As I approach article 500 number in my website articles in just less than three years (first one posted January 1st, 2008), I am pleased over two comments I received from Film on Line in Poland, this December 23, 2010.

As I have stated frequently, my purpose in writing these articles is to stir the intellectual nettle of the reader, to stop and think about the reality of what is happening around the globe in general and here in the United States in particular. Takes me about 3 hours to write each article and I still type with two fingers, still misspell and make grammatical errors, and still have an associate editor to edit and post.

In the comment from Film On Line this morning, the author responding to article 491, “Contractual Agreements-Philosophy of Ownership – Universal Law – Plus Lunar Eclipse,” states: “A lot of what you claim happens to be astonishingly accurate and makes me wonder why I hadn’t looked at this in this light before. This particular article really did switch the light on for me as far as this specific subject goes.”

Before quoting his comments in their entirety, I digress back to the process of my own enlightment. Growing up in the southern part of the United States on a farm, listening to parents, grandparents and going to school, despite the fact my parents so disliked President Roosevelt, I believed political government was a good thing, and that ours was a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

As a teenager during World War two, experiencing all the patriotism, pride and love of country, watching young men I knew and family members, leave the farm and march off to fight and die in this war, in my young mind, I equated government with Freedom. This notion was supported by classes in civics, history, literature, and current events, attending school.

Subsequently marrying a tall, handsome military pilot, who fought in 3 wars, including Korea and Viet Nam, out of love of country and Freedom I supported him, and the cause, until he retired.

However, it was during a 4-year tour in Japan, where we lived in the fifties, I read “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand, and my eyes were opened to a different way of thinking. I began realizing political government and Individual Freedom are not synonymous, and from that point on pursued an understanding of just what Freedom meant and the role of all political governments in general and mine in particular.

I have written many articles about my journey of learning, the route I took, the road I traveled, the books I read, the courses I took, the people I met, and the mentors I had, to discover what individual Freedom really means, and how Governments operate. I write about how I questioned and argued the next seven years. And how I finally “got it,” from one of my mentors, Dr. George Boardman, a teacher and philosopher living in the ghost town of Chloride, Arizona.
I was living in Tennessee, corresponding regularly with Dr. Boardman in the early sixties, arguing my support of the Tennessee Valley Authority, when the light bulb came on, and I finally understood the Philosophy of Freedom.

Therefore, it is because of my own background, and learning process, and the knowledge that most are products of Socialized schooling, just how difficult it is to reverse one’s belief. Because one of the planks in the Communist Manifesto is Socialization of schools, and because Socialism is the antithesis of freedom and private property ownership, it requires a certain amount of “de-programming” to understand the meaning of the philosophy of Freedom.

But Truth always has a strange ring, and when one seeks with a sincere desire to know and a willingness to take the time to learn and know, it’s available to anyone. And not usually an overnight, “road to Damascus” revelation, but a process of learning.

In the comment from Film On Line, the responder goes on to say: “Nevertheless there is actually a factor, I am not too comfortable with and while I attempt to reconcile that with the core theme of your issue, let me see just what the rest of the subscribers have to point out. Nicely done.”

In another comment, states: “With everything which seems to be developing inside this specific area, all your points of view are fairly stimulating. Even so, I apologize, but I cannot give credence to your entire suggestion, all be it radical nonetheless. It seems to everybody that your opinions are actually not completely rationalized and in simple fact you are yourself not wholly convinced of your point. In any event I did appreciate examining it.”

I daresay the writer most likely speaks for many others, who may be examining the premise. I’m delighted to receive this commentary, and appreciate the honesty and intelligence of his expressions as he examines a difference in thinking and ideas. I understand, because I have been there.

Like the metamorphosis of a monarch butterfly, transforming from a cocoon to a beautiful creature, recognizing the shining light of Truth, is a transforming experience. It was for me.

On “this road less traveled” it is encouraging, indeed, to hear one person considering and exploring other areas of thought in this “war of ideas.”

Additionally, I wish to point out, I am totally convinced in the ideas I present. And wish to make it quite clear, not conclusions I reached overnight, and not without some struggle to rid myself of an erroneous way of thinking and believing I had held for sometime. However I’m here to learn, to understand, obey and apply. And learn something new everyday, to add to my fundamental understanding of Freedom.

For me, having a five-year old grandson to enjoy is a discovery of new things everytime he’s here. And to all my readers, I wish to point out, learning the true meaning of freedom is a matter of discovery.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and an enlightening coming New Year.



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