So much has been discussed, taught, written, and preached about the virtues of voting. In the socialized school systems it is taught as the patriotic thing to do. Teenagers look forward to reaching “voting age.” Immigrants look forward to citizenship so they can vote. Millions upon millions have been spent by candidates running for political office for votes. The record reveals, votes have been bought and stolen. Voting has been romanticized, and fictionalized as being desirable, correct, moral and a duty.

But what about non-voters? Why do they not vote? Despite all the hype and propaganda to the contrary, some people don’t vote simply because they are not interested in bothering to register, nor to go to the polls, to take the time to stand in line. This is why there are organizations whose purpose is to motivate interest and do whatever it takes to get the prospective voter into the booth to pull the lever. A lot of money is spent paying workers to register prospects and get them to the polls, and because of the money involved in this kind of activity, there’s a lot of voter fraud.

Voting is in essence a means of expressing one’s preference, and nothing is implicitly wrong about choosing. In the course of our daily lives we vote for or against products and services. In the market place, in the free-enterprise system of voluntary exchange of goods and services, when we purchase one brand of a product, we are in a sense voting against the other brands, by our rejection of them. Therefore voting is choosing.

There is a major difference in choosing in the market place and casting a vote politically. The expression of a preference when casting a political vote, is a deliberate, precise intention to bind others to one’s will. It is the legal methodology of obtaining a monoply of power. When one votes, it seeks a monoply over others.

By voting, the larger number invariably binds the smaller number. A notion that might makes right, by majorities ruling minorities. The plurality of choice binds all. Inherent in the presumption is that which is Right, correct and moral, comes in numbers, i.e., the larger numbers of a majority, which forces everyone to abide by it, implies this notion.

The process of political voting, with rules enforced by majority vote, no one assumes responsibility of the outcome and results. The process removes individual responsibility. The very essence of individual Freedom, which is self-responsibility and self-control, is usurped by the voting method.

Once elections are over, votes counted and whoever the majority is determined to be, it carries the weight of Divine Rule. Everyone is forced at gunpoint or threat of a gun to abide by the decision.

Whether it’s a candidate or an issue offered at the polls, the only choice an individual has is for or against. Because political voting has been so propagandized in schools, parental teachings, by government, by politicians, and by the media, most individual voters have been indoctrinated into believing they are practicing self-rule. When factually it is the antithesis of self rule, and more akin to mob-rule.

The individual voter who voted with the majority is told he got what he wanted, and those who opposed were wrong. The person who voted against the majority, and did not get his preference, is told he must abide by the decision.

On the other hand, if one exercises his Right not to vote, he is told he could have voted, and if he didn’t get what he wanted he has no one to blame but himself.

Voting stripped of its pretense, is a devious way of employing violence and coercion by the majority upon all, and is disguised coercion. It usurps an invididual’s very soul of mind, will and emotions, by the burden of force perpetrated upon him as a result of the voting process. He is compelled to abide by the decisions of others.

A man or woman living in a community, with all the appearances of an upstanding, upright citizen, going to church, acting responsible, working and taking care of family, and from all to see, appears to be a very highly moral person, has no qualms about coercing his neighbor to bow to his wants and desires by voting to coerce his neighbor in secrecy.

Individual control over one’s life is replaced by centralized control which voting insures, and one of the most corruptive political methods ever contrived.

A way of life in this nation previously enjoyed, because of the Principles upon which it was founded, Freedom of the individual has been destroyed and replaced by the structure of Socialism, and accomplished by one method and that’s the process of voting.

Today there is much anger, resentment and disenchantment with the drastic changes which have already taken place and more in the pipeline. There are rumblings by a small number referred to as “tenthers.” A group who thinks the awesome power of the centralized government in Washington can be diluted by enacting the tenets expressed in the tenth Amendment of the Constitution, which states, “The powers not delegated to the United States, by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

It is my personal belief and opinion, there is only one moral position for an honest person to take and that is one must refrain from coercing others. Accordingly, this means one must refuse to participate in a process by which some obtain power over others. A process which interferes with the Life, Liberty and Happiness [property] of others. And voting is that method of obtaining legal powers to force others to submit to the decisions of those outside one’s self. It is disguised coercion.

In conclusion, this is why some do not vote. Specifically, because they exercise their preference not to Coerce others.




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