November 2010. Just around the corner. Here in north Georgia, the most beautiful time of the year, leaves in full color with mountains in background, looking across Lake Lanier. The weather is that perfect cool fall air, so invigorating to take a walk and breathe in.

Much more than coolness in the air, a lot of excitement in several areas. Kids and grownups revved up over Halloween, football season in full swing. Several Fall festivals in this area. Those with convertibles, riding around with top down. All the stores advertising huge sales. Thanksgiving celebration around the corner, and the biggest hype of all, the Mid-Term election on November 2nd.

I daresay this mid-term election is one of the most anticipated events, filled with great hopes and expectation for a change for the better in this country, I think I have ever witnessed. The Republicans predicting a large margin of victory for their political party, and Democrats, expecting to win and hang on to their majority power. Both sides quite energized, and battling to win.

We are down to the wire, and mud-slinging, bad-mouthing, condemnation, and intimidation of one candidate for another is at a very high pitch. No shortage of predictions and opinions. But we are discovering, freedom of speech has been curtailed and censored in some areas, with a backlash and consequences unheard of a few years back.

This great Nation has already been transformed from a country of Freedom of individual, to a country of Socialism. And I predict there’s going to be disappointment for most after election. There’s not going to be any magic bullets coming out of the voting booth. It’s a same song, third verse election. And I don’t believe the Republicans will reap the clean sweep they keep advertising.

We no longer have a two-party system, in reality, only in rhetoric. It really does not matter which political party marches to the seat of power, and sits on the throne of political power, to rule over the masses. Five hundred thirty-five persons in Congress along with the executive branch will continue doing what they always do, passing laws to rule and take property. Stealing wealth is what they do.

We know about all the voter fraud in the past, and the liberal element of the Democratic party are much better organized now than ever. For example, the break up of the Acorn organization, gave birth to splitting off into many organizations. SEIU, and the organizations of the liberal left, so involved in the voting and counting process, talked about and explained by Glenn Beck, is more powerful than ever.

Just in the past ten days, news reports and polltakers, reporting how quickly Democrats have come from behind, running neck and neck and ahead in some areas. Different opinions as to why. Here’s my opinion, and just an opinion.

I believe Obama on the campaign trail flailing his arms in rolled up sleeves, still has charismatic clout, and the most effective thing he has done, in working the crowd, has been telling them to get out and vote TODAY. The urging of the masses to mail in an absentee ballot today, has been very effective in getting the Democrats off the dime and onto the voting roll early on. No taking a chance they might not show up at the polls, this tactic is a very smart, and effective strategy of the Democrats, and is the one thing that’s going to make a big difference.

While pundits prognosticating about the effects of the Tea Party, and Independent voters, the Democrats have pulled the wool over the eyes by pre-organizations of voter groups and the strategy of pulling ahead by pre-voting before election day. I suspect Liberal money has poured into the organized groups whose aim is voting numbers, while the Republicans have poured their dollars into the candidates.

It’s a matter of record in the past, which has revealed paid workers in groups, hired to get out the vote and paid by the number they register, have no qualms about registering those who have expired and those still in diapers and voting incognito for those registered who do not get out and vote.

Already news reports of pre-election mail in ballots being overwhelming for Democrats. How do they know this? Ten days before the election, how does this information get into the news, if there is scerecy in the voting system? Not only has the mantra, mail in your ballot to-day, been effective because thousands are voting absentee, the propaganda the Democrats are now leading as revealed by the early voting, clinches the results, which is going to surprise the so-called conservative Republican party.

I recall a story years back, when a candidate, trailing in the polls, learned just before election his far-ahead opposition had expired. He went to sleep that night feeling assured he would win, only to awaken to discover he had been defeated by a dead opponent.

Voting is disguised coercion, a game of trickery, deception, and matching of wits to win at any cost. The seduction of power so many candidates lust after, knows no bounds. Because the stakes are so high, the Principles upon which this Nation was formed are at stake, and because the Socialist philosophy has already made such inroads, it’s my opinion this election is not going to effectively turn the tide back to the America as we once knew it.

Because of the diminished capacity of small business operations, which were the backbone of the free-enterprising capitalistic system, furnishing jobs, now in a ditch, with a gloomy outlook for change. Adding to the mix large corporations, have very organized and powerful Unions, pro-democratic and Socialist, pouring money into the election process.The predicted shoo-in of Republicans, is not set in concrete.

While Republicans are spending their dollars on TV ads, advertising their conservative candidates, supported by Tea-party goers, the Democrats spending their dollars to smear, and support their army of foot-soldiers, i.e., paid workers, to register votes, and promote absentee voting, some Republicans will most likely win, but not by the landslide projected, and some going to lose.

If there’s going to be a change in direction of this Country, i.e., a return to the Principles upon which it was founded, and thrived so many years, it’s my opinion, it will not be accomplished in the ballot box. Politics is too corrupt to expect morality out of it.

There’s an old southern saying, “Can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” I paraphrase by suggesting, one cannot expect morality and a return to individual Freedom and private property ownership, to be regained via corrupt methodology.




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