There appears to be wholesale condemnation of Julian Assange, here in the United States, but not across the board world-wide as Russia’s Putin supports him.

I thought from the beginning of the story, it was an extremely important story, and every day it seems to take on more legs. The latest story being the effect his exposé of all the U.S. secret documents has on the future of the Freedom of the internet. Now, opinions coming from various sources of government relative to action to censure and control free speech on the internet. Several countries like China have already implemented procedures for control of information on the internet.

One of the great Freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States is freedom of speech, however there are already restrictions by the FCC in areas like radio and television. However the internet is a different medium, and millions are speaking out and expressing opinions around the world, and has been more difficult to rein in and be subjected to governmental control.

The Wikileaks publication of the thousands of so-called secret governmental documents, epitomizes just how powerful the internet can be in exposing truth about inside, closed-door operations of political government. A story revealing many facets of the power of an individual versus the power of political governments. A story which has already gone beyond the usual short period of sensational news stories. A story about a stranger from a strange land, who has single-handedly let the cat out of the bag, with reference to much which has taken place in the seat of government here in the United States. Some of the stories publicized we already knew, and others we had never heard about.

The fact that a young Australian, sitting at a laptop in the United Kingdom, can expose to the world secret goings on in the capital city of the U.S. government, is a huge story. The fact so many want his scalp is another big story. Many prognostigating, trying to figure out what to do about him legally, while others are just outright calling for his assassination.

I do not know Julian Assange, and doubt if many in this country do; I only know from published news reports, what he has done and what he has said. And in a nutshell, he has posted on his website, Wikileaks, thousands of documents, obtained by someone else in this country, and explains his motives in an interview as being a goal for justice through transparency. He states his trans-political ideology as neither Right nor Left, but is about understanding. A way to deal with the world by putting civil into civilization, seeking a remedy for what is actually happening in the world, by understanding what the problem is.

I agree with that premise. Because knowledge is power, we can only begin to solve our global problems by the knowledge of Truth. Information and understanding with regards to the actuality of what is taking place. Why, what, who and when it all happened, which has brought us to this brink of disaster.

Assange himself stated in an interview that he drew a line in the sand. And why not? Seems to me our chances of survival would be enhanced if more of us drew a line in the sand.

A couple of weeks into this international news story, anti-sentiments rising against him from those professing Libertarian views, by reports he’s connected to individuals and groups promoting One World Order, and take over of any semblance of individual freedom, by a tactic described as “From top down, bottom up and inside out.” There is evidence such a movement is taking place, but I personally see no evidence that Assange is connected, based upon what he says and has done.

There is evidence this government wants to crush internet free speech, a medium of information freedom. Therefore we must ask, why is that? Why does the government want to curtail, control and censor free speech. There can be only one answer and that’s because they want more control, to cover their actions in secrecy. And why the control and secrecy? Because their actions are the antithesis of the individual Freedoms guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution, in opposition to the Principles upon which this nation was founded. They want ala carte to transform America, from its original intent of individual Freedom and private property ownership to a nation of Socialism.

In this connection, the publication of government secret documents by Assange, reveals some of their activities, directly from the seat of government in Washington, which should be a bell-ringing alarm to Freedom-loving Americans. The information revealed is not the totality of all political government has done and is doing, but a window into some of the modus operandi. Which each individual should take into account to understand what is taking place in this country. The information in the exposed documents is just one tool of information, in a much larger toolbox of activities, taking place 24-7 to Transform America.

Accordingly, it really does not matter if Julian Assange is the holiest of priests or the worst of criminals, nor does it matter who he is connected to. What should matter to any freedom-loving American, is being privy to information relative to reality. That is any information, to understand what is happening to this great Nation, in order to make informed decisions about one’s life, what one desires as a way of life, equipped with truth, to make those decisions.

We are in the throes of a battle in this country, a war of ideas, and the outcome will be freedom or bondage. We cannot expect freedom to triumph based upon lies, half-truths, propagandi, and the jack-hammer rhetoric, spewed forth by those bent on a One World government of Socialism, which is the direction we are going. It can only be reversed by information of Truth.

A desire for Freedom is not rocket science. But it does require common-sense information and acceptance of self-responsibility, to act upon the information available to all of us. And requires weaning ourselves away from the “Kill the messenger” mentality. Plus “drawing a line in the sand.”

There are many predictions that the year 2011 will be a major turning point in our direction, and that’s just around the corner. The question is, will we turn the corner, continuing in the same direction, or will we change direction, to return to a life of Freedom? It’s a decision each individual must make for themselves. It’s an opportunity to put “civil back into civilization.”

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