ONE of the timeliest quotes I have read lately is one by Albert Einstein:  “The world that we have made as a result of the level of thinking that we have so far, has created problems we cannot solve at the level of thinking at which we created them.” Please re-read that quote until you get it. It’s a simple Truth which hits the nail on the head, from one of the most brilliant minds ever to walk this earth.

Just before the mid-term election, I wrote several articles about President Obama and voting.  As a result, two weeks after posting, I began receiving hundreds of comments daily from around the globe about those articles. After three years of posting articles, this was unusual and I wondered why.

For example, one from France says:  “Have to admit you might be one of the most effective bloggers I ever saw.  Thank you for posting this informative article.”

I’m impressed that many college students write that my posts are useful to them in their assignments. Inasmuch as most of the college professors are so far left, and teach basic Socialism, I’m surprised when students find my articles, which have a base of the Philosophy of Freedom, useful in their assignments. But very happy to hear it.

At first, I wondered why many in foreign countries seemed so interested in writing about personal Freedom and Private property ownership.  But realized, they are living under Socialism, disenchanted with the concept, and looking for answers to the bondage, and life of doles and controls.

I really appreciate hearing from anyone in France, because I have loved the French people since I first heard of what Lafayette did to come to this country and help George Washington, during the Revolutionary war. Plus my eternal gratitude to the French for the Statue of Liberty.

Admittedly not too happy with DeGalle during World War Two when he doodle-bugged so much gold out of this country, but in retrospect, should not blame him but the leaders of this country who allowed it.

It really gives me great pleasure, hearing from any French citizen telling me they derive useful information from the articles I write. And my heartfelt prayers go out to the people of France, for relief from Socialism, and a return to Freedom. The world is beginning to realize we are all into battle together, reaching out for understanding of how we have reached this hellish state of bondage as a result of Socialist regimes, determined to have a One World government of Socialism.

Still many are looking to the United States of America as the hope of the world for Freedom and a brighter future, but beginning to realize, we here in America face collapse of a former way of life.  Slowly waking up along with those here in this country, the leadership in Washington has been one of taking this country down the bridle path of socialism. Creeping socialism through the years has now become leaping socialism. With predictions 2011 will be the year the full impact will be felt in this country.

While the media still crying, “Obama doesn’t get it,” and Obama pitching, “The people don’t get it,” there are some in this country who do get it, and none more enlightened relative to the real Truth about what is taking place than Glenn Beck. Not only is he informed, but actively doing something about it, in a very meaningful, effective way. Listen to his broadcast on Fox News everyday at five o’clock, for information and direction.

As a result he is being attacked by the forces of evil, who are the architects of this path of destruction. They have had their way to this point, to collapse this once Great nation, and reduce this country to the rubble of Socialism. A system of government whose two major names, Communism and Fascism, are the antithesis of the very essence of freedom and the Principles upon which this country was founded, which are now under heavy duty bombardment, from the top, bottom and inside out.

We are past due to “get it.” And here’s what we must get:  The fact this country is involved in four wars. The first and foremost is the war of Ideas, secondly the border war with Mexico, plus Iraq and Afganistan. The war of ideas is the most important and pervasive, because its headquarters are in Washington, and the tactics and strategies used against the American people stem from Congress and the executive branch of our very own government.

This fact epitomizes what Lenin told us in 1924 and what is in the plans for world domination. He said: “The United States we shall not have to attack, it will crumble from within, and fall into our hands like over-ripe fruit.”

Accordingly, the question is still, “Why are we not getting it?”  Many were under the false illusion, because of the uprising of the Tea Party movement, that we were getting it, but apparently not, because the direction has not yet changed.  As a matter of fact, as I see it, there’s more confusion now than ever.

How does one drain the swamp of alligators?  The answer is very carefully, one at a time.

There are three kinds of people, those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who simply have no idea of what’s going on. Ask yourself, which category are you in?



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