Here we are almost three weeks after the midterm elections of November 2nd. So what has happened which has benefited the American people?

There’s Charlie Rangel crying before the cameras and Congress, repeating he’s “not corrupt.” After forty years living off the fat of the land, sitting at the trough of stolen money, lying and squandering, now he sits before the American people crying. Boo-hooing, “I’m not corrupt.”  He needs to read Michelle Malkins’ “Culture of Corruption” and my blog article titled “Debates and Dear John Letter.”

Then there’s Congressman Boehmer, newly elected to the powerful political seat as incoming Speaker of the House, January 1st, third in line for the Presidency, shedding tears, and boo-hooing all over the place, about what? Who knows?

While this once great nation is teetering on the verge of collapse, elected officials who have been in power a very long time are doing nothing to change the direction which they, the elected, have taken this country. Almost three weeks after the election, with all the promises to change things, they are spending their time jockeying for positions of power like a “fruit basket turnover” kid’s game, boo-hooing, and scurrying around, to see who can manage to have the microphone and be before the television cameras, the most.

Then there’s the leader of the greatest nation on earth, President Obama, who left the country for ten days after the historic election, which revealed the will of the people wanting change, change, change. Just left the people to deal with all the boo-hooing, and the metaphor of his car in the ditch story, he used repeatedly, in his many speeches before the election. And according to reports I have read, returned from the trip empty-handed, after costing taxpayers millions for his trip.

The bottom line is this, after the American people spoke at the polls, we were left with a crying Congress, and a leader long gone to other countries, with one hope left and that is a news media that understood what was happening, and the fortitude to report the truth. The mortal blow delivered to a wounded people was the media, for the most part, have expressed how they don’t get it, and complaining about Obama “not getting it.”

If that’s not the “coup de grace” it’s darned close to it. It’s as though repeated reports on news programs saying “Obama doesn’t get it,” is a lame excuse for their misunderstanding, and inability to “get it.” With a lot of rhetoric in the mix about his re-election in 2012. It is the now we are faced with.

I can’t speak for others, but as far as yours truly, I have never heard Obama mention a word about his being a candidate in 2012. And wrote an article about his seeming indifference to re-election in 2012, 3 months into his Presidency. And thought it rather peculiar back then, as I do today.

I for one, believe with every fiber of my being, President Obama does get it, and came into office with a determination to transform this country to Socialism. And his months in a position of power have revealed his disdain for the capitalistic free-enterprising system, and his determination to ignore the Constitution of the United States, along with the Will of the people. And he told us that was his plan to transform America from the outset.

So the question is: Why is it the news media and pundits insist on repeated reporting, “Obama doesnt get it?” And secondly why is it Obama insists, it’s the American people who dont get it?”

To understand this circular-saw manner of thinking, all one needs to do is return to the “Dialectic materialism” of Karl Marx and Engels. It is a doctrine of a variety of speech distinguished from the standard language, by variations of idioms and vocabulary pronouncinations. It’s the art and practice of questions and answers to suit one’s particular mode of logic and argument. To convey to the listener, their particular meaning of double-think double-talk, frequently to divert the intended victim’s attention away from reality.

In other words, black is not black, white is not white, it’s all varying degrees of grey, and Truth is not which is, but whatever the speaker is conveying to convolute, baffling rhetoric, designed to confuse, while the perpetrator makes inroads relative to whatever his particular agenda happens to be. Specifically in the current course of events, to “Transform America.” Which has already taken place to a large degree.

The question before the American people is this: Why does anyone want to transform this country of Individual Freedom and private property ownership, which has created a life of plenty for the greatest number, into a system of bondage, with results we witness today? And secondly, why have we allowed it to happen? And thirdly, what is the remedy to reclaim this country, to snatch it back from the jaws of the Socialist regime?

While our attention is diverted by the tactics of dialectic materialism, with a constant reminder, neither side gets it, so pervasive, apparently the general public have fallen for the trap and wandering around waiting for the powers that be politically and the news. Many in the media as newscasters and pundits graduated from the same Harvard School that President Obama attended.

There have been many books written about the life of President Obama plus the books he has written. Detailed stories of his childhood, where he grew up, schools he attended, history of his mother and father and grandparents. The church he belonged to, and published sermons by his minister and mentor. Much written about religious tenets, political leanings, and social areas, education and mentors. From what I have read, I decipher no inconsistencies in any of these areas. Coupled with what Obama himself has written, said and done. All dovetails together with the results of his governing as the proof of the pudding relative to who he is, and just how well he does get it. He obviously had plans for transforming America, told us he planned to transform, and after two years in office, has successufully implemented and executed a large portion of his pre-determined plans. No happenstance about any of it.

Only recently, since the mid-term election, many of his supporting democrats are verbally protesting against him. Loud verbal protest, changes nothing. It’s a yak-yak-yak type of fiddling while Rome burns. Instead of speaking up and speaking out with honesty, by saying, I made a mistake, I was hoodwinked into believing something which has turned out to be different than expected and desired, and I must act to reverse that, the cry is still, he doesn’t get it. Walking around with dumb looks, mumbling they don’t understand why he doesn’t get it. Frequently I hear one pundit asking another pundit to explain to them, why it is Obama doesn’t get it.

Not all fall into this category; there is a small number who do get it. It’s not rocket science, as a matter of fact quite simple. The reason people are not getting it is because they don’t want to get it, preferring the bliss of ignorance and the irresponsibility of denial, instead of self-responsibility of recognition of that which is.

There are hundreds of books one can obtain and read for enlightment. For starters I suggest Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm. And the Declaration of Independence.

More on this subject in up-coming articles.

Here’s a great quote from Albert Einstein, physicist and Nobel Prize winner: “The world that we have made as a result of our level of thinking that we have done so far, has created problems we cannot solve at the level of thinking at which we created them.”




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