed by security at the board meeting.

His name was Clay Duke, and the shooting took place in Florida. From the Facebook page of the shooter, he made this statement, “Some people (the government sponsored media) will say I was evil, a monster…— I was born poor in a country where the wealthy manipulate, use, abuse, and economically enslave 95% of the population. Rich Republicans, rich Democrats… same…same.. Rich, they take turns fleecing us.. our few dollar, pyramiding the wealth for themselves. . The 95%.. the U.S. of A, are the neo slaves of the Global South. Our masters, the wealthy, do as they like with us… ”

Additionally, I understand from news reports his wife had been fired from her job at the school. I also understand his frustrations, but as I see it he has the whole school problem wrong. His is an important story, because so many others frustrated over the school system in this country, misunderstand just what the problem is.

First off, the government-operated school system across this country in fifty states, is a Socialistic system, operating on the immorality of thievery, inasmuch as it is tax-funded, and taxes by definition are an invountary relinquishment of one’s property. Hence thievery. So the first question is: How can anyone expect morality out of an immoral system?

Secondly I reject the premise that the rich cause the problem. Everyone who works and draws a paycheck, has money deducted to pay for the school system. For example, I have a daughter with no children, who retired from a corporate job, for lo those many years, had money deducted every paycheck, to pay for the schooling of the children of others.

It’s a system of Plunder and like Bastiat said in his book “The Law,” “The few plunder from the many, the many plunder from few, and everybody plunders from everyone.” Therefore it is not a problem caused by the Rich, but by ordinary American citizens, who sanction the system.

So Mr. Duke’s wife was paid a salary, and his children schooled, from monies collected by force from all ordinary working American citizens. Accordingly, if his wife had obtained a job in the free-enterprising system, and if he was too poor to afford private schooling for his children, he could have home-schooled them. And in so doing would have assumed some self-responsibility, instead of blaming the rich for his problems.

Instead his wrongful blame game wound up costing his life. He was in denial, going into the schoolboard meeting shooting a gun, trying to control others. “Denial feeds into the need to control and the inevitable failureto control, feeds the need to deny.”

Most are aware of the massive debt of the federal government and today trying to pass a trillion-dollar spending bill. It’s current news that most all the fifty states are in debt. And no wonder, because their school budget runs into the billions. Here in Georgia, according to the State budget office, over eight billion anually is collected to operate the socialized school system. Multiply that by fifty states and the amount is so staggering, difficult to comprehend.

But that’s only part of the story; the children are not being educated, but indoctrinated. For anyone who doubts this, I suggest tuning into the TV show “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader,” where one can see for themselves, most of the young college contestants cannot answer first, second, third, fourth and fifth grade questions correctly.

Mr. Duke was correct in his assumption that something is very wrong with the school system, and the place to start is adressing local schoolboards to protest. However very wrong in his solution that the way to do it is by waving a gun at the schoolboard and shooting. Secondly, very wrong in his stated Facebook testament, as to what the problem really is.

His actions of shooting at the schoolboard are quite different than the usual actions taken out of frustration with the system. Frequently it’s the innocent children themselves who are shot. On a regular basis, we see news reports of school shootings and killings.

If the video of Mr. Duke confronting the schoolboard with a gun, played and re-played on national television is not a wake-up call, to address the root problem, then what will wake up the American people to prompt them to act in a civil manner to address the problem?

In a news item dated December 2008, the president-elect Obama said: “But what we can expect is that, each and every day, we are thinking of new, innovative ways to make the schools better.” Then called it “morally unacceptable” not to do better. Nice rhetoric, but the problem is not political, it’s a question of morality in education.

It is my sincere belief the school and education problem will never be solved by politicians and political government, but could be solved from a local level by parents informing themselves as to the root problem, and a decision to change things through their local schoolboards. Realizing there is no way to improve the current system, because it is the system itself that is wrong.

I say this based upon my personal experiences of battling for years, when my children were in school, trying to initiate changes, until I finally concluded there was no way to improve the current system and removed my children and home-schooled.

I also concluded, not much is going to change with reference to the direction this country is headed, until the school system problem is addressed. Anything less than that is dealing with symptoms and not the root cause. The NEA is one of the most powerful organizations in this country, and have the clout to block changes. Therefore, it’s a daunting task to consider, however, the force in the Spirit of the American people, can make the changes if the decision is made to do so.


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