We have all heard the saying: “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” By our very nature we are value-seeking homo sapiens. We have different values, and values are constantly changing. Unlike Principles, which never change.

I’m reminded of the remarks of an elderly southern farmer, who said he was so glad others were not like him, or everyone would want his wife.

A dominant news item lately is “Money,” so let’s just get right down to some Pre-K talk about the subject. We don’t know if it’s deflated, inflated, who really controls it, how much is available, how much is being printed, what to expect tomorrow, and what kind of schizophrenic power play the government is apt to pull on the American people.

It’s elementary, dear Watson, money is simply a medium of exchange. For thousands of years, before Aristotle or Karl Marx, gold and silver was the accepted medium of exchange. Why? Because it has intrinsic value, cannot be manufactured, and there’s a limited supply in the universe.

The paper dollar is actually worthless fiat money, nothing backing it. In the early part of the last century the Federal Reserve system was created by our government, with control over its creation. Which was one of the biggest mistakes the American people ever allowed the centralized political government to get away with. Congress set it all up. Actually money should be in the free-enterprise system like the grocery business. It’s a commodity.

Actually we could use shoelaces as a medium of exchange if the people accepted that. The paper dollar currency stays in circulation because the people accept it as the medium of exchange, and its illusion of value is in this acceptance.

Exchange is a way of life for all mankind. For most, throughout history, there’s a pervasive belief that in the exchange of goods and services, there’s some sort of Equality of Value. In actuality exchanges take place because of the inequality in value. Two parties value the same article in different order. Let’s say a man is selling a hat for ten dollars, the party who purchases the hat, values the hat more than he does the ten dollars, and the seller values the ten dollars more than the hat. Because of the inequality in value systems, an amenable exchange takes place. Nothing complicated about that.

Different individuals have different sets of skills, and every plot of ground has a different feature. It’s this natural fact of differences, exchanges take place. It’s this basic value system of the Capitalistic, free-enterprising system, which made this the greatest Nation on the planet, i.e., the voluntary exchange of goods and services, because of an inequality in individual value systems. This marvelous instrument was the permit which caused this country to develop into the envy of the world. Commonly known as the marketplace. When allowed to operate unhampered by political intervention, it provides the greatest good for the greatest number.

Gresham’s Law proves that “Bad money drives out good money” from circulation, hence gold and silver was driven out of circulation. In essence the Law really says,”Money over-valued by the government artifically will drive out of circulation artifically under-valued money”. Hence this see-saw situation we face to-day. It is so manipulated by the government in conjunction with the Federal Reserve.

We have no idea what we are apt to wake up to, tomorrow morning, or next week, or next year just over a month away. The commanding position of central banks is granted by political government, and we don’t know if we are going to wake up to a bank “holiday,” nor when.

Inflation by definition is simply an increase in the supply of money. Inasmuch as there are printing machines going lickitty split, printing paper money, it’s going to take more and more to purchase less and less.

Stories floating around saying the U.S. Government guarantees a coming food shortage, the price of corn is up 47% since summer. Soybeans up 30%. Wheat up 43%. This country produces 39% of world’s corn. In 2009, exports of corn alone totaled $8.7 billion. Corn is such an important commodity. Used in many food products, to feed livestock, industrial products, like toothpaste, cosmetics, sweetners, oil and fuel.

Because corn is essential in so many products, and a staple food product, and in such demand in this country along with demand for exports to other countries like Japan, Mexico and Korea, attention and insight into the corn market is a good commodity barometer to watch, to inform us just what’s taking place relative to the predicted food crisis.

There is so much corruption, uncertainty, manipulation, and propaganda going on, most people don’t really know if they are horseback or afoot. However, if one stops and thinks, and reminds oneself of just a few things, it can stablize rationale. For example, government is a con game, keep your eye on this ball while we are juggling something else. Therefore you can’t believe what we are being told. When reports are issued stating the economy is recovering and we’re in good shape, they are excluding food and gas, which is predicted to zoom in prices after January 1st, 2011.

Freedom is self-responsibility and self-control, therefore if we as individuals use common sense thinking and planning, we can survive the predicted global currency collapse.

I lived in Japan in the fifties when their economy crashed and I saw Japanese women with wheelbarrows full of paper yen outside the gates of Grant-Heights housing, where the military lived, trying to sell the worthless paper.

There’s a great book available, titled “Foxfire,” which tells stories of survival in the North Georgia mountains during the last great Depression. Filled with plenty of information about survival, hope, wisdom, and the ingenuity of individuality when it comes to survival. It’s a great read by Eliot Wigginton.

Included is information about how to cook in an open fireplace, preserving fruits and vegetables, soap-making, weather-signs, planting by signs, hunting tales, and a whole slew of interesting topics you will enjoy reading, plus something handy to have, just in case you need it.

I have no crystal ball and don’t know anyone who does, however history teaches us a few things, and the sign of the times tells me, we are on the verge of repeating some things from history. For example, in Germany, a forerunner of much which followed was the monetizing the debt. And lately, we hear talk of monetizing the debt here in this country. Just another sign of the times.

Let Freedom Ring

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