Prior to the November 2nd election, I wrote a number of articles about voting and who Obama is and what he’s doing and telling us. As a result of these articles, the number of comments I receive have increased dramatically. Which tells me there is an increase in interest relative to what is going on in this world in general and here in the United States of America in particular. Which is good news.

Instead of spending time writing in the first three weeks this month, I’ve been reading reports of happenings, listening and thinking about current events. And the thing which has leaped out at me is this pervasive notion about who is “not getting it,” hence these articles about that particular phrase, which is so revealing.

The former Texas senator, Sam Rayburn, kept a plaque on his desk which read, “When you’re talking you ain’t learning.” I applied that to myself by paraphrasing, when you’re writing you ain’t listening and learning, therefore I slowed down writing, and read and listened. I observed a pattern in what others were saying and doing, specifically this pervasive notion: “You don’t get it.”

Like everyone else, my email box is filled daily with newsletters, articles, and prognostigating about everything from A to Zizzard. With a glaring propensity towards who’s not “getting it,” until I finally got it. A subject well worth paying attention to, I daresay.

One of my favorites I frequently read, is the articles from Newsmax magazine, whose author Ronald Kessler is a an informed editor on a variety of subjects. Recently two articles jumped out at me. One, “Trump to Obama: ‘You’re fired,'” and the other from Carville: “White House Doesn’t get it.”

Donald Trump is one of the most successful and interesting capitalists this country has ever seen. He has published great books, and his television series, “The Apprentice,” has been watched by millions. However, I was quite taken aback by the Newsmax article quoting from Politico Report about Obama which said, “I respect him; I like him, I think he’s wonderful in many ways,” Trump said on MSNBC. “I think he has been not so good for business, and honestly – and very sadly – the world does not respect this country, and therefore, I think the world doesn’t respect our leader. He’s a nice man, but I think he’s totally over his head.”

“Trump’s name has been floated as a potential challenger to Obama in 2012 -principally by himself and the media. If he does run, it will be as a Republican. Trump says, “I’m a Republican.”

Furthermore, “But he says he would prefer not running, noting that he’s buying a lot of things right now – it’s a great time to buy things right now.”

Quite frankly, I was struck by what appeared so contradictory, touting Obama as such a wonderful person, liking and respecting him, then hitting on his not being good for business, the absence of respect towards him from other countries, and ending by saying, “He’s totally over his head.”

As I see it, Obama has loaded us up with Socialist agenda programs made into laws. He has ignored the Constitution, specifically much in Obamacare is unconstitutional, done untold damage by transformation of this country from its original Principles into Socialism, and loaded up the Executive branch of government with leftist radicals.

In this connection, I definitely disagree with Mr. Trump, he’s a “nice man” and a “wonderful person.” Anyone who acts contrary to the Principles upon which this nation was founded, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, and acts to destroy and replace is not a nice person.

Secondly, I disagree that “He’s totally over his head.” How can he be in over his head when he has accomplished what he set out to do and told the American people from the outset his plans were to “Transform America?” When the entire history of his life, written about him and by him, has been consistent with his actions of transformation. President Obama is not in over his head, instead he has America under his thumb, and knows exactly what he’s doing and it is according to what he planned to do.

After two years of his wrecking bar approach to transform America, when the people rose up in protest at the ballot box, he up and left the country for ten days. I suggest that was a time of getting out of Dodge until things cooled down.

All this current opposition to his acts and actions, points up the fact political government expands and proliferates on just two things, i.e., opposition to it and dependency upon it.

In my opinion President Obama doesn’t give a hoot who disagrees or dislikes what he does. If anything at all bothers him, it’s the diminished adulation of him he enjoyed when he first entered office. How can he be in over his head when he has done exactly what he told the American people he planned on doing before he was elected?

Now the other article was about “The raging Cajun,” James Carville, quoting the metaphor about the ditched car being out of touch with what’s going on. No, that’s not exactly correct, it’s simply in accordance with the dialectic materialism President Obama appears so well schooled in. Then Carville states further, he runs a good chance of re-election in 2012. I for one have never heard Obama mention a word about running for re-election in 2012. I suspect he knew he would use up his seed corn, by the big push for all his socialist agenda in the first four years, and may see himself as the world leader in the incoming One World Order.

All these well-educated pundits need to take your heads out of the sand, and away from The Emperor’s Clothing mentality, and face the reality of what has already happened.

Another interesting thing Mr. Trump said was, “Now is the time to buy.” Which is contrary to what those in the know are saying conversely, that is, sell off and stock up on food and necessities for the incoming year of 2011, because of the projected shortages of food expected to begin by 2011, just a few weeks away.

If you’re going to buy anything, stock up on lamp oil, batteries, matches and non-perishable food items while the stores are still so fully stocked with merchandise, before this holiday season. Listen to what your inner voice tells you to do. Use your common sense by realizing what has already happened in this country as your clue for plans of your future.

Instead of adhering to what those supposedly in the know are saying, and behaviorally stuck in a time frame of believing politicians are the nice people who are unaware of what they are doing and simply don’t “get it,” pay attention to your own “gut” feeling and act accordingly.

This country can and will rise up out of the ashes from the destruction of power-mad politicians who have brought us to this brink of things to come.

Let Freedom Ring

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