About a week ago my five year old grandson, Prince William, had been playing in his special playroom I have set up for him when he visits.

I was busy in the kitchen while he played quietly, when he surprised me by announcing he had set up an office in his room. Sure enough he had cleared off a desk, which previously belonged to his sister, and replaced items with his books, paper, pencil, crayons, typewriter and two tall candles he wanted me to light on his desk.

I helped him make a sign, designating the space as his office, and set up a wicker bookshelf to place his toy car collection and other toys on.

He absolutely loves his own private space, which is a sort of “priest hole” for him. He is very neat and quite territorial about his belongings, and loves changing things around and “redecorating” his room.

When he leaves I simply close the door and no one disturbs until he visits again.

Another day he got a notion to put up a Christmas tree. I set the tree up and brought out boxes of decorations and he trimmed the tree all by himself.

Another day he came and we worked in his little fall garden, which has snow peas, lettuce, a couple of potatoes and some flowers. I’m sure the first frost will destroy his plants, but he enjoys planting and seeing things pop out of the ground.

We saw a few worms moving around in the soil and I told him, they were his little farmers, working the ground. We wondered if a little caterpillar, wondering around on plants was the “Hungry Caterpillar.”

Then a beautiful little yellow butterfly kept hovering around, like a little kid playing on the plants. Earlier this year we saw a monarch butterfly in the backyard, and he was fascinated with the story of the metamorphosis of the monarch butterfly. And how it evolved from a caterpillar to this beautiful creature.

After he graduated from pre-k school, his mom homeschools plus takes him to Montessori school one day a week. After his very first day, he came for a visit the next day, very excited about a project of making a volcano.

Immediately he wanted me to help him make a volcano. Not something I planned to do that day, but I went along, and got out the vinegar and baking soda, poured in a bottle, and Prince William stood in wide-eyed wonder, watching it fizz. Absolutely thrilled he could create a volcano.

Later we visited a neighbor he adores and calls “Miss Barbara,” and told her about his office desk and the candles he loves to light. The next day she went to the store and purchased two electric candles for him. When he came yesterday, he loved turning the lights off and lighting up his desk with the two electric candles. Everything seems to impress him.

Hes back in school today, and I look forward to his next visit and tales of all he is learning in the Montessori school. If he doesn’t have total recall, he’s close to it because he can repeat and explain things he learns on a daily basis.

I can’t help but notice his increased vocabulary, from being in a formal school setting a very short time.

He won’t be six years old until next May, and can already rap out songs on the baby grand, has his own office and building volcanoes, plus working his own little garden. Who out there would not find all this quite amazing?

To all my readers who follow stories about Prince William and take the time to comment, I’m very appreciative of the shared interest.


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  1. Wendie Rahib says:

    I don’t always agree with you (thank God, that would be boring), but I have to tell you you are a great writer.