Every once in a while, events occur which seem to stir the emotions of the American people more than usual. Such is the case of TSA airport searches of one’s body. It appears to have hit at one’s Achilles’ heel in more than one case.

Almost daily we hear of some incident in the so-called “public schools,” which cross the line of invasion of privacy of some individual student. Frequently students are searched, punished, held by school officials without parent notification, and a long list of invasive procedures which parents tolerate and do nothing about. Hundreds of children across this country do not survive the invasion, abuse, and disrespect for the individual, perpetrated on innocent children, in the schoolroom, on the playground, on the schoolbus, in the lunchroom and places the child is forced by law to be, unprotected.

Today, the news cycle is dominated by the Wikileaks story of Julian Assange’s publication of the 251,287 diplomatic cables, from the secret files of the US government. And all sorts of secret worms are crawling everywhere.

The government propagandi machines are working overtime to counter the spin that this one lone individual in Australia is causing such a threat to American lives, particularly in the two undeclared wars going on almost a decade. An attempt to transfer the blame for the killing of thousands of young Americans in the killing fields of Iraq and Afganistan over to this lone individual in another country. It’s the American government officials responsible for the killing fields of undeclared war. Not some lone individual, who happened to be the recipient of all the secret, behind closed door documents of political wheeling and dealings, and wound up in a position to make them public. But it’s the con game of government to direct the attention away from problems they cause. And find someplace else to place the blame. Such an old, worn out manipulation of information.

The current situation is one whereby the government has used it’s power to make further in-roads on liberty and private property, by body assaults at the airport. With a finger in the dike of leakage of so-called secret documents, to divert attention.

To face the reality, bypass the hype and approach the dilemma from a standpoint of Principle and morality, one must begin with Ownership of Property, which is a total concept. In order to own something, one must be able to control it and whatever it is must have a boundary. Your body meets this criteria, because you own it, by virtue of the fact you control it and it has a boundary.

Secondly, each individual has certain inalienable Rights, given by our Creator, and guaranteed in this country by the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. Namely, a Right to Life, liberty, pursuit of Happiness [property ownership].

There’s nothing complicated about this Principle. You own your body, it has a boundary, and anyone who crosses the boundary in violation of your will, trespasses, which constitutes an assault on you property. You have an inalienable Right to protect that which belongs to you. However, it’s being usurped by an edict from the current powers in Washington. No law passed, just a policy of political government.

Why waste all this time and energy going off in different directions with useless rhetoric, listening to all the jackhammer propaganda from the radical left, whose aim is to destroy your freedom, control and enslave. Why this cowardly, cowering down submissively, instead of standing up for yourself and your innocent children being assaulted by strip search, scared and helpless to do anything. Why not walk away and refuse to participate? Then go catch a train, bus or drive.

I brought up the “public” schools, which are in fact schools of Socialism indoctrinating children to the tenets of Communism and fascism, and are in many instances, killing fields. A system which eats up over half the state budget in all 50 states. A system which requires billions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars. A very bad system, which has been in place for a number of generations past. The question is, who is doing anything about it?

I have personally heard any number of American citizens who claim to be Libertarians, send their children 5 days a week to these killing fields of indoctrination, with never a word of protest, much less any meaningful action, to do anything about it.

Helpless innocent children are searched, stripped, held captive, punished, bullied, and some killed, and there is no meaningful uprising of protest from the American people.

This is not conjecture nor opinion, it’s factual. So here we are at the end of year 2010, involved in situations across this country where this mentality of entitlement to trespass on the human body is met with a few yelps of, “Don’t touch my junk,” and some are arrested for protesting. But if it follows the usual pattern, after a few protests, verbal objections and threats of lawsuits, the furor will subside, and the government will probably follow the usual marxist regimen of one step backwards then two steps forward.

To the reader, I wish to remind, this is not a situation which just popped up today, it has its roots in the socialized school system going back several generations. What is happening at airports is a manifestation of assaults on personal Freedom and Property Rights which has its roots years back in the socialized school system.

I have written a number of articles describing my battles with the school system, facing arrest more than once, going back to the early sixties. When my children were subjected to the abuse by school employees, so severe, I removed them and homeschooled when it was unheard of and disallowed back then. I did it totally alone. No such thing as organized resistance, my personal rejection of the brutality, and absence of education, was action I took, alone.

To me, it’s a very strange mindset in a country where it’s acceptable to send young men and women off to foreign countries, to kill or be killed in an undeclared war of nation building, and yet no guts for standing up for one’s young children in the horrific mandatory school system. When the school system is local, involving friends and neighbors, in a position to change things on a local level, but like sheep to slaughter, offer no resistance.

There’s a refusal to recognize the direct correlation between what is happening relative to assaults and trespass on private property in airports today, and the socialized school system. How bad must it get before we the people wake up to the reality of where, when and how, it all has its roots?

And totally futile to attempt to medicate one’s feelings, thinking there’s something which can and should be done to change the current school system. That’s denial of reality. No way to make a moral system based upon immorality. By that I mean the school system is based totally on the immorality of a system of thievery. A plundering system, which gouges everyone to meet the state’s budget of billions, annually, to sustain the immoral socialistic system.

The school system must be thrown out and disbanded on local levels, and replaced by a moral system of education, instead of indoctrination. Is that too much to swallow and tackle? Is that too big of an order to return this nation to personal Freedom and private ownership Rights?

If it is, then expect more of the same, currently being dished out by TSA, patting down, slapping around, and invasion of property Rights. Instead of stopping, it will simply spread more and more into more and more areas of life in these United States.

Unless there is an admission and awareness of the root problem, which stems from the socialized system, and that root cause is addressed at its roots, i.e., the abuse and mistreatment of young children, forced into a compulsory system based upon stealing and immorality, it cannot and will not be stopped at the airport. But will continue, erupting in other areas of life in these United States.

While the con game of government is into overtime trying to divert attention away from what is happening at TSA, by all the attention on Wikileaks and documents already posted, the government gristmill of propagandi would have you believe you can put toothpaste back in the tube.

To understand what is going on in the state department, all one needs to do is read the book “Witness” by Whitaker Chambers, a dyed in the wool Communist, working in the state department and defected in the fifties, a brilliant writer who detailed the activities of operation of the Communists in the government in Washington.

All this feigned outrage over the posting on the internet of the thousands of documents out of government offices, is most likely a ploy to keep the attention of the nation on a source of blame, instead of anyone accepting any responsibility for conversations and remarks made in some of the posted documents.




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  1. Angie says:

    I have a story I am trying to get out… I work at DFW International airport- at a restaurant inside the airport. Everyday I have to go through TSA. I have worked at the airport for many years and I am very well-liked by my restaurant, other restaurants there and by certain TSA agents who know me. Lately, TSA has incorporated “random searches”. When people walk through the scanner one is chosen “randomly” every so often… this includes people who work at the airport.

    Last week, I had a verbal altercation with TSA because they “chose” me to “randomly” search- called it an “Administrative Search”. I objected on the grounds they were violating my Constitutional Rights to travel freely unmolested, to provide a living for my family- life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and search and seizure. I carry a “Freeman’s Writ of Right to Travel” with me all the time. I also carry an “Affidavit of Reservation of Rights”, which clearly STATES anyone who violates my rights will be charged a violation fee of my liberty in the amount of $250,000 per incident. I showed that to them, and the TSA manager, Greg, said he didn’t have to read my “paper”. I also told them verbally I reserved all of my rights under UCC 1-308 and I did not enter into any verbal, imaginary, assumed, or silent contract with them, and that they could be sued under that law. It did not matter. The TSA refused to let me into the airport to work and are trying to have my badge revoked, which means I will be fired without reason. I have also further discovered that they are investigating me for being a Terrorist, since I spoke about the Constitution and about UCC.

    I have been told I need to file a “Notice of Injury” and “Violation of Human Rights”, and I plan to do so.

    I am also planning to send each individual involved (as I wrote down names and titles) a Commercial Affidavit and a Notice and Demand that they have violated my Constitutional Rights under UCC law.

    And, BTW, I couldn’t agree more on the school issue- I homeschool!!