Here we are, just before Thanksgiving in November, about to enter a holiday season through New Year’s Day. Here in the red hills of north Georgia, with the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in the background, all the leaves turning into bright colors, it’s as if some unseen artist’s hand came along with a large brush and saw this area as a canvas, and painted all the beautiful exciting colors. Along with that, the perfect fall weather, just before the winter season sets in.

My five year old grandson, Prince William, and I take walks and pick limbs from the trees, to place in a vase, combining the reds and yellows, to enjoy the beauty of nature.

I haven’t written any articles in the past ten days, enjoying this time of year, getting in some staring time, after writing a number of articles before the Nov 2nd election. Soon the rains will come and settle the dust from all the upheaval over the elections which took place across this country.

I have been receiving a number of comments relative to my blogsite. This morning, sixty- plus comments relating to my blogsite. I receive many comments from college students, remarking how my subject matter helps them with their assignments. Some asking where I obtain material for subject matter.

Lately, a number of comments about the “look” of my website. For example, one asked, “Can you message me with any hints about how you make your blogsite look this awesome, I’d appreciate giving me any ideas.”

Another reader suggested I include pictures alongside the articles I write. One of my favorite comments,”You my friend rock!!”

I have written previous articles, telling my story of how I got started writing blog articles. If you are one who may have missed those articles, briefly here’s how it all started. One of my sons is owner of an interactive search engine business. He called one day and said he would furnish me a team, to manage a blogsite if I would just write. At that time I had no idea what a blog was, but I love to write and agreed. He set things up, and retained a web manager, editor, PR person, someone to post articles, and build the website. This was about three years ago, and to date have over 450 articles posted.

My son is a very creative individual, with innate executive ability, and a great deal of expertise relative to marketing, and has a creative art department relative to his business. Therefore the look of my website was created by that department, however I had some imput into the design, inasmuch as I at one time owned an interior design business. Despite the fact I know very little about computers or anything electronic, I do have a sense of design.

In this connection, it was decided my site would be presented without a lot of bells and whistles and clutter. If one is a regular reader, then you know the underlying theme of my writings is the Philosophy of Freedom. And it is my intent to convey an idea, along with a bit of entertaining in some of my articles.

With reference to the look of my site which so many have commented on, I view the Universe itself as something with a lot of beauty in its simplicity, and at the same time is quite complex, when it comes to trying to understand it. And with reference to my writings, I rely upon the writings of all those very learned men and women, who have lived before me and are much smarter than I, who have made discoveries relative to Truth, and that which is. I doubt if there is very little, or anything at all, that is original.

Freedom is the essence of our being, and the thing mankind has struggled with, pro and con, throughout the history of mankind. Therefore to understand it, I encourage the reader to study the writings of Marx and Engles and their Communist manifesto, plus the writings of those who valued Freedom in the formation of this great Nation.

With reference to my blogsite, I credit my son with the idea of its creation, and his notion and belief that I had the capability to write something of interest to others, which goes back to his childhood, growing up, hearing and learning about the Philosophy of Freedom, from a small child.

Accordingly, I’m particularly pleased and impressed when I receive comments from young college students, who inform me that my articles are beneficial to them, and very helpful in writings relative to their school assignments.

In this connection, to any new readers, I refer them back to earlier posted articles on Principles and Value Judgments.

At this particular time in our history, because there are very active forces working around the clock to destroy the free-enterprise capitalistic system upon which this nation was built, i.e., the voluntary exchange of goods and services, replacing it with a Socialistic One-World government, it is imperative the younger generation of grade school and college students achieve an understanding of what we once had, and the evils of the game-plan, to destroy and replace with a system of bondage.

Unfortunately, grade schools from one through twelve and many of the schools of higher learning, are themselves socialistic, based upon a tax-funded life support, to stay in business, therefore their teachings are not going to be contrary to the philosophy of Socialism.

Therefore the very meaning and essence of individual freedom, private ownership of property, and the free-enterprising system, i.e., the Truth about it, must be sought elsewhere, outside the classroom. And there is plenty of information in books and articles, and news items, to counter this brainwashing of socialism, if an individual desires it.

In this current climate of so much disenchantment with the takeover by a centralized political government, the opportunity is at hand to discover why.

Simply put, it’s a matter of desire for discovery of Truth. And Truth being that which is – the absence of a lie. My writings are expressed in very simple language, and come from knowledge acquired from others, plus my own experiences, and the discoveries I personally made along the way. Nothing complex, shrouded in a lot of fancy language.

I recall my son saying to me years back, he was grateful for all I had taught him. The truth of the matter is, I only taught him one thing, and that is a love of learning, and he himself made the discoveries of Truth, which have shaped his life. The discovery of Principles, which shaped his Value system, and the manner in which he conducts his business in relation to others he deals with on a daily basis.

And in my opinion, this is what each individual must do for themselves. Separate the wheat from the chaff. Decipher truth from the jackhammer rehetoric of lies and propaganda that everyone is bombarded with on a daily basis, coming from newspapers, magazines, news media and the classroom.

Those out to destroy this great country, which was founded based upon such great moral guides as the Ten Commandments and the Declaration of Independence, have not completed their mission, despite the inroads they have made. There is still time to reclaim a life of Freedom in this country. And can only be reclaimed by the hearts, minds and Spirit of the American people who desire it enough to stand up and fight for it. It begins with a realization we are in a battle – a War of Ideas. We will win or lose, there is no inbetween. We will live in Freedom or bondage. It’s up to each individual to make that choice. And up to each individual to decide what it is they want for their life and the lives of their children and coming generations.

The choice is before us. However, there is one choice we do not have, and that is to do nothing, if we choose to live a life in freedom.

We inherited a legacy of freedom from those who fought and died for a country of Freedom. However, we did not inherit a legacy of doing nothing to retain and sustain. We are not entitled to do nothing to retain a life of Freedom. We inherited a responsibility of “eternal vigilance.”


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  1. Aaron says:

    Awesome, Anne. Once upon a time, I ran a Web design/development business. Since I have no artistic skill whatsoever, I hired out most of the graphics work and stuck with programming. Which is why most of my sites look like a color blind pirate with a hook and an eye patch designed them while tied to the main mast. 🙂

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