I’m a sort of news junkie, and probably watch Fox news more than any other station. They have several outstanding newscasters. When I listen to all the news commentary, my mind goes like a threshing machine, automatically thinking as I listen, no that’s not factual, no that’s inconsistent, oh no he’s not getting it, he’s right on this that and the other…but when my precious five year old grandson, Prince William, comes here, I watch SpongeBob with him, and we whoop and holler and have a good time watching all the antics of SpongeBob, without any such thoughts running through my brain.

I probably watch Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck more than anyone. However one of my favorite commentators is Charles Krauthammer, I view as being extremely smart and up to snuff relative to daily news happenings.

I think Glenn Beck is doing such a fantastic job of educating the American people about what is actually happening in this country and particularly enjoyed his on location program in Wilmington today. A very inspiring story about what dedicated Americans are doing to research the true meaning of what life here should be. I would urge anyone to listen to Glenn Beck every day at 5 o’clock on Fox.

A couple of years back I would be quite frustrated listening to Glenn, because back then in my opinion he was not getting it, and I would write lengthy letters to him, but could never get the letters through, for some reason. However as the saying goes, “He has come a long ways, baby,” in the last couple of years.

Bill O’Reilly, on the other hand, has a very different program. Has a number of great guests, but does a lot of flailing, arguing, interrupting, frequently “doesnt get it,” however a good person, doing a lot of charitable giving, and obviously loves this country. I do admire his honesty, when he himself frequently remarks, he’s not getting it, particularly about Obama, which prompted me to write a couple of articles about how in fact Obama does get it when it comes to what he’s doing. His agenda is quite clear cut. And I have received a lot of comments on the articles about him.

Tonight was a very good O’Reilly hour, when he had Dick Morris on, doing a great job explaining the modus operandi of the Leftist Democrats, and their tactics and strategy, those previously touting all the Socialist programs he pushed into law, then his switch to playing ball with the Republicans, making so many Democrats angry and barking at his heels. The claim by Morris, that Obama is a Socialist was unacceptable to O’Reilly. Dick Morris explained how the Leftist Democrats would move back and forth in their strategy dealing with Obama agenda.

At this point I wish to remind the reader, the two things political government thrives and proliferates on. It’s quite simple: “Dependency upon it and opposition to it.” It’s a Principle the Universe itself operates on. All this recent yakity yak, opposition by Democrats in seats of power, seemingly against their leader, is just a ploy in their tactics to achieve what they want. This sudden opposition to their leader is a time-worn strategy to get what they wish to achieve. While President Obama is taking one step backwards to gain two steps forward, this feigned opposition, is all part of a game played over and over in politics. They are all in bed together to gain more and more control over the lives and property of the American people. And this game playing of one acting very conciliatory, while some in act as if opposing, is a dance they all know the steps to.

Then Bill O’Reilly had the leftist Michael Moore on, in support of Assange, and another guest with whom Bill argued Assange was a threat to national security. To that I can only say, I’ve just finished eight articles on the Assange fiasco,and my position on that, and vehemently disagree with O’Reilly on that subject.

I could be sincerely wrong, but seemed to me Bill did not comprehend the explanation Dick Morris presented, then when he argued Assange was the threat to national security, instead of recognizing it’s the incompetents in Washington who threaten national security, I couldn’t help but think again, he’s not getting it.

But I do appreciate much about his program and he does present a number of various and opposing views on his program.

One of the great hallmarks of living in this country is that we can agree to disagree and that’s what makes horseracing. Conversely, it’s time we got on the same page with regards to what is happening in this country, and realize the enemy to Freedom is within, and not coming from foreigners. Time is of the essence, as America is being transformed right before our eyes and ears. And many smart people are predicting great changes coming next year, changes not conducive to our normal way of life in this country.

Bill O’Reilly is a smart influential commentator, whom many listen to every evening, and I personally like him and his program, but still think there are important areas with regards to what is actually happening today, he’s still not getting. And I don’t understand why, because his good friend Glenn Beck does, and is off and running doing great things to enlighten the American people.

A quote from John Locke, an English philosopher and theorist: “‘Tis a mistake to think this fault [tyranny] is proper only to Monarchies, other forms of government are liable to it, as well as that. For wherever the Power that is put in any hands for the government of the people, and the preservation of their Properties is applied to other ends, and made use of to impoverish, harass, or subdue them to the arbitrary and irregular commands of those who have it. There it presently becomes tyranny whether those that thus use it are one or many.”



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